TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2a: The Shop

“Good job! You did well surviving your first day on Geb. When I came back to this planet, I realized that I had unintentionally caused the extinction of nearly every plant and animal that used to live here. I was upset… It was a heavy sin to bear, especially when I was only trying to help them prosper. However, it wasn’t too late to fix things. After seeing many desert worlds, I came to understand the importance of ‘night’. Sunlight is crucial for the survival of many forms of life, but too much exposure is never a good thing. Everyone and everything needs to take a break, to rest, to sleep… So I made this planet rotate faster. Not too quickly, but enough.”

[The Quest “Build a Burrow” has been successfully completed. +1 Exp. Level has increased from 0 to 1. +1 KP. The Shop function has been unlocked. The Shelter Tab of the Shop has been unlocked. Basic Burrow Home has been unlocked.]

“Each task that you complete will be rewarded with ‘Experience Points’ and ‘Kitsune Points’, depending on the difficulty. Experience Points are used to increase your level. As your level becomes higher, you will gain access to various functions of the Kitsune Drive. Now that you have reached level-one, you may type ‘/OpenShop’ into your console in order to access the Shop feature. Within the Shop, it will be possible for you to purchase ‘Consumables’, ‘Equipment’ and now ‘Shelter’. Other ‘Tabs’ will become available after you either reach a certain level or complete a related Quest.”

Ow, my head hurts so much… No, my back, shoulders and ugh. Too many different kinds of pain at the same time. Sore muscles, sunburn, migraine, hangnail, blisters on my hands, toothaches… I needed braces when I was a teenager and ever since I had them removed, my teeth have been moving around a lot. It’s pretty bad, but some ibuprofen usually makes things better. If I knew that I would be stranded on some random desert-planet, I would have packed for the occasion!

Oh wait, holy crap! I leveled up! Ah, so there is a night time. Yep, just checked outside of my tiny hole in the ground and it really is pretty dark out. More like an ominous twilight at the moment, but I think it’s getting darker. There are stars in the sky, so it shouldn’t be totally pitch-black.

Anyway, this kind of reminds me of “Inari’s Garden”, but you know, completely different. Some things are the same, like the Experience and Kitsune Points. I don’t remember having to dig a temporary shelter underground or living like a mole in order to keep from being cooked to death.

Okay, enough complaining! Time to get down to business…


[Opening Shop… Please choose a Tab: Consumables, Equipment or Shelter.]

Umm, I tapped on them but they didn’t do anything, so maybe I need to type it in like a command code? This kind of reminds me of the olden days, back when Azra would teach me how to enter cheats into early 2000’s videogames.


[Basic Burrow Home: 5 KP.]

Seriously?! How can it be that expensive?! Maybe it’s like, a really super-awesome underground base? How do I even earn enough points though? Do I need to dig four more of these holes? ‘Cause I think that I would die first. Speaking of death, I’m literally dehydrated and totally out of water so…


[5 Gallons of Water: 1 KP.]

That’s it? There’s no magical never ending water source or a coconut that I can keep drinking forever? Well, even if those kinds of things were possible and existed, they would definitely be a lot more expensive. Is five gallons even enough though? That might last me two days at most, if I’m careful.

Speaking of days, I’m using the diary program’s automatic system, based on a twenty-four hour clock. I have no clue how long Geb days are, so I’m not going to worry about that kind of stuff. Besides, I kind of need to survive or it doesn’t really matter.


[1 Liter Flask: 1 KP.]

Useless. At least, it’s totally pointless for me. I have five plastic bottles, Mom’s stainless steel flask and a bright-red sixty-four ounce mug, with a plastic straw. There’s a chance that I might need to buy flasks eventually, but for now, I’m all good on that front.

“Once you’ve decided what you wish to purchase from the Shop, just input ‘/Buy’ before the name of the product. As long as you’re within the vicinity of the Kitsune Drive, you should be able to fabricate the item or structure. If for whatever reason you can’t, then the purchase will be refunded immediately.”


[Fabricating requested items, please standby…]

Woah~, I should have expected it already, but still, wow. I’m not in my burrow anymore, for obvious reasons. I went over to the little golden fox figurine and typed in my ‘order’. Within three seconds, five plastic gallon jugs filled with water just magically appeared on the ground near my feet. I may have yelped a bit.

Now that one problem is out of the way, I’m faced with another… I’m pretty hungry. No, it’s more accurate to say “I’m starving~!” Being fat doesn’t mean that I have some sort of superpower that allows me to go long periods of time without eating. Technically, I might last longer than someone who was really skinny, but that’s only if I don’t have to move around at all. Since my body is so heavy, it takes a lot of energy for me to move, thus, I need food.

If I don’t keep my strength up, I’ll get too exhausted to do anything and end up dehydrating or starving to death eventually. Also, my blood sugar is dangerously low. It’s a good thing I’m not diabetic.

“I know it may be frightening for you, young Kitsune, but you must overcome your fears and venture out into the world occasionally. Nighttime in the desert is when most animals are active. It may seem cruel to take the life of an innocent creature… However, nothing in this world can survive without killing. Regardless of whether you are consuming plants, animals or fungi, it is impossible to devour them without harming them in the process. For now, try and focus on the simpler creatures: Insects and Arachnids. Find something that is not too difficult to hunt and capture. Once you catch your prey, bring it back to the Kitsune Drive in order to register it properly. If you happen to discover any plants or fungi, you should harvest them as much as possible and return them to the Kitsune Drive for registration. Now go… but be careful out there. Adventures can be enjoyable, yet they are also incredibly perilous. Remember to be wary of predatory animals and poisonous creatures.”

Now way… I didn’t really think about it before now, but I’m going to have to actually find my own food. I’m a city-girl and even though I’ve technically been a farmer for the past few months, that was just driving tractors around! I never even got to harvest any corn! We didn’t have any livestock because my parents didn’t want to deal with animals, so I have no experience with this kind of stuff.

I don’t even kill spiders! I usually just catch them with a cup and a sheet of paper, then throw them outside! When I was seven, I accidentally stepped on a frog and I’m still traumatized… The worst part was that it didn’t die. Its guts were splattered all over the place and its heart was still beating. I’ll never forget the way it looked up at me… Dad had to stomp on its head to put the poor critter out of its misery!

More importantly than any of that though, is the fact that I’m exhausted. I barely got any sleep at all, my body is covered in dirt, my clothes are filthy, I’m in so much pain and my hair has clumps of mud stuck in it!


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