TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 3: Midnight

I can’t believe it’s still night time! I’m starting to get a little worried… No, I guess I’m way past the point where I have the capacity to get anxious anymore. My body feels like it’s falling apart: endless migraines, blurry vision, spotty hearing, auditory and visual hallucinations… My throat and nose are so dry, regardless of how much water I drink.

Did I mention the sunburn? I’m agonizing over the fact that my tablet is running out of battery power, but my skin is still suffering from the sunlight two days ago. I took a bunch of naps on my beach towel, but it’s actually starting to get a bit chilly. The winds are picking up and I think there might be a storm soon.

In the far north, I saw a bunch of lightning for a while earlier, but it stopped a few hours ago. It’s too hard to tell if the weather is coming this way or if it just fizzled out. Even on Earth I wasn’t a meteorologist, so how would I know what Geb’s weather is like?

Anyway, if I keep complaining about everything that hurts, I’ll never get around to the important stuff.

First of all, I used the hunting knife to cut the biggest of the five cactuses in half. Then I scooped out the juicy and edible parts inside, while leaving behind the thick, prickly exterior. It was hard to tell based on the fact that I was starving to death and hadn’t drank anything but water in the past few days, however… I’m pretty sure that the ‘pith’ was delicious. It tasted like a pear for the most part, but the texture was closer to a cantaloupe.

Whatever I didn’t eat, I buried under the soil as fertilizer. If I had left it above the surface, then it probably would have been dried out and turned into a useless husk once the suns came up. Then I planted the other four tinier ‘Colossal Barrel Cactuses’ a few meters to the south of the fox statue.

Last but not least, there was a certain crabby girl. I found out that the reason she was so much slower than the others was because she was carrying lots and lots of tiny eggs around. Before I read the stuff about her species, I thought that she was just really sandy.

However, it was pretty obvious once she started digging a very small hole in the side of the largest remaining cactus, that she was pregnant. Well, the crustacean equivalent of pregnancy. The moral of the story is that she deposited her eggs and now she just chills there, ‘guarding’ her babies… larvae, eggs, whatever they are at the moment.

Aren’t humans supposed to be able to go three weeks without food? Why does it feel like I’m going to die if I don’t eat something substantial soon? I’m not even getting any skinnier either. If anything, I’m gaining lots of water-weight. In other news, I need to go to the ‘bathroom’, but I’m totally out of toilet paper… I wish I could buy some with Kitsune Points.


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      • They’re exaggerating lol. I’ve heard that we have more trees today than we did before the industrial revolution. Mainly because of the fact that we actually put out forest fires now days. Back then, a forest fire could wipe out a whole freaking forest before going out naturally and they happened a lot more often, ’cause there weren’t people clearing out the dead trees and stuff. Not to mention that people are planting trees and other plants on a massive scale, unlike anything that could occur in nature lol. Most of the trees that are used to make paper or other stuff, are grown specifically to be turned into paper. They have giant orchards that are decades to a hundred years old.


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