TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 8e: Meat

He let me rub his belly like a doggy after I gave him back the crab and let him drink some water. This is definitely the highlight of my time on Geb so far. I mean, even if I was still on Earth, this would be pretty awesome. Well, I can only “Daw~” so many times before I start to creep myself out.

Hmmm, yeah, ten minutes and nothing much. Joey caught another Desert Scuttler, but they’re so tiny… He probably needs to eat twenty of them for it to be considered a meal. On the dirt he had an advantage, but in the sand, he’s a bit slower than them. His success ratio is only about thirty-percent.

At least, that’s if he’s alone. With the two of us together, it might not be so hard. The problem is that he bolts towards them immediately and I can’t really tell him to stop. He’s basically a loner… like me. I guess that’s why I feel such a strong connection to him?

Ah! Crap! He ate it! No~! My points… There’s nothing left now. It was like, a weird tiny kangaroo-mouse-rabbit thing? I don’t really know, ‘cause it was too far away. As soon as it appeared over the sand dune, Joey ran way faster than I had ever seen him move before. It was only the size of a small rat, but that’s still way better than those mini-crabs.

Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now. At least he was able to get a decent meal out of it. I wonder if he knows I’m planning to eat his babies? Okay, not when they’re actual infants, but like… If I’m going to have the lizards as livestock, then I’ll have to kill some of them eventually. It just feels wrong somehow though. Raising an animal, taking care of it, loving it, then murdering the poor thing and eating their corpse.

I have no problem with killing some random creature that I don’t personally have any attachments to, in order to keep from starving to death… But maybe I can find another way?

For now, I shouldn’t worry about any of that. I’ll deal with my ‘morals’ when the time comes. Hmmm, I think I see something. Joey isn’t reacting to it, so he probably can’t eat whatever it is…

Woah! A pink rose? Probably not edible, but that really doesn’t matter. If I can get a Kitsune Point for it, then it’s still worth digging up. Uh, umm, wait a second, I need to use my flashlight to see this thing better.

Honestly, the root kinda looks like a carrot, but I’m not sure. It’s pretty thin. The color is bright-orange. The ground here is sandy and dry, but there’s some dirt mixed in. It’s not like the dunes. Oh, there’s more of them!


Joey is the definitely the awesomest lizard I’ve ever had. There was a bearded dragon once, but she was never very helpful with anything. Back to why Joey is so amazing! He caught another one! It’s dead, but he still gave it to me instead of swallowing it whole.

Hopefully the Kitsune Drive doesn’t care if it’s alive or not. I’m back at my ‘base’ now. The black lizard looks really tired, but he still keeps chasing down the Desert Scuttlers who are invading the outskirts of my ‘territory’.

Now, for the moment of truth… Will it work? Find out next time, on Destiny’s Diary! Never mind, I’ve already made way too many ‘entries’ for today. I don’t like it when they’re too long, but ‘Day 8f’ is kind of pushing it.


[Sand Skipper: A small bipedal rodent that has extremely large ears, short forelegs, long hind legs and a very long tail. They primarily move around by hopping and their diet consists mostly of plants, though they can also consume tiny insects and arachnids. Most predators have trouble catching them, since they only travel at night and have excellent hearing. However, they aren’t totally helpless. There are sharp talons on the tips of their toes and they can kick with enough strength to kill or maim most predators that aren’t too much bigger than themselves. They aren’t poisonous and can typically be eaten by Humans without being cooked.]

[+1 Kitsune Point for discovering a new animal.]

Ah, I totally forgot that ‘I’ could eat it… But what part do I eat? It’s not like I can just swallow the thing whole. No matter how hungry I am, I’m not going to do that. So I guess I need to skin it first. I’ve seen my Dad flay and fillet all kinds of things, but never one of these weird kangaroo-rats.


First of all, “Eww~!”, and secondly, “Yum~!” That’s the short version of my first ever experience with butchering and eating a Sand Skipper. I used a combination of Mom’s hunting knife and my fingernails to peel its flesh off and ugh, well, I didn’t eat the head, the feet… or the innards. Sure, they might have been nutritious, but no, not worth the risk.

Once I got over the gruesome and nasty part, I still felt weird about eating raw mouse meat. I’m used to fish, octopus, oysters and other seafood, but raw land-creatures typically make me nervous. I thought about trying to start a fire to cook it, but what would I burn?

In the end, I had to settle for bloody, juicy, disgustingly delicious raw muscle. The bones were pretty hard and tiny, so I needed to be careful not to swallow any of them. Seriously though, I’m way past the point of whining over cleanliness.

Speaking of which, when I washed my hands off with water, Joey stuck his little pink lizard tongue out and licked it up. I actually fed the leftover giblets and stuff to Miss Crabby, who hadn’t really eaten anything since I captured her a long time ago.

Before I started eating, I mused over whether or not I should prepare some cactus for desert, but I’m glad that I decided against it. I’m kind of ‘full’… I think my stomach shrunk or something. The organ, not my blubbery belly. Although, I have lost a lot of weight and fat. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s not a good thing.

Even though my stomach is full, my body is definitely still unsatisfied. The migraine hasn’t gone away, muscle cramps all over, blurry vision, dizziness… Well, enough of that, I need to get back to work.


[Midnight Desert Rose: A stout and enduring taproot, which is capable of surviving in even the harshest of Geb’s deserts. They require very little water to survive and have incredible growth spurts after rainfall. Although they are most well known for the flower that grows on the surface, the taproot underneath has the potential to become a staple vegetable for most omnivorous Races. It typically takes a very long time for them to reach maturity in the desert, but given enough water, they can grow at an astounding pace. The best time to harvest them is right before their flower completely forms. All of the nutrients that have built up within the taproot, will be used to grow the rose, pollinate and produce hundreds of seeds. After that, the plant will die and start to decompose.]

[+1 Kitsune Point for discovering a new plant.]


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