TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 4b: Buying a House

Ah, sweet! I actually have an extra point, so even if I do buy a ‘house’, I can still afford five gallons of water. Also, it’s nice that they come with plastic containers too. That way, if I ever find a water source, then I can totally just fill loads of… Never mind, under that situation, I would probably need to travel like dozens of miles. It wouldn’t really be possible to lug around fifty jugs filled with water back to the camp. Although, if it ever rains… I wish I had some kind of plastic tarp.

I’m kind of afraid to buy this thing though. Like, if I type it in, what will happen? Will I just fall into a hole? How do I pick the location that I want the place to be created at? I really wish there was a ‘Help’ function for this stupid thing.


[Opening Shop… Please choose a Tab: Consumables, Equipment or Shelter.]


[Constructing Shelter, please standby… Construction Completed.]

What the heck? Where is it?! Is this some kind of trick? That was five points! I could have bought twenty-five gallons of water!

Wait, never mind, I found it. Hmmm, it’s kinda big… Like, ten meters to the north of the Kitsune Drive, there’s just a giant hole. It’s large enough for me to crawl down into at least. The one I had made was, well, it doesn’t even exist anymore. It collapsed once I came out of it. Actually, it was more like I had just semi-buried myself.

However, this burrow looks like it was made by a gigantic prairie dog. Not only that, but the dirt here… Holy crap! It’s so hard that I can even walk and jump on top of it! Okay, I’m going inside now. Wish me luck!

Wow! This is pretty amazing… I mean, it’s a lot more impressive than I was expecting. No lights obviously, but I do have a flashlight and the tablet’s screen. Basically, there’s a steep incline at first, but then it levels out. The whole tunnel is about fifty feet, maybe? Then there’s just this massive cavernous region. Well, I can stand up straight and my head doesn’t touch the ceiling. Considering it’s just a burrow, I think that’s pretty good, right? As for the actual area, it’s enough for me to lay down or pace back and forth nervously, so I think it was definitely worth five points.

The floor is really soft, but the walls and ceiling are as strong and hard as cement. No, I didn’t test it out and try to break it! I’m just guesstimating! How could I possibly know exactly how durable it is? It’s just that from my limited experience and knowledge, it ‘feels’ like concrete or something similar.

Okay, enough of this nonsense, I need to get to work moving all my stuff into this place. Then I need to let my tablet and solar panel battery get charged up in the sun, er, suns…


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