TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 8a: Fasting

There was nothing ‘new’ in the north. I saw a few Desert Scuttlers and I managed to find three tiny ‘Colossal’ Barrel Cactuses. Although I didn’t catch any of those sand-crabs, I’m not too worried about them anyway. It takes way more energy to catch and cook them, than I would ever get from eating one.

Besides that, I noticed that there were a few of them wandering into my ‘territory’ a couple minutes ago. I just finished planting the three baby cacti not far from the other ones. It makes it way easier to water them if they’re all close together, but I don’t want them to be ‘too’ clustered together either.

Oh well, the point is that I’m debating whether or not I should eat one of the big melon-sized cactuses. I don’t really ‘feel’ hungry though. It’s so weird. Never in my entire life have I gone this long without eating anything.

I used to know a girl with anorexia… She literally never felt hungry. No, it was worse than that. More like she hated food or eating. I’m the opposite. Food is life. I’m a snacker too. I don’t remember a time before this whole ridiculous situation happened, when I ever thought “I’m starving to death, but I think I’ll save this delicious, juicy, cantaloupe for later.”

Supposedly, humans can survive for three weeks without eating, but I’ve heard of people dying way faster than that. I’ve also read an article about a guy who fasted for over a hundred days. The question is: How much longer can I last?

I’m pretty sure that those people who didn’t eat for all that time, also didn’t have to do any sort of physical labor or walk around in the desert. Like, the one dude was definitely a prisoner. All he had to do is sit in a cell all day, everyday, and not move. Not saying that I could do that or would want to ever do that, but I think that’s why it was possible.

Okay, enough chit-chat! Time to get movin soldier! Or at least, that’s what my Mom would say about now. Sigh~, I think the worst part of all this is being alone… If my parents or Azra were here with me, it would be way easier for all of us to survive. We could relegate duties, split up the work, one of us could go in each direction and we would have a much easier time finding stuff.

Of course, Mom is deathly afraid of spiders, insects, probably even those adorable Desert Scuttlers. But she could totally kill a bear with her bare hands if she had to…

Dad can cook just about anything. He’s mainly a sushi chef, but he knows how to make all sorts of weird and disturbing ‘specialty’ dishes. I always thought it was weird how he’s allergic to dog hair, but he has no problem filleting one. Did I ever mention the time that I was scarred as a child when my father convinced me to eat iguana sashimi? I thought that we were buying Gerald as a pet!

Then there’s Azra… You know what? If my brother was here, he definitely would have been able to find a way to hack into this stupid Kitsune Drive thing and unlock some feature that could send us home. He wouldn’t do it though. I’m sure he would enjoy ‘playing’ a game like this without ‘cheating’. Unless we were all about to die, he probably wouldn’t bother letting us know that he could have sent us home the entire time!


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