Chapter 118: Recruiting Number-Five

A level-two, rank-G, Human Skeleton was casually walking along the riverbank, towards the residence of the two most, physically, powerful people in Michael’s Waterfall Sanctuary. It was midnight, so the undead didn’t have to worry about burning to ‘death’ in the sunlight, but it also meant that his targets were likely sleeping.

However, once he reached the entrance to their massive lair, he could hear deep and loud grunts, accompanied by ground-shaking vibrations. There was also a large amount of fiery aura, and actual flames, emanating from the cave-mouth.

“Holy cunt-balls! This is hot, literally and metaphorically! Goddamn it, I’m a fucking skeleton, but I can’t get a boner… Well, I had to say it, even if no one else was listening.” He was talking to himself, while nonchalantly watching the two giant lizard-people ‘mate.’

Then he heard a deep and ominous crackling in the cloudy night sky. A normal person probably would have simply passed it off as a bird, but he looked upwards and yelled “Umbra~, I know it’s you~!”

A raspy, feminine voice, whispered “No it’s not, you’re just imagining things. Stop looking there… It’s just a normal cloud, nothing suspicious. Ah~, and you should probably play a game with Arcana soon…”

Michael sighed dramatically, and muttered “I can’t really do that while I’m in this body… Hmm, seems like they’re done fucking now.” as he started walking inside of the cave. Even from the outside, he was easily able to see the two crimson-scaled giant lizard-people, so the moment he entered, they could obviously notice him as well.

Kyle and Julia were laying on the left side, against the obsidian wall, and soaking in a huge pool of newly created magma. It took them a moment, even after using ‘Identification’ on the strange skeletal man, before they managed to recognize him.

The colossal woman was still embracing her ‘mate,’ as she asked “Are you finally here to play with Alice?”

He casually replied “Yep, the Goddess Aeris wants me to make her my Companion, so your daughter’s finally gonna graduate from being a Neet, to becoming a Hardcore Gamer.”

She nodded her gigantic tyrannosaurus-head and told him “Okay, I have no idea what that means, but if one of the Goddesses wants her to stop hiding in her room… Well, even if they didn’t, I’d still want you to convince her to move out.”

Kyle sighed, “When we were her age, both of us were already level-ten and rank-F! Even if she is a magical genius, it doesn’t mean shit if she never actually does anything with her talent!”

Michael laughed hysterically, as he continued towards the huge door at the end of the hall. By the time he arrived, the massive lizardman took a few steps and was able to push it open for him.

“Ragh~! Shit, shit, shit! Grah~! Fuck~! Why, won’t, it, work!?” A deafening, yet slightly feminine roar resounded, followed by broken glass and a loud explosion. Then he was able to see the furious, seven-meter tall, blue-scaled woman, who was covered in a thick aura of flames.

The skeleton yelled “Oh hey~, it’s been a while! It’s me! That one guy who died in your bathtub a few days ago! I’m just using this body since my normal one is sleeping at the moment!”

Alice hyperventilated for a few seconds, before calming herself down and glaring at the strange undead creature. After finally managing to remember him, she complained “Yeah, for the past few days I’ve been trying to create a certain potion… Ugh, I though that it would work, since you ‘gave’ me that mana-core from a Human, but for some reason it just keeps exploding!”

He snickered, before asking “What exactly are ya tryin ta make? Like, what’s the intended effect?”

She grumbled, while slowly sitting down, “I… I want to be smaller. One time, I managed to accidentally create a potion that could make me significantly larger, and that’s why I’m so much bigger than my parents right now… even though I used to be a lot shorter. Back then I was so stupid~! I actually used to test the new creations out on myself, heh-heh, ugh~… Obviously, I learned my lesson, but for some reason, your mana-core just won’t melt down or dissolve. It isn’t because of the rank.”

