TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 7b: Evolution

“I’m sure you’re surprised and amazed at the incredible opportunity, but you need to consider carefully which Adaptations you truly desire. Estivation is very useful in desert-like biomes, where food is scarce and you must conserve energy while waiting for the temperature to become bearable. However, you might already possess that ability or something similar, so it may not be right for you. Shedding is extremely useful for Races that have thick fur or excessive body hair, but it is rather useless for those without hair. Also, you may find it easier to simply remove your hair through other means. Extreme Sweating is incredibly dangerous and potentially unpleasant, yet it can also be extremely beneficial if you have access to enough water and salt for your body to stay healthy. Finally, Improved Adipocytes… Although it is immensely valuable, it is also extremely expensive.”

[+ 2 EP.]

“Unlike Kitsune Points, which are fairly easy to obtain, you can only gain Evolution Points from raising your level. More Adaptations will become available as you raise your level and complete tasks. You may choose one now, or wait until you have access to more useful and powerful improvements.”

Alright, I’ll believe you for now Oinari-sama… But if I see some Adaptation called ‘Excessive Urination’ or ‘Improved Gag Reflex’, I’m seriously going to give up on my dreams of becoming a superhero. Actually, I would settle for a vampire or werewolf! Anything, just not werepig… or werehippo. I can kinda come up with a lot of animal transformations that I would never want to experience though.

Okay, enough of this! I need to get up! Woah~, I’m really dizzy right now, but I’ll survive… Tonight, I’ll head towards the north. No, I’ll try to cover the east and west too. I won’t travel as far away or waste as much energy chasing Desert Scuttlers as last time. Well, I guess I need to water my plants before I go.

Did I mention that the cactuses have grown another few inches? I think that in a day or two, they’re going to be well over a foot tall and wide! At that point, they might start bearing fruit, or at the very least, I should be able to eat one of them.

Anyway, I might not even get back here by twelve midnight… Yeah, the times are confusing the heck outta me. I’m writing this at ten PM, yet the night just began and is going to go on for close to forty-eight hours.

Well, wish me luck, again. I refuse to die out here, on some stupid desert planet! No, even more than that… I need to return home soon. If I’m gone when my parents get back, they might worry themselves to death. I can’t do that to them! I need to make it home before they come back!

To be fair though, they were planning on staying in Japan for like three months, so it’s much more likely that I’ll die before then. Alright, I’m leaving for real now. Happy hunting!


8 thoughts on “TDoDK Chapter 2, Day 7b: Evolution

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  2. Thanks for the chapters. Is it going to be one of those systems, where you have to buy a certain amount of upgrades to unlock new ones, cause that would suck.

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    • Hmm, that’s a good idea lol. Idk though, it’s more like… Doing certain quests unlocks things, or certain situations unlocks things. It’s not clearly defined yet ’cause well, it’ll get explained by the end of chapter 3 I think? I’m writing chapter 5 atm lol. Chapter 3 was really long compared to the others.


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