TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 13: Babies and Eggs

Awesome! Holy crap! Double awesome! I woke up to the sound of screaming lizards and thought that they were mating again, but it turns out that Zoey, Jane and Kelly are laying their eggs. Plus, one of the kangaroo-rats just gave birth to a litter of ten tiny babies. I don’t really know which I should scan first…


[Baby Sand Skipper: A small bipedal rodent that has extremely large ears, short forelegs, long hind legs and a very long tail. They primarily move around by hopping and their diet consists mostly of plants, though they can also consume tiny insects and arachnids. Most predators have trouble catching them, since they only travel at night and have excellent hearing. However, they aren’t totally helpless. There are sharp talons on the tips of their toes and they can kick with enough strength to kill or maim most predators that aren’t too much bigger than themselves. They aren’t poisonous and can typically be eaten by Humans without being cooked.]

[+2 Kitsune Point for discovering a new baby animal.]

They look kind of like little bloody pink jellybeans, with long, stick-like legs and their tails aren’t even fully formed yet. It isn’t really cute at all. The adults are a lot more adorable and pleasant to look at.


[Giant Shadow Lurker Lizard Eggs: A purely nocturnal reptile that buries itself deep under the sand during the day and hunts at night. They are one of the largest animals that live in the deserts of Geb, so they have no natural predators. Although they’re able to survive for several weeks without water and months without food, the females must consume three-times their body weight before mating season, in order to produce a clutch of up to fifty small eggs. They can reproduce twice per Earth year, but most female Giant Shadow Lurker Lizards are never able to find a suitable mate, since the males are extremely rare. They aren’t poisonous and can typically be eaten by Humans without being cooked.]

[+2 Kitsune Point for discovering a new baby animal.]

I expected the eggs of such a seven-foot long lizard to be bigger, but I guess since there’s about fifty of them coming from each girl, they’re still pretty large. Each one is about the size of a quarter, except a little elongated. If I try to grab them, the mothers freak out, so I’m just going to assume that they’re as soft as they look.

Hmmm, I bet they taste delicious… Unfortunately, not all of the eggs came out okay. Some were damaged or too small. Even though their scales are black, the egg-shells are pure-white. That’s kind of normal though.

Anyway, I got so excited that I forgot that I woke up to pee. Well, I’m going off into the scorching desert, I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Those freaking cactuses are wild~… Like, have you ever heard of a plant that can grow eight feet tall and four feet wide in under two weeks?! I haven’t even been giving them any extra water lately! Just a gallon or two when I take my shower, but nothing more. They have to be getting it from some sort of underground source.

I can’t even climb them anymore, ‘cause even the tiny spines are the size of sewing needles now. Wait a second, I didn’t think about it until I wrote it down, but couldn’t I harvest them and use them in place of actual sewing needles? I could use what’s left of my clothing as strings to make new clothes out of animal hide. Well, it would be super-hard, and I’ll probably fail a thousand times, but what else can I do? I already finished watching “My Little Sister Has Cat-Ears” yesterday.


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