TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 9e: An Oasis of Dirt


[Opening Shop… Please choose a Tab: Consumables, Equipment, Shelter or Earth.]


[Combat Knife: A large carbon-steel knife, used for hunting and warfare. Has a curved and extremely sharp edge one side and a flat, serrated blade on the other. Black rubber grip with a small guard. 2 KP.]

[Combat Shovel: A medium-sized carbon-steel shovel-head, with an unfoldable black, aluminum shaft. It has two grips made out of black rubber. 3 KP]

[Simple Compass: Small black metal air-filled compass, which can be attached to a keychain. 5 for 1 KP.]

[Firesteel: A black ferrocerium rod and a piece of carbon steel attached to each other by a black rope. Can be used in rain and snow to start fires using the incredibly hot sparks. 1 KP.]

[Camping Backpack: A black heavy-duty waterproof backpack, designed for camping, hiking and even military use. Has six outside pockets and a decent amount of space inside. 2 KP.]

[Thermos: Compact stainless-steel vacuum flask, capable of holding up to .75 liters of liquid. Able to significantly extend the length of time that a beverage can remain hot or cold. 1 KP.]

[Cooler Bag: Able to keep items cool or hot for a significant amount of time. Has a long, adjustable strap for convenience. Also has a black rubber handle, connected to straps. Waterproof, zippered, rectangular, blue, can hold 5 gallons of liquid. Has three outside pockets. 2 KP.]

[LED Flashlight: An electrical illumination device with several power-level settings. Made from lightweight and extremely durable machined stainless steel. Can be focused or unfocused. Six inches long and two inches wide. Requires two AA batteries. 5 KP.]

[AA Battery: A small, silver, single cell cylindrical dry battery, capable of powering various electronic devices. 3.6 volt Lithium-Ion, rechargeable battery. 2 for 1 KP.]

Wait a second… Isn’t the original flask gone? Hmmm, maybe it was replaced by my thermos ‘cause it was redundant? While the first one was a whole liter, it probably wasn’t insulated.

Whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Although these are all really nice things that I might need to replace eventually, for the moment, I don’t want to buy anything. I’m too tired to go back out again for a while, but I need to do ‘something’ useful.

I don’t really want to watch Joey and his girlfriends, because that would be awkward. Actually, I just got an idea! Why the heck should walk out into the desert, desperately trying to catch these stupid animals, when I can just draw them to me?!

They’re out there, constantly scouring for food and water. Since I have the cactuses and the carrot-roses, that’s already enough to attract a decent amount of crabs. Why don’t I take it a step farther?

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