Chapter 103: Killing With OP-ness

“Never thought that I’d be ‘literally’ cock-blocked… Shit, that bastard is already at full Health again! Damn it! Ugh, now my boner’s gone, so we might as well kill that asshole first. We can have sex after we get back home.” Michael reactivated his armor, and kissed the irritated Dark-Goblin one more time, before using his wings to glide down off of the southern wall.

After watching that ‘atrocity,’ there were even a few Feline Dwarves who vomited, but even if many of the spectators were horrified and disgusted… They were obviously still praying for the Nephilim’s victory. If he lost, they would all certainly be killed.

As he glided down with the Arcane Siegeblade in his hands, he glared at the six-meter tall High-Orc, who was standing on the top of a literal mountain of corpses. With that fiery glaive stabbed into the pile of meat, Simon was leaning against it, and snarling at Michael.

The giant quietly spoke “The lot of you should’ve escaped while you had the chance… My army, my friends, my comrades… You tricked me. Did you think that you would win, now? Did you actually believe that you weaklings could kill me? Heh-heh-heh~, no. All of you will die. Your families will die. Your entire race will die.”

Once the Nephilim casually landed at the bottom of the corpse-mountain, he complained “You suck at giving speeches!” However, Simon couldn’t even become angry any longer, because he over-used the ‘Frenzy’ spell. His Stamina was depleted to the point where his whole body felt incredibly sluggish, and his mind was hazy. He was also suffering from a few serious debuffs: ‘exhaustion,’ ‘regeneration sickness,’ ‘curse of weakness,’ ‘deadly poison,’ ‘frostbite,’ and ‘brain-damage.’

Unfortunately, his attacks were still incredibly powerful, and Michael needed to kill him before he managed to receive reinforcements. Before the giant had the chance to prepare himself, the angelic man had ‘Astral-Stepped’ onto his left shoulder and stabbed his Arcane Siegeblade into that colossal ear.

With a deafening roar, Simon grabbed his weapon out of the ‘ground’ and activated ‘Infernal Aura.’ Orange flames erupted from his entire body, and nearly immolated Michael. He was protected by a relatively powerful barrier for a few seconds, before it broke.

As he jumped off of that shoulder, he managed to deal two Arcane Orb attacks, and even slashed open the monstrously powerful jugular. However, not only was the Hell Knight’s Defense Rating high, even his magical protection was significant.

The High-Orc’s Health had only dropped to 600/750, but then he started receiving fiery blunderbuss blasts, an axe-wielding Nature Warrior hacked at his left ankle, and an Elite Riflewoman managed to completely obliterate his right eye. The melee fighters were buffed with ‘Aegis of Flame’ and didn’t receive any damage as long as they were careful.

Michael ‘Taunted,’ “You’re such a stupid cunt! Actin all high and mighty when you’re this fucking weak! Hahahahaha~, did you have fun murdering those comrades of yours?! Well, I sure as hell did! Ah~, that Ogress back there was pretty cute~! Sliding my giant sword into her… Hehehehe~, well, I’m sure you know how amazing it felt, right?!”

Hearing that, Simon roared “You fucking piece of shit! I’m gonna devour your Goddess-damned corpse! Chaos Blade!” as he swung down his glaive at the Nephilim that was gliding around his body.

The attack was deflected by a rather large circular shield of light, but Michael was still knocked out of the sky. As he smacked into the ground, near the bottom of the corpse-mountain, he only received sixty points of damage, but then the High-Orc jumped down after him.

That gigantic, wide, thick and curved blade, spewed a torrent of ferocious crimson flames, before piercing straight through the fallen Nephilim’s back. Strangely though, he only received two-hundred points of damage, and since he was constantly being bombarded with healing spells, his wounds regenerated instantaneously.

When the glaive was removed from his back, he quickly rolled across the ground, and flapped his wings a few times. His relatively light body was pushed off of the ground and flung a few dozen meters backwards; not only was ‘Lightening’ reducing his weight by thirty-percent, he even used Arcane Pull on himself, and was sent soaring away from the enemy for a moment.

