TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 8b: Shadow Lurker

And so, I ventured into the eastern wastelands! Okay, I don’t think that wastelands are technically the same as sandy deserts… But I went eastward, that’s for sure. No, I guess it’s better to say that I just left my territory.

What the heck? Wait a second, “Do you hear that noise? *Soft Hissing* I think it might be a snake, but it’s kinda far away… I’m slightly worried, but I’ve ‘caught’ snakes before so, maybe it’ll be fine? It’s been like ten years though and I don’t-ah! Nope! Not a snake! Crap, crap, crap~! I’m going back!”

Whew~, that was scary… It looked like a black-scaled horned lizard, but it was like four feet long! I thought it was a crocodile, so I immediately started running away. Then it chased me all the way back to my ‘territory’, but got startled after it stepped onto the dirt. It jumped back a few feet and was just staring me down from across the border.

At that moment, both of us finally realized something super-important… I’m way, way~ bigger and stronger than that stupid little lizard! Sure, it was covered in sharp horns and during the struggle, it stabbed me in the left arm a bit, but unlike crocs and gators, that guy didn’t have giant and dangerous teeth.

It just kind of nibbled on me a bit. I guess it was probably arrogant from being one of the top predators in the desert, but there was nothing he or she could do! Although its really long from head to the tip of its tail, the actual weight is only about fifteen pounds and its super-weak.

After about three minutes of squirming around in my arms, it finally just gave up and started panting loudly. I think it’s probably dehydrated and starving. Anyway, before I decide what to do with it, I need to take it over to the Kitsune Drive and find out ‘what’ it is. Horned lizards are usually roundish and pretty flat, which is why they’re often called ‘horned frogs’ sometimes, but this thing is closer to an iguana in the shape of its body.


[Giant Shadow Lurker Lizard: A purely nocturnal reptile that buries itself deep under the sand during the day and hunts at night. They are one of the largest animals that live in the deserts of Geb, so they have no natural predators. Although they’re able to survive for several weeks without water and months without food, the females must consume three-times their body weight before mating season, in order to produce a clutch of up to fifty small eggs. They can reproduce twice per Earth year, but most female Giant Shadow Lurker Lizards are never able to find a suitable mate, since the males are extremely rare. They aren’t poisonous and can typically be eaten by Humans without being cooked.]

[+1 Kitsune Point for discovering a new animal.]

Okay then… but how do I know tell if it’s a guy or girl? There aren’t any ‘obvious’ signs. If this one is a dude, then haven’t I hit the jackpot? Ah, but it’s not like I have any chains or rope, so how do I keep him or her from running away?


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