Michael told her “Ah, well~, my guess would be that humanoid mana-cores are different from the ones that magical-beasts use. I mean, I’ve never tried to destroy one before, but the other day, when Lux used some kinda apocalyptic magic to disintegrate me-”

The colossal woman jumped up quickly, while shouting “That’s it! I never actually had a humanoid mana-core before!” After that, she sat back down and sighed dramatically, literally breathing out flames. Alice muttered “The problem is that my parents only ever bring me the mana-cores of huge monsters, and even the small ones never seem to work out. Another problem is that I don’t have enough test subjects… As you can see over there, the closest I could get to myself are a couple of lizards. It’s not like Alchemy always ‘needs’ mana-cores to work. It’s just that, in order to create elixirs that have permanent effects, that’s the only way.”

At the back of her colossal ‘room’ were a decent amount of stone cages, which had various large magical-beasts trapped inside. The skeleton asked her “Why do you wanna get smaller so badly?”

She immediately answered “Isn’t that obvious? You know how tiny mana-cores are, right? Aside from the fact that I can barely pick them up, the potions they make are usually tiny as well. So… ugh, I’d probably already be an Intermediate Alchemist by now, if I wasn’t so damn huge. Then there’s magic; I love magic, but my size in comparison to my aura, makes it really, really, really, hard to do anything useful. At most, I can do this…”

Alice aimed her left hand towards the relatively small undead, and launched a ‘Fireball,’ which was only the size of his head. It traveled about three meters, before fizzling out and he noticed that it cost her one third of her entire mana-pool.

Michael began laughing hysterically, accessed his extra-dimensional bag and pulled out a tiny glass bead. Those gigantic crimson, serpentine eyes contracted and when she used ‘Scan,’ her mind went blank for a moment. “How much do you want for it? I can trade potions, or have my parents go catch magical-beasts-”

“Nope~, I want you to become my Companion~!” The skeleton nearly dropped the mana-core, since his bony hands obviously didn’t have any skin on them.

She asked “Why would you want someone like me? Even if I look like this, I’m not very strong. Actually, I really don’t wanna go out adventuring anyway… I’d rather stay here, where it’s relatively safe, and keep practicing-”

He interjected “If you become my Companion, you’ll be immortal~. Besides, even if this place is kinda badass… it’s still a fuckin cave. Wouldn’t ya rather live in a house? A really goddamn overpowered house, where it’s practically impossible to die? Even if you take all kinds of weird poisons or blow yourself up with failures, it’ll just hurt a bit, hehehe~. Hell, I got a guy who can hook you up with some easy experience, plus I bet you’ve never actually had an instruction manual before, right? For fuck’s sake, I can even get you Skill-Books for learning magic! Hahahaha~, haven’t you ever wanted to just go out and kill a cunt-load of people?! I mean, I can already tell you have anger issues, by the fact that you’re a seven-meter tall t-rex woman… so~, what’s there to even think about?”

Alice let out a long, drawn-out sigh, before saying “Fine, I’ll do it. I’m honestly getting tired of hearing my parents have sex in the hallway every night anyway.”

“Would you like to accept ‘Alice Flameborn’ as your fifth Companion? Warning: You may only have a maximum of six Companions.”

Michael yelled “Sweet~! Obviously yeah! Does the system not pay attention to the part where I asked her first?”

[Companion Information

Name: Alice
Titles: The Neet
Level: 3
Experience: 21/30
Age: Adult
Race: Tyrannosaurus-Tribe
Rank: G
Class: Elementalist
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer
Profession: Alchemist Level 9]


Health: 50/50
Mana: 15/15
Stamina: 25/25
Mana Regen per minute: 10
Health Regen per hour: 50

Strength: 5
Vitality: 5
Endurance: 5
Dexterity: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 1
Perception: 3
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 3
Luck: 5
Aura: 2.7

Attack Power: 25
Defense Rating: 2.5]


Heat Resistance Level 6: Reduces Fire-damage taken from non-magical sources by 60%

Poison Resistance Level 5: Able to resist level 5 poisons and toxins.

Underwater Breathing Level 3: Able to breathe through gills in oxygen-rich water.

Fire Affinity Level 5: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when in hot and dry environments. Increases damage against enemies of the Wind Affinity by 50%.

Water Affinity Level 2: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, when in moist environments or underwater. Increases damage against enemies of the Fire Affinity by 20%.

