TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 8d: Going West

It was super-easy to domesticate Joey. Like, I didn’t even have to try. I squirted some water into his mouth from a plastic bottle. He was so adorable… Like a puppy playing with a garden hose for the first time.

Of course, the difference is that he was legitimately dying from thirst. He tried to take the whole bottle from me, but I smacked him on the head and yelled “No! Bad boy! If you want to drink, then you need to behave!”

Obviously he had no clue what I was talking about and even hissed at me. He jumped up and attempted to snatch the bottle from my hand, but even when he was on his hind legs, there was no way for him to reach my hand that was stretched up into the air.

I spent about an hour ‘training’ him and eventually, he started following me around like a cute doggy. After filling up three of the small bottles with water, I set out on my next adventure. Judging by the fact that I found him in the east and he was starving, I can only assume that there probably isn’t much food over there. Thus, it’s time to head towards the west!

Holy crap! Before we even left my territory, Joey bolted away from me! I chased after him, ‘cause I thought he was trying to escape, but then I realized that I was worrying for nothing. He easily gobbled up one of those mini-crabs that were scuttling across the dirt.

Ugh, he didn’t swallow it whole though. First he chomped down onto it and sucked all the juices out, before ripping the top part of the shell off and eating the bottom. I guess it’s because the top is the hardest part and it has sharp, pointy edges too. Even if he chewed it up, it might break his teeth or at the very least, the sharp pieces would cut up his throat.

This is great! I can see it now… A huge field of cactuses. Thousands of tiny crabs and dozens of giant lizards. I could eat as much as I want and never run out of food! Assuming that I don’t starve to death first.

You know, the deserts of Earth do have places that are as desolate as what I’ve seen so far of Geb. But for the most part, they’re filled with all kinds of life. The most crucial factor is water… I’ve seen a few storms off in the distance over the last week; none of them came anywhere near where I’m at though.

My guess is that if I can walk ten miles in any direction, I should be able to find plenty of plants and animals. I’ve only been a few kilometers, ‘cause of the whole exhaustion, heatstroke and starvation nonsense.

Daw~, this is so adorable! Joey just caught another little crab, but instead of eating it, he ran back to me with it in his mouth. I guess it’s kind of like he wants to trade for water or something. Maybe it’s a show of respect? Do lizards have packs or prides? Well, I don’t even know if I can use Earth’s standards to judge alien animals…


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