TDoDK Chapter 1, Day 10a: A Mystery

Just woke up and I’m pretty sure I found Inari… No, I’m probably still sleeping, because there’s no way that this is real, right? I’ve heard of crop circles, but I never thought that I would ever ‘own’ one!

A few minutes ago, I looked out the bathroom window and guess what I saw? Yep, a couple dozen meters away from my fence, there was this huge swath of land that was totally barren. All around it was normal, healthy corn, which was almost ready to be harvested.

It kind of looks like a giant flying saucer landed or something like that? There’s this circle of dark-brown dirt, that’s at least twelve-hundred feet in diameter. That’s like umm… Twenty-five acres, ish? Oh, and to top it all off, at the very center, I can see something shiny and golden.

The power is out, but the water is working, so I’m taking a bath right now. I’m glad Azra gave me this waterproof tablet for my birthday. If I had a keyboard, it would be way better, but I’m starting to get used to writing with this thing now. Hmmm~, oh yeah, I should bring my solar-powered charger and go investigate that weird crop-circle.

It’s not like I have anything better to do and I need to get the sunlight while it lasts! I’ve only got a few hours left and I’ll be super-bored if I can’t even watch “My Little Sister Has Cat-Ears”.


Wow, it’s so ‘flat’. The ground is soft, so once I step onto the dirt, my feet sink down pretty easily. It’s not like quick-sand or even regular sand though, so don’t worry about me getting stuck. It’s like a hundred degrees outside, so I’m only wearing a tank-top and boxer shorts.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to scare the neighbors… Both the Smiths and Jacobsons are, I don’t really know where they are, but they aren’t home at the moment. Even if they were, this field belongs to my family. In other words, it’s my private property and even if I was walking around naked, it would be none of their business!

Ugh, I’m already sweating so much that it’s getting hard to type on this touchscreen. Oh yeah, before I left, I made two sandwiches: salami, swiss cheese, liverwurst, lettuce and onions on rye bread, with lots of horseradish mustard. I figured that I would have a picnic or something, while I wait for my tablet to charge.

Ah, I also grabbed a small cooler to put it in, a handful of frozen water bottles, plus a big mug filled with green tea. What? It’s hot and if I pass out while on this little excursion, I might actually die. I mean, who would even know? My cell phone is in this backpack I grabbed on the way out, but who knows if I would even be able to call for help…

Hmmm, while I was writing, I reached the center of this creepy dirt-circle. Lo and behold, the little Inari figurine was casually sitting on the ground. I didn’t really think about it until now, but it’s kind of weird how dry this soil is. It was raining all last night so, no, I guess I shouldn’t try and use common sense on nonsensical things.

“Should I touch it or not?” I honestly have no clue. My instincts are telling me no, no I should not. In fact, I’m almost certain that I’ll regret whatever choice I make right now. Go back home? But I already spent so much effort walking out here… Sit down and eat a sandwich? Well, I probably won’t get any fatter, hopefully.

I tried to pick the figurine up off the ground but it was like, locked in place somehow. Ah wait, nope, there’s roots. It’s totally like a tree down there. Maybe the poltergeist used to be a tree and just wanted to return to the Earth?

It’s a mystery! But either way, this stupid Inari statuette is definitely the weirdest ‘thing’ I’ve ever seen. I bet Azra did a bunch of research on it. Oh wow! I can’t believe I just now thought about that!

It’s been ten days and all of his stuff is pretty much where it used to be, including his desktop, laptop, tablet… I’m going to go back and try to find some secret files about this ‘magical’ souvenir that he bought for me!


Well that was a waste of time and energy. The power is still off. His laptop wasn’t charged, neither was the tablet. I can barely even power my own tablet with this solar battery charger and I doubt that he would keep any kind of ‘sensitive’ information on anything but his desktop anyway.

Mmmm~, this sandwich is pretty good though. I ate the other one before I left, so now that I’ve finished them both off… I don’t really have anything else to do. It’s too bright out here to watch anime or T.V. shows. I guess I could read. Nope, no internet and I don’t have any ‘new’ stories downloaded. It’s all stuff that I’ve read at least once already.

Geez, I’m so bored that I might try exercising again. That was a joke by the way. It’s too freaking hot out here and I don’t want to die of heat-stroke. Speaking of which, I should probably go back inside and refill my sixty-four ounce iced-tea mug.

“What the-?!” Holy crap, I think… Yep, it’s definitely an earthquake! Woah, it’s a good thing I’m already sitting down. No, I’m not sitting on the dirt; I got a big red beach towel. Actually, since there’s no chance that anything is going to fall on me, this is pretty neat. It reminds me of a roller-Oh my God! The Smiths’ house just collapsed! Yikes, it’s a good thing they weren’t home, huh?

Ah, it’s over already. I guess I kind of expected more? Well, at least my house is still fine. Wait, I don’t know what it’s like inside though. It could be totally wrecked!


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