TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 9c: Earth


[Eroded Conch Shell: A conch shell that has been worn down by sand over a long period of time.]

Well that was a let down. I haven’t given up yet though!


[Unidentifiable Eroded Seashell.]


[Unidentifiable Eroded Seashell]


[Unidentifiable Eroded Seashell.]


[Unidentifiable Eroded Seashell]

Okay, now I give up. Please be something useful~!


[Orange Sand: Granular rocks and minerals, finer than gravel and coarser than silt.]


[Orange Sandy Soil: A very small amount of dirt, mixed with an excessive amount of sand. Suitable for desert plants to survive in.]

“Very good, young Kitsune! Many children fail to perceive obvious solutions to simple problems… Needless to say, they typically end up regretting their mistakes later on in life. Fortunately, you managed to discern the hidden meaning in the words that I spoke to you rather swiftly. Aside from plants and animals, you should also identify soil, sand, mysterious objects, anything that catches your eye. Of course, you must prioritize safety and the basic needs before satiating your curiosity.”

[The Quest “The Earth of Geb” has been successfully completed. +1 Exp. +1 KP. The Earth Tab of the Shop has been unlocked.]

“Whether it’s sand, dirt, gravel, silt, rock, metal, crystals, gems or even some things that you might not expect, the Earth Tab is where you may purchase them. Simply type ‘/Earth’ to view your options. Every time you scan and identify a new type of material, it will be added to the Earth Tab and you will receive Kitsune Points depending on the value of the material. Remember that although you might find something worthless now, it may actually be extremely important to you later on.”

Sweet~! Haha~! So I’m not an idiot! Or at the very least, there are people stupider and slower than me! Wait a second, I just realized something… There are other Kitsune out there, right? Although, if this is the vetting process for becoming one, then the mortality rate is probably pretty freaking high. More importantly, how dangerous and difficult is the actual job, if surviving on a random desert planet for an indeterminate amount of time is only considered a ‘tutorial’?!


[Opening Shop… Please choose a Tab: Consumables, Equipment, Shelter or Earth.]


[Generic Kitsune Soil: Fertilized brown soil that can be used to grow most kinds of plants. 100kg bag for 1 KP.]

[Orange Desert Sand: A combination of silica, calcium carbonate and various other minerals. The sands from the largest desert on the planet Geb have many nutrients for plants and animals. 100kg bag for 1KP.]

[Pale Orange Desert Soil: A mixture of Orange Desert Sand and a very small amount of Generic Kitsune Soil. Filled with lots of nutrients for plants and animals, but hasn’t been fertilized in a very long time. 100kg bag for 1KP.]

Umm, okay then… Couldn’t I just go out and dig up the sand and dirt though? Besides that, I’ve already got so much ‘Generic Kitsune Soil’ that I don’t know what to do with it all.


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