TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 12: Another Scorching Morning

Phew~, yesterday was rough. I think I pulled all the muscles in my back, shoulders and arms. Also, my flip-flops broke, so I totally lost any semblance of clothing that I had left. I wonder if I’m expected to make my own clothes?

Like, what would I even use to make clothes? Lizard and mouse pelts could be turned into leather, assuming that I knew how to do that, but then how would I sew it together? I honestly have no clue how people used to do this stuff back in the olden days.

Anyway, yesterday I really wore myself out planting all those seeds. Some of them I just scattered on top of the soil, while others I buried at different depths. Since there were so many, I had to scatter them a bit.

By the way, I also picked and ate a few more of those cactus-peaches. It was painful, but totally worth it. My dreams of having twenty-five acres of readily available food is pretty impossible at the moment, but at the very least, I should be able to grow enough to not starve to death.

There are a few problems with long-term sustainability… i just don’t want to think about them right now. As far as the heat goes, it’s still horrible, but I am starting to get used to it. Without the boxers and tank-top, I do feel slightly less sweaty though.

Today is basically a rest day. All I need to do is lounge around in my evil lair and watch the last few seasons of “My Little Sister Has Cat-Ears” with my lizard buddies.

I named the biggest girl Zoey, the slightly smaller one is Jane and the one that was six feet long is called Kelly. It was actually kind of adorable how their beady little blue eyes would stare at the screen without looking away. There wasn’t really anything else for us to do, except wait for the suns to go down.

As for the unlucky rodents who were still cowering in the back of the room, well, there were only five of them left. They were basically doomed to become snacks for the hungry Shadow Lurkers and although I wasn’t killing them myself, I did eat one that Joey gave to me as a ‘present’.

I knew that it was sort of a waste, but I also gave the poor kangaroo-rats a whole cactus-peach to nibble on. I figured that it would last them a while, yet the quintet devoured the seeds and everything else in less than an hour.

People tend to forget how much time and effort is put into raising livestock. They’re living creatures that need to eat, sleep, mate and even enjoy themselves. Otherwise, they’ll literally kill themselves or die from stress. Well, it’s not like I’m going to be milking these Sand Skippers, so i guess it’s a little irrelevant.

Geez, these guys are getting angry ‘cause I paused the episode we were watching so that I could write a short diary entry… Okay, maybe I’m just so desperately lonely that I’m trying to push human-like traits onto animals, but these lizards really are a lot like dogs or cats. At least in the sense that they’re pretty intelligent. I’m worried that they might tear open my water jugs while I’m sleeping or outside.


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