However, Simon needed a mere moment, to activate ‘Chaotic Charge,’ and sprint forward, before slashing off Michael’s legs at the knee-cap. Golden blood sprayed out of the wounds for a second, but they closed almost immediately, as he continued to receive massive healing.

Michael shouted “Fuck, shit, cunt, whore-bitch, goddamn it!” as he flapped his wings, and soared up into the air a dozen meters. Then he stopped using his Arcane Orb to lower his weight, and threw it at the giant’s face.

The glowing ball made a ‘plop’ noise, as it entered into Simon’s empty eye-socket, dealing a hundred damage, and preventing him from regenerating it. Each attack from Captain Shiro’s blunderbuss had managed to deal fifty points, while most of the others could only do around twenty each, but it was enough to offset the High-Orc’s self-healing abilities.

As the legless Nephilim dove down towards that furious monster, a massive glaive, and a relatively small sword clashed against each-other with a combined Strength of over sixty. Of course, even if their Strength stats were about the same, the Boss had five-times more Attack Rating and a much better weapon.

Not to mention the fact that one of them was falling, while the other was standing on the ground; the one with almost no leverage was sent flying away, towards Fort Resilience’s southern wall. Upon impact, Michael’s body was torn apart as it broke through the thick stones and crushed a miscellaneous Musketeer to death. He was certainly dead, and the Boss was still alive, but unbeknownst to any of the panicking spectators, or the desperately fighting Captain Shiro and his Lieutenants, everything was proceeding as planned.

The pitch-black wisp flew over to the High-Orc, who was screaming and roaring in agony. There was a copious amount of greenish-brown blood oozing out of the gaping wound in his ear-hole.

A three-minute timer appeared before Michael, as he ‘Whispered’ Sarah: “Hahahaha~, having fun in there?” The wound that he had made was far too small for him to fit through, but a certain Dark-Goblin was easily able to slide inside without anyone even noticing.

Simon raged around, as his one remaining eye started turning completely black; his other ear, both nostrils and even his mouth were all spewing out obsidian liquid. There was a four-foot long, humanoid worm swimming around in his chaotic brain, and physically attacking the giant nucleus around his first mana-core.

Even if his skin was impossible for her to damage… internal organs were completely different. Her mere presence inside of his head, was causing him to hallucinate, become paralyzed, and experience excruciating agony. In fact, his skull was just barely big enough for her to fit inside, so the moment she entered, his Health began plummeting.

As the colossus fell, no one understood exactly why Simon had died, but most of the Feline Dwarves started cheering loudly. Captain Shiro was busy reloading his blunderbuss, when a six-foot tall man, with black-hair and crimson eyes, suddenly appeared before him.

Michael snickered as he saw the giant’s Epic glaive, and some of his other armor suddenly vanish. Then he muttered “Welp, our job here is pretty much done now…”

The white-haired, middle-aged man looked up in shock at the familiar figure. However, he quickly regained his composure and said “I’ve got no idea how ya pulled it off, but ya have my sincere gratitude. Normally, ya have ta be a Dwarf ta enter our city, but if ya ever decide ta drop by Fort Resilience, I’ll make sure that they let ya inside.”

As the blinding pillar of light began descending from the three-mile high ceiling, the Nephilim instantly disappeared. Two other pillars had also fallen from the ‘sky,’ abducting Sarah and their newest Companion: Jasmine Jade.

22 thoughts on “Chapter 103: Killing With OP-ness

    • It’s kinda sad that you’re surprised there would be action in a boss battle… lol. Did you think that they would spend the whole chapter taunting each-other? Actually, that’s how most xianxia I’ve read do boss fights lol. It’s like, trash talking nonstop for 2 chapters, then finally they fight, but all that’s actually happening is the person is using one move, and the author explains how amazing the MC is for being able to do that fancy move roflmao.


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