TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 9b: Buried Treasure

Nope, I was wrong. Just wasted three hours trying to find something, anything but desert. Unfortunately, that’s all there was out there. I didn’t come back empty-handed though!

No idea why I didn’t think of this until now, but didn’t Inari say that I could even ‘Identify’ rocks, minerals and other stuff? I filled an empty water bottle with sand, then another with some super-dry soil… I even collected all of the random pebbles that I ignored before.

Then I found the motherload of random crap! There was a conch shell mostly buried under some beige sandy dirt. That was only the beginning. I took out my shovel and started digging to satiate my curiosity.

It was like a seashell graveyard. I’m guessing that once upon a time, there was either a river, a lake or maybe even an ocean in that spot. Actually, it’s also possible that there were some sort of desert hermit crabs that were having a mass migration. Who knows?

I only gathered as many shells as I could fit inside of my lunch box, then walked back ‘home’. Before I could get to the Kitsune Drive, I heard a bunch of deep growling noises coming from the northern edge of the dirt-circle. It was practically impossible to see them at first, but once I got closer, I noticed that Joey wasn’t alone anymore. He was chilling there in front of three different lizards that looked almost exactly the same as him.

One was only three feet long and pretty scrawny, another was about five feet and the last sucker was almost two meters from head to the tip of its tail tail! Yeah, I was actually a little scared when I saw that guy, or probably girl, since they’re more common. The gigantic female had deep scratches and cuts all over her scales, but they seemed more like old battle-scars.

However, once they started ummm, ‘mating’, I figured that I really shouldn’t get anywhere near them. I might be able to overpower a single Giant Shadow Lurker Lizard, but if the four of them attacked me at the same time…

In other news, I’m running pretty low on water now. I only have about two gallons left, so I’ll have to buy more soon. Ugh, I just realized a really huge flaw in my awesome desert farm plan. There’s no possible way that I could keep up with the Kitsune Point costs!

I kinda figured that I could find at least a few new things every time I left the base, but that really doesn’t seem possible. Also, I’m about to pass out. Very little food and barely any sleep are a terrible combination; especially when I need to walk a few miles every day.

Yes, yes, I know that there are people out there who can go years while eating the bare minimum in order to survive… You can’t expect someone who never had to worry about starving to death, to instantly be able to adapt to this kind of life.

I miss pasta, cereal, bread, rice, corn, mashed potatoes… I can’t believe that these ‘cheap’ and ‘boring’ foods are what I fantasize about now. Well, I guess sushi would be nice too, or a couple dozen steamed blue crabs. Even a freaking cactus would be fine!

Ever since I ate that Sand Skipper, I keep craving raw meat. I probably need the protein to fix the muscles I’ve been ripping apart on a daily basis lately.


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