TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 6: Azra’s Revenge

Azra, did you know about this? You had to know about this thing, right? I mean, you stole the freakin intro from the message from Inari Okami! Is this some sort of punishment for me?!

I’m sorry for killing you! You know I love you, so why would you do this to me?! Forcing me to starve to death in this horrible place!

There’s no way that you didn’t know! Grah! Were you planning my death all this time?! You left that stupid figurine just sitting there! You wanted me to take it! You actually told me that it was some sort of ‘gift’!

Even though I was mean to you when we were younger, I was always nice these past few years! You saved me from suicide! I’m your sister!

I don’t wanna die… I really don’t. I’m so scared… I can feel the life draining from my body every second. This constant throbbing, the aching all over, it’s unbearable, but I’m afraid of death. I’ve survived this long already, so there’s no way that I’m giving up now!

Is this what you wanted Azra? For me to suffer through this torment… For me to appreciate how easy my life was until now… I’m sorry.

Ugh, there’s no way that my brother could have possibly known about any of this stuff. Hmmm, oh wait, now that I think about it…

Every night when I slept next to that figurine, I would have weird dreams. I almost completely forgot most of them, but there was definitely a few times when I saw things. Like memories of playing “Inari’s Garden”, except more vivid and not a phone app. He probably had the same thing happen to him. Then he got inspiration from it and decided to make a game from those ‘visions’.

Sigh, I’m sorry Azra, I shouldn’t have freaked out at you like that.

“It’s okay Destiny. You’re stressed out. It’s completely natural to have outbursts of anger when you’re starving to death and in a completely hopeless situation. Don’t worry though… You only need to wait another fifteen hours before you can go hunting again. I believe in you Little Sis. I also love and miss you a lot. I’m going back to Heaven now, so have fun dying~, muhuahahahaha~!”

Okay, I might be going a bit insane right now. Obviously that was just me, trying to imitate my brother’s voice and trying to console myself. Did I mention how I haven’t talked to another human being in over a week?!

The worst part is the waiting. Just doing absolutely nothing productive and trying to keep myself from thinking too many depressing thoughts. Well, I’m on season nine of “My Little Sister Has Cat-­Ears”, but I’m kind of losing interest due to the fact that I’m slowly dying.


9 thoughts on “TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 6: Azra’s Revenge

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Is there something about this planet making her burn through calories way faster, or is she just being dramatic about starving to death this quickly?

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    • Well, it’s really hot first of all, even underground it’s like 90 degrees. There’s no fan or anything like that either. It’s really dry cause it’s a desert. Also, it’s been 6 days and all she’s eaten is a tiny cactus. Personally, I feel like I’m starving to death after about 6-12 hours of being hungry lol. After a while though, it kinda goes away. But she’s suffering from like 20 different kinds of pain on top of that and the stress of everything… She probably isn’t even over the trauma of losing her brother either. It’s not like she can just go out into the desert and immediately find something edible either. Have you ever been in a situation where you have no food and it’s pretty much impossible to find anything edible. You need to have the strength to move around too… Starving to death isn’t as simple as just not eating. If you’re hungry and there isn’t any food near you, you’re starving to death lol. I know that I would be freaking out pretty bad if I was in a situation where I needed to get food but I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to find anything.

      Not to mention she can’t even complain about it to anyone, ’cause she’s alone… On an alien world.


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