TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 2d: Hunting and Gathering

This is seriously the most that I’ve ever written in a single day… ever. My hands are cramping up and it’s not just because I had to do a bunch of digging lately. However, in the absence of actual people to talk to or interact with, my diary is pretty much the only semi-social interaction I’ve gotten lately. Sure, I might be kind of anti-social sometimes, but I’ve never gone this long without talking to anyone before.

My battery is getting pretty low too, so I should probably stop talking now… or typing, whatever. Ugh, this is a long walk. Even though it’s dark, it’s still so hot too, and dry, don’t forget about how unbearably dry the air is. I remember complaining about the humidity two weeks ago. I miss Azra, and my parents, my room, food, iced tea…


“Well done, young Kitsune! Not only did you return from your journey safely, you also managed to successfully find an animal and/or plant. This is only a message, so I don’t know what sort of creature you discovered. However, the Kitsune Drive should be able identify virtually anything on this planet. In fact, not only lifeforms, but even minerals, rocks, soil, sand, metal… technology. Assuming your Kitsune Drive Interface Device has an audio-video recording capability, simply type ‘/Identify’ while in close proximity to the object or organism.”

[The Quest “First Exploration” has been successfully completed. +1 Exp. +1 KP. The Identification function has been unlocked.]

Ugh, my tablet is at ten-percent power, but I managed to make it back ‘home’ pretty quickly. I really wasn’t as far away as I thought I was. Also, sweet~, it’s always nice to get Experience and Kitsune Points! I probably need to use my flashlight if I want to get a decent video of this little bugger, huh?


[Plastic Water Bottle: Can hold up to twelve ounces of liquid.]

Geez, they really didn’t try to make this very user friendly. I should take these things out of my cooler first though. I’ll do the crab afterwards.


[Colossal Barrel Cactus: There have always been deserts on Geb, though they were much less barren before the cataclysm. This species of cactus grows relatively quickly, but it requires large amounts of water. The pith has a high sugar and salt content, though the concentration becomes much lower as the plant grows larger. Depending on the amount of water and nutrients the cactus receives, it can grow fruit once every seven Earth days. The size of the plant determines the size and quantity of the fruit that can be produced.]

[+1 Kitsune Point for discovering a new plant.]

“There are no ‘useless’ plants. Even if they are poisonous or non-nutritious in their natural state, they’re all beneficial in various ways. Never discard something because it seems ‘worthless’ at the moment. I’m not trying to tell you to hoard everything you obtain… No, in fact, quite the opposite. Everything can be consumed or used depending on the circumstances. For now, you should plant whatever you found within the fertile soil of your territory. There are some plants that might not be able to survive in ‘normal’ dirt and prefer sand, but most should be able to thrive rather easily. Remember to water your garden, yet you must also be careful that you do not drown your plants.”

Awesome! At least, I think this is a good thing. The question is whether I should keep all five of them or try to eat a few? I’ll think about it again after I find out what the deal with this little dude is…


[Desert Scuttler: Before the cataclysm, these creatures were more abundant than cockroaches within the deserts of Geb. These terrestrial crabs spend most of their lives scurrying around the dunes, searching for small insects or animal carcases to devour. Although they’re mostly carnivorous, they can also consume many types of plant life. After breeding, the female Desert Scuttler typically deposits her eggs within the pith of a cactus. The larvae spend several Earth days developing within the plant, before clawing their way outside. Similar to many other crustaceans, Desert Scuttlers decompose very rapidly after death.]

[+1 Kitsune Point for discovering a new animal.]

“Assuming that your ‘Race’ is omnivorous, it is important that you consume both plants and animals in order to maintain your health. It may seem harsh, but your life is far more important than every other creature on this planet. Of course, most sentient beings will instinctively feel that way. If they didn’t, then their species would quickly become extinct through their acts of ‘mercy’ and ‘kindness’. I am not telling you to become ruthless and cruel. However, you must learn balance, if you wish to grow as a Kitsune. Whenever you capture an animal, make sure to identify it and decide whether you wish to keep it as a pet, devour it, or keep it as livestock. If you really cannot find a use for it and you don’t have the means or desire to tame the creature, then simply release it back into the wild. Never kill for sport or practice. Don’t intentionally torment or torture animals either. That is not ‘our’ way.”

Good to know… Unfortunately, I can’t keep my tablet on any longer. There’s still seven-percent battery left, but I don’t want to waste it. For now, I need to decide what to do with the cactuses and fool around with stuff. Maybe I’ll go to sleep, who knows? Either way, I’m turning off my tablet to save as much power as possible. Hopefully I won’t miss any important messages.



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