Chapter 128: Evolution Is Usually the Best Solution

Once the two evolved skeletons had left, Michael heard a gunshot, followed by a loud “Nyah~! Owwy~ wah~! Yay~, my boo-boo went away, meow~!” coming from the northern guest-room. Thus, he quickly went to give a certain little cat-girl, a fairly dubious present.

Jasmine was completely naked, sitting on the hardwood floor, while happily pouring black-powder haphazardly into one of her flintlock pistols, and then placing a piece of cotton on the end. After that, she had to take out a small lead ball and shove it into the back of the barrel, using a thin, steel rod. Once she was finished with that, the Feline Dwarf needed to fill the primer, before aiming at the eastern window and pulling the trigger.

Almost immediately, the bullet bounced off of the unbreakable glass and pierced through her left shoulder, before ricocheting off of the wall behind her. At that point, it managed to be stopped by her fluffy mattress. “Nyah~! Wah~, pain-pain, go away~, meow-meow-meow-meow, nya~!”

Michael shouted “Oi, what the fuck are you doing?! No smoking in the goddamn house!” He wasn’t even slightly concerned about ‘why’ she was trying to vandalize the window.

The injury was rapidly regenerated, but from the wound, thick red blood had poured all over the floor. She turned towards the Nephilim, as tears were streaming down her cheeks, “Why are you yelling at meow~?”

Sighing obnoxiously, he casually sat on the end of her queen-sized bed, and pulled out a glowing, white bead. As soon as he muttered “I brought you a present…” she immediately stopped crying, dropped her pistol on the ground and lunged at the shiny object in his hand.

The tiny girl grabbed the mana-core and jumped around on the mattress, “Nyah~, thanksies, but what should I do with-hak!” However, without even saying anything, Michael telekinetically pushed the bead into her mouth, and forced her to swallow it.

She screamed “Meow-ow-ow-ow~! It hurts nyah~?! Ragh~?! Grah~?!” as her irises changed from yellow, to blue. Then she spasmed on top of the comforter for a few minutes, before losing consciousness.

After a few seconds, he mumbled “Huh… I wonder if it’s working or not? I didn’t see any options, like with the humanoid cores, so I have no idea what’ll happen. Hmmm~, oh, looks like it’s… ew.” Jasmine began melting into a gooey white, viscous liquid, and the gelatinous substance was transforming into a sphere.

Then that jiggling ball took the shape of a huge egg, which hardened rapidly and finally solidified several minutes later. Michael groaned, before standing up and walking towards the door, since he thought that it would probably require a few more hours for the process to finish.

Suddenly, the shell burst apart and a four-foot tall, pale-skinned girl, with wavy white hair, cat-ears and a long feline tail, was making a victory pose: with both arms in the shape of a ‘Y.’ “Nyahahahaha~! Fear me mortals~! For this isn’t even my final form~!” Jasmine’s golden irises were shining brightly, as the remnants of that milky goop, dripped down her body, onto the comforter.

Michael grumbled “I’m not cleaning that shit up, ya know?” as he utilized his wisp-form, to peek inside of her skull. What he discovered, was that her brain was no longer there; instead, it was a thick, pink, sludge. It was constantly lighting up in various places, but at the very center, was a pure-white mana-core.

“You have successfully evolved Jasmine Jade into a Slimy Feline Dwarf. Stats have increased based on your Luck and the ‘Demonic White-Tiger Slime of Light’ that the mana­­-core originally belonged to: Aura +6, Charisma +3, Agility +2.”

He also noticed that she received a new Passive: “Body of Slime Level 1: The brain is constantly in a liquid state and is circulated throughout the bloodstream, able to rapidly repair damaged organs and tissues.”

Considering that the little girl had only been one meter tall before her evolution, the outward physical changes were actually quite dramatic. Her proportions remained roughly the same, though Jasmine’s breasts were slightly smaller than before, in relation to her new height.

“Nekomini, are you feeling better now? Did your headache go away?” Michael walked over to the side of the bed and noticed that pieces of her shell had turned into a milky liquid and soaked into the comforter, sheets and mattress, along with all the other goop, yet it seemed to disappear mysteriously as the ‘self-cleaning’ feature activated.

Jasmine’s tail whipped around randomly, as she bounced on the bed a few times and pounced at his face. Reaching his left hand out, he casually pushed her across the room, making her body splatter against the northern wall.

However, under the influence of the Player-Home, she rapidly regenerated into the form of an adorable cat-girl. She sat on the floor for a few moments, before asking “Nyah~, what just happened?”

Michael sighed dramatically, muttering “Even without most of my gear on, her Health is just way too low…” He had essentially over-killed her by seventy-five points of damage, by accident.

After a few seconds, Jasmine stood up and skipped over to the Nephilim, who was two-feet taller than her. Then she easily jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him, while giggling loudly.

He gently placed his hands against her tiny back and asked “Does your head feel better now that you’ve evolved?”

The cat-girl pulled her face back and smiled at him, while cheerfully yelling “Un-hn! Nyah~, it feels like I’m thirty years younger~!”

Michael retorted “You’re only twenty-seven… Besides that, you already act like you’re a little brat as it is.” Then she jumped onto the bed and bounced around, while purring loudly. After a few seconds, he shoved her into Companion-slot four and vanished.

A moment later, the Nephilim appeared within a massive bright-blue grotto, with a colossal green turtle slumbering before him. The first thing that Jasmine did upon being released, was shout “So~ much~ pretty~ water~!” while sprinting off the edge of the stone platform and diving into glowing liquid.

Three seconds passed, before he felt like his entire body was being electrocuted, and a message told him that the crazy cat-girl had died. All that noise startled Goliath awake, but he didn’t make it in time to warn the strange child.

Michael sighed, as he made the Slimy Feline Dwarf appear within his grasp, muttering “I bet this bitch is the reincarnation of Leeroy Jenkins…” He casually held her back against his chest, and she didn’t particularly try to escape. In fact, she was actually purring quietly, while her eyes glowed bright-blue.

The giant turtle glared at the chaotic woman, while asking “Hohohoho~, did you bring me a live one this time? That was a jest, I can obviously tell that she is in fact, one of your Companions… Hmmm, I suppose that you’ve brought her here to feed me?”

Once he placed the Windback and Fireback Gorillas into Jasmine’s two bag-slots, the Nephilim whispered into her ear “Be a good girl and drop these on the floor, okay?” The spell ‘Enthrall’ actually worked surprisingly well on the happy kitten, and she did as he commanded, even though it was her first time utilizing the extra-dimensional bag.

For the two of them together, Jasmine received eighty-eight experience points. Her body was immediately enveloped in white-light and a monotonous, feminine voice announced “You have reached level six.”

After that, he shoved all of the regular Silverback Gorillas into her inventory, minus their mana-cores. Then he told her “Now, drop all of these on the floor as well…” and a stream of apes began appearing out of her palms.

Goliath’s tentacle’s swiftly captured everything, bringing all twenty nine carcasses into his mouth at the same time. A massive ‘+221 Exp’ popped up, and then three identical voices announced “You have reached level sev-eigh-ine.” while she was glowing abnormally bright.

Michael muttered “Oh God, no, it shouldn’t be possible to ‘break’ the system… Yeah, there’s no way that bugs would still exist after thousands of years of testing… hopefully.”

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  1. The system has realized that her brain isn’t good enough to be a solid so it devolved! Her head is literally filled with mush now. But one thing… Doesn’t the description make you think of zombies drinking from her head like a coconut?

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