TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 11a: Growth Spurt

I overslept and it’s the ‘morning’ again. Well, I had to bribe my lizard friends with some water in order for them to let go by. I also put the three plastic ‘bowls’ of water down for them to drink at their leisure. Even the Sand Skippers were ‘allowed’ to drink a little bit, but if they stayed too long, Joey would hiss and scare them back into the corner.

They’re so cute… I just can’t stop remembering how delicious they taste though. Still, while I am pretty freaking hungry, I’m not starving again yet.

I’m happy that I didn’t lose any more teeth, but my gums still hurt a lot. I don’t think that the Adaptations I bought were superpowers. More like very mild improvements in my overall survivability. Maybe if I get a few more upgrades, I’ll be able to avoid getting sick ever again?

Anyway, I’m walking over to my garden now, but I can already see… No way! I did water them a lot last night, but isn’t this kinda ridiculous?!

Also, the crab population is exploding like crazy. The tiniest ones are only about a few millimeters wide and look kinda weird. Oh, I’m gonna try something.


[Scanning… Desert Scuttler detected. Analyzing data…]

[Reporting Target Information…

Desert Scuttler
Age: Larvae
Sex: Female
Rank: Unranked
Origin: Geb
Current Condition: Healthy, Growing, Drinking Water.]

Daw~, just kidding, they look like giant lice. Gah~! They’re crawling towards me! Nope! It’s fine when they’re adults, but the babies are too tiny and there’s thousands of them. It’s too much, I can’t handle it.

Fortunately, they weren’t very fast and I don’t think they can see very far. I only moved a few meters away and they lost interest. I’m more interested in the ‘full grown’ ones though.

The momma-crab I originally found was only a centimeter wide, but I can see four or five of them around here that are at least six inches from one end of the shell to the other. Aside from the fact that they’re orange, they totally look like blue crabs. If I could catch them and had water… Ugh, but there’s no fuel for a fire, so I’m screwed.

Onto my precious cactuses! The big four, as I’m now calling them, are literally taller than I am. They aren’t perfectly round anymore, but still pretty enormous. Probably four feet wide and six feet tall. Even the newer ones are looking like beach balls already. More importantly, there’s fruit!

It’s not that big, only around the size of a peach… The problem is that it’s on top of the cactus, so I can’t reach it.

On the other hand, all my roses are definitely dead. They look kinda like withered twigs. Maybe I could burn them as firewood? I would need a lot more though. However, they did their job amiably!


[Midnight Desert Rose Seed: A stout and enduring taproot, which is capable of surviving in even the harshest of Geb’s deserts. They require very little water to survive and have incredible growth spurts after rainfall. Although they are most well known for the flower that grows on the surface, the taproot underneath has the potential to become a staple vegetable for most omnivorous Races. It typically takes a very long time for them to reach maturity in the desert, but given enough water, they can grow at an astounding pace. The best time to harvest them is right before their flower completely forms. All of the nutrients that have built up within the taproot, will be used to grow the rose, pollinate and produce hundreds of seeds. After that, the plant will die and start to decompose.]

[+2 Kitsune Point for discovering a new plant seed.]

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