Potion Mastery Level 7: Increases the likelihood of creating perfect potions, elixirs, remedies and other alchemical products by 70%. Raises the effectiveness of potions, elixirs, remedies and other alchemical products when used by the creator by 70%.

Elemental Attunement Level 2: Able to train 20% faster in Fire, Wind, Earth and Water Affinities.


(Ocular Magic)

Scan Level 7: Identifies the object and gives detailed information. Only effective on items below the Epic quality and within forty levels of the caster.

Identification Level 7: Shows the target’s current Health, Mana, Stamina, Name, Title, Age, Profession, Class, Level, Rank, Race and Specialization. It is also possible to examine the target’s recent activities. Only effective on targets that are within thirty levels of the caster.

(Fire Magic)

Flame Manipulation Level 4: The caster controls natural and magical fires, by sending their mana into them. Potency is dependent on the Aura stat.

Fireball Level 2: The caster creates a sphere of flames, which explodes upon contact with enemies or surfaces. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Damage is dependent on the Intelligence stat. Costs five mana per cast.

Flame Thrower Level 1: The caster creates a constant stream of flames, which can then be manipulated. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Damage is dependent on the Intelligence stat. Costs one mana per second.

(Water Magic)

Water Manipulation Level 1: The caster controls natural and magical liquids, by sending their mana into them. Potency is dependent on the Aura stat.]

36 thoughts on “Chapter 118: Recruiting Number-Five

    • Hell is related to Chaos, but Fire isn’t. Arcane is Arcane, Darkness has to do with Undead, Death, Frost, and other things like that. Chaos is often related to Blood as well. Arcane… Mana, Aura and other names like that, might be used in relation to Arcane. Darkness plus Arcane, Void, maybe?


      • Oh, well, I haven’t specified it in the story either way. So if it’s in a comment, it isn’t necessarily going to be true later on lol. I mean, until I actually write it into the story, then it’s just me making shit up on the spot without thinking too much about it rofl. The only Hell Knight in the story so far was that High-Orc, and he had Chaos/Fire as his affinities. Hell is typically going to be used in conjunction with Chaos, and usually Chaos/Fire lol.


  1. Well… When you’re a neet, you can’t really get much clearer of a wake-up call than a Divinty comaing down and shouting: “GO OUSTIDE!!” Even if that’s not exactly what happened. That’d be pretty freaky in our world.

    And then… there’s… a skeleton enters and say: “I can grant all your wishes plus immortality… if you become mine. MWAHAHAHAHA…” That’s pretty much Devil-material there… although I guess the closest thing to the devil in that world was already peeking at her parents earlier, so… I don’t even know what to conclude!

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    • Lmao, well yeah, I was gonna say that the MC in this story is kinda ‘devilish.’ I mean, he steals pplz souls, corrupts little girls and priestesses, has no qualms about massacring people(even enjoys it) and is apparently a terrible lyricist lol.


      • Lmfao, idk, there are probably a lot of ‘bibles’ and other holy scriptures. Most of which were created by Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and other ‘mortals’ rather than the Goddess herself. But I’m sure that Lux probably has a copy of the Loli Bible lol.


  2. id think Alice can have a class/profession witch like mass produces consumables and her main fighting power could be with scrolles or something plus making a shit ton of potions for the team

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  3. Okay, I have a question… Should Alice try to get Arcane and Nature Affinity as well(Aside from the first four). I’m not sure if it would be better for her to get them, or not. For now, I’m thinking about keeping Michael as the only one with Arcane(Which is his main Affinity) but idk. If it was me, I would definitely get Arcane, cause telekinesis is OP as fuck, but each Affinity has their own version of telekinesis, so it might kinda pointless?

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    • I can’t think of any reasons why not, and if she is gonna be getting fire wind water and earth anyways then its probably smart to move onto nature and arcane afterwards… besides she is a magician and Micheal is something like a magical swordsman so i would think she would use arcane different the micheal would, which would be interesting….

