TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 10c: Immune System Upgrades

Okay, so while I was making my decision, I used the flashlight and looked around ‘my’ room. I almost screamed, because I was legitimately terrified. I’m trapped!

Joey and three female Giant Shadow Lurker Lizards are clustered together in front of the exit. They’re all really fat too, especially the girls. Hmmm, I just noticed something else… There’s a huge pile of half-eaten lizard carcasses, with loads of tiny crabs nibbling on them. Ah! They’re in my hair too!

Ugh, I just used a hunting knife to shave my head. By that I mean, cut my filthy hair as short as possible, while trying not to accidentally stab myself. I’ve also discovered some other uninvited guests in my home. There’s ten of those weird Sand Skipper things huddled together at the very back of my burrow.

Oh, oh… I see how it is now. So that’s all I was to you, huh Joey? You think that ‘I’ am the livestock here?! Sure, I was planning on eating your kids, but that doesn’t matter! They must really be looking down on me…

Just because there’s four of them now and aside from Joey, the other three are all gator-sized, hmph~! They even have the audacity to ‘sleep’ in front of me! I mean, that’s the same thing that I was doing earlier, but that’s beside the point!

Actually, I don’t really know for certain if they’re planning on eating me or not. If I think of it another way, they might be ‘guarding’ me. Or at the very least, they’re probably staying by the exit so that the live kangaroo-rats can’t escape.

Maybe they were even giving them to me as an offering of good will? Yeah, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill-off their water-maker, just to get a quick meal out of it. I don’t have any bite-marks either, so they haven’t tried to take a chunk out of me yet.

More importantly, could they even kill me? I guess if three of them held me down and the other one tore my throat out. Their teeth aren’t that big or sharp though, so it would take a while. I don’t think they weigh enough to keep me in place. Even if I’m really weak at the moment, I still weigh over two-hundred pounds… It wouldn’t be easy.

Alright, enough of that nonsense, it’s time to deal with the most pressing issue at hand!


[Target Unspecified… Automatically referring to Registered Kitsune Trainee Destiny King… Altering Genetic Coding, please standby.]

That sounds really freaking ominous, doesn’t it? Wait, does that mean I can choose who I want to give Adaptations to? That seems kinda wasteful though… Agh?! Ow, ow, ow~!

“Congratulations young Kitsune! Although the genetic alteration process may be a bit unpleasant at first, it’s not something that you need to experience on a daily basis. I won’t say that ‘natural’ evolution is impossible, but it is incredibly difficult without access to Mana or the proper technology. There are plenty of organisms that can mutate and adapt on their own and I can’t say for certain that ‘you’ lack that capability, but I can assume that you haven’t reached the point where you won’t need to purchase Adaptations from the Kitsune Drive. If you can manage to survive and thrive without spending any Evolution Points, then that’s fine as well… However, the chances of that are immeasurably low.”

[The Quest “Adaptation” has been successfully completed. +5 Exp, +5 KP. Innate Immune System Boost 2 has been unlocked.]


[Target Unspecified… Automatically referring to Registered Kitsune Trainee Destiny King… Altering Genetic Coding, please standby. Adaptive Immune System Boost 2 has been unlocked.]

Oh my freaking God, it’s like there’s bugs crawling underneath my skin… Ugh, my headache is getting worse too. Ow~, ow~… I can’t even think of anything else to say! I’m gonna go back to sleep. I don’t even care if I get eaten anymore. Besides, my tablet’s power is running low and I’d rather not have to write on my phone.

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