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      • The problem is that Affinities conflict with each-other. Arcane can be really powerful, but it has a really short range compared to most other Affinities. Light has the longest range, but the least focus? Well, I shouldn’t say anymore cause it’d be a spoiler. Essentially, even if you could have every Affinity, you probably wouldn’t be stronger or better than someone who only had one lol.


    • I’m more inclined towards keeping Michael as the only Arcane user. Or at least the only significant Arcane user in the party. I prefer very distinctive main characters… so yeah. Although at this point we still don’t know too much about Alice so it’s hard to make a firm decision on how I want the character to develop from a reader’s perspective.

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      • That’s another reason. For example, if they receive Arcane Favor, Michael is the only one who can use it to buy things lol. Essentially, if they do a dungeon or raid, even if Michael doesn’t receive any gear from drops, he can still buy it later on rofl.


    • I’d say from an elemental standpoint getting Nature seems like a good Idea due to it’s relationship to plants. I also think that Michael as the only one in the group with arcane is a good idea. But if anyone else was to get it I would say Talia but I can’t give a good reason for that

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      • Like I said before with the conflicting elements thing. Arcane is bad for long-ranged attacks, and better for close or mid-ranged. As far as Nature goes, yeah, I could definitely see it being really beneficial for an Alchemist to have a strong affinity towards plants and animals. However, she might be more inclined towards Chaos, rather than Nature, given how she wants to use Alchemy to ‘change’ things lol. I’m thinking that she might just stick with the four ‘Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water’ because if she picks either Chaos or Nature, it might conflict with what she wants to do? What could help in some ways, would hurt in others and cause me lots of headaches in the future lol.


      • she s an elementelist so let her gain every elemental magic and maybe chaos or darkness cus of her anger problems:P though nature may help her with alchemy as well like gaining deeper insights or hunch over plant type alchemy ingredients well if i were u id make her learn at least earth and nature if poor elf girl become a companion though then starts problems:D

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    • Hmm, I’d say keep her within the concept of her class “elementalist”, as such the four elements should be enough to keep her occupied with increasing affinities and enough of a walking natural disaster. If needed I’d give her nature affinity instead of arcane. Btw is there any detrimental effect in acquiring opposing affinities? Like increasing fire by 10 decreases water by 5…

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      • For every positive, there’s gonna be a negative as well. If you’re controlling Wind, and you make a vacuum, then it’ll be impossible to use Fire lol. At the same time, by having control over Wind, you can make Fire much more powerful. By having control of Water and Fire, you can utilize steam. Fire, Wind and Water, you could make and control Clouds. Well, the list goes on and on… but for the most part, the biggest problem is with ‘Auras.’ Auras can conflict with each-other. Which is why I said that Arcane has one of the smallest ranges. Anyway, Fire, Wind, Earth and Water all go together pretty well. However, using Arcane, Light, Darkness, Chaos, or Nature, it’s possible to produce similar effects as those four. Thus, it’s pretty rare for anyone to actually go for 7 affinities, cause it’s usually best to focus on 1 or 2.


    • Michael should be the only1 in the group with Arcane
      Nd I say keep her with the basic 4 elements (nd i also believe the other Affinities rnt technically elements… ya)
      If she goes for anything Arcane, Light/Darkness or Nature/Chaos it would just start conflicting overall
      Nd we have rest of the companions who have 1 or more of the other affinities
      So i believe she should stay with those 4 buttt later on u can have her mix the 4 elements to create different effects nd shit

      But thats just me

      Also ty for the chapters

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      • I was thinking Nature too… but like I said, Chaos might fit her better. Remember, Elementalists only focus on those 4 elements. Thus, any other Affinities would purely be for the sake of Alchemy lol.


      • chaos is counter-productive in this case since she seems like the type that would rather have a guaranteed outcome to her profession, alchemy is too much of a “Precision” profession for chaos to useful

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      • Depends, she’s a t-rex girl performing questionable Alchemy experiments in a cavern with barely any equipment lol. She has no training, never even read an alchemy recipe before, and just does everything trial by error rofl. Well, I’m not planning on making her Chaotic though, just saying that she could be lol.


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