SDC, V1, Chapter 2: Showering

Now you might be wondering, “How do you just suddenly become a woman? Were you abducted by aliens? Maybe that demon you summoned was pissed off? How do you deal with the psychological distress of finding out that you’re no longer a man?”

My first thought was: “Wait, am I a virgin?” Then I proceeded to feel around inside of my pussy with both my right and left hand index fingers. It kind of hurt to be honest, but at the same time, it was at least a hundred times more sensitive than rubbing my own dick. Oddly enough, my first thought wasn’t about a sense of loss, but more so concern about whether my vagina actually looked good or not.

I did notice that my face was smoother than it had ever been in my entire life, since I’ve always had facial hair. Not only did I lack a lot of facial and body hair that I used to have, I also didn’t seem to have any boils or pimples that were easily visible. At the very least, I didn’t feel like I was in horrible excruciating pain or have annoying aches everywhere.

“How the fuck did this happen?” That was what I asked myself, but I definitely didn’t remember getting a sex change or switching bodies with anyone. Then I yawned and noticed my tits were relatively small. They looked a bit bigger since there was muscle underneath. Oddly enough, one of my biggest concerns was whether I would have to get in shape all over again.

Looking at my abs, that were even more defined than when I was a dude, I let out a sigh of relief. Then I really needed to piss, so I figured that learning in the shower would be the best idea. After all, there was no aimable ‘hose’. The urethra was inside of my body to a certain extent.

There are generally two kinds of vaginas, kind of like belly buttons: Innies and Outies. It depends on whether the labia are visible when the pussy isn’t spread open, though there’s also a hybrid type that’s a mixture of both. Whether it’s an innie or outie though, vaginas are always pretty unsanitary. With just a cursory examination while standing up, I figured mine was an Innie. It didn’t take much effort to spread it open though, and feeling around for a bit with my slightly-long nails, I said “Fuck…” And found my urethra.

How to piss without getting it all over your pubes, labia, legs and fingers? Well it started out strong, like a huge blast and I barely managed to aim it at the drain when I put one foot up on the side of the tub. Then it fizzled out and dripped all down my left leg. It was annoying, but at least I was in the shower so I could easily clean myself off again.

While using soap to wash my pussy, there were obvious problems. For example, it burned like hell. So I had to take the damn shower-head off the holder thing, then spray it directly into my vagina. Which also kind of hurt as well. However, something even more annoying happened: I got horny.

Now with a penis, when you get horny, your dick swells up and eventually becomes ‘hard’. For women it’s similar. The clit becomes hard, and the vaginal walls swell. If you spray water from a showerhead directly on your junk as a guy, it’ll probably sting a little, might even hurt your balls. However, clits and vaginas are a lot more sensitive, while also being more durable.

As a guy, I basically started masturbating when I was born. I don’t even remember the first time. I just know that even as a baby, I was playing with myself. It’s normal, maybe?

Anyway, that’s why it wasn’t too strange that the moment I realized I transformed into a girl, I got horny. My body was actually pretty damn sexy from my perspective. Of course, I didn’t just rub my clit or finger my vagina, I also used soap and shoved my left middle finger up my ass. I also felt around to make sure everything was ‘okay’. No hemorrhoids or fissures. Definitely no warts or herpes.

I was healthy. As far as menstruation and that kinda shit goes though, I didn’t even wanna think about it. All I wanted was to enjoy a brief orgasm before having to deal with the reality of what had happened to me.

It should be obvious, but I was hairy as hell. I usually trimmed my pubes every month or so, but there was really no reason to stress over it. Now that I was a woman though, there were some obvious complications. At the very least, I didn’t want piss to get into my pubic hair. So I needed to eventually stop rubbing my clit, turn the shower off and start trimming my hair into a tiny trash bin. As far as my asshole hair was concerned, I wasn’t about to try and trim that with scissors or at all. I used a razor and did my best, but I couldn’t get everything.

Once I was done, I got back into the shower and used plenty of soap to wash off my haggard-looking bush. My asshole stung a lot too. I was slightly regretting my decision, but whatever, I figured no one would see me anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Fortunately I didn’t need to shit anytime soon. I just dried myself off a bit with the towel, wrapped it around my waist and then carefully got out of the bathtub. I was definitely a lot… ‘thinner’? My shoulders weren’t quite as wide and I could easily open the door and exit the bathroom without touching anything with my body by accident. I reached down and grabbed my dirty underwear carefully with my left hand, then reached over with my right.

When I was about to flip the switch, I heard a voice shout “Leave the light on!” It was my mother. In order to avoid her seeing me in my new form, I decided to hurriedly go down the stairs. But very quietly. I carefully walked with the balls of my feet, like always, not touching my heels on anything at all.

As I made it through the blue carpeted living-room, I came to the gate. I very carefully and quietly moved it with both hands, then put it back in its place as I walked into the white-tiled kitchen. The cat was still on the chair, sleeping or maybe meditating?

First, I went around the kitchen table and threw my boxers in the tall white hamper, which was in front of the washing machine. Then, I walked over to the sink and used the hand soap to vigorously wash my hands off. After that, I pushed open my door with my right foot, I walked inside and closed it with the inner handle. It was the only handle of the two sides that I considered ‘clean’.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs very carefully, I placed down my brown towel on the ground. I had to place it down with the part that was touching my body, facing upwards because I guess that part was cleaner? I know, I’m weird.

Then I walked over to the back of the basement, which was where the boiler and heater were. Across from them was a closet, basically just a rectangular indent in the wall. There was a pole across the top, with about five black plastic cubby-hole things dangling from it. Inside of each of them was a different kind of clothes but… Well, I only ever used the top two in the middle. To the left was my white t-shirts just casually shoved in there, while the right side was the boxers.

I took out a pair of green boxers, then turned it inside out, as I walked over on the balls of my feet still. Only when I was standing on the towel did I let my heels touch the ground. I dried my feet off as I took a few steps to the end of the towel. As I very carefully put my first foot through the hole of my inside-out boxers, I let out a sigh of relief. My dirty toes didn’t accidentally touch anything.

Then I did the same with my other foot. It was actually much easier to put on my underwear so deftly than with my original body. Probably because I was more flexible or whatever. My eyesight was also a bit better, but not perfect. Not like I would wear glasses though.

However, my eyesight was plenty good enough to see something really fucking strange. There was someone sleeping in my bed. They were under a blanket and a sheet, both of which had Japanese writing on them, but I could obviously see their face pretty easily.

“What the fucking fuck?! Hey, Michael, wake up!” I walked over and shouted at them, no, ‘Me’. Then I got a sharp migraine as they yawned and opened their eyes. My head hurt because I could see the half-naked woman standing in front of my bed, with the bright computer screen lit up behind her back. Then I blinked my eyes and winced in pain, before going back to sleep.

“Ow~…” I rubbed my temples, as I looked down at the unconscious man. Aside from getting a headache, I was a little wet. And not from shower, since I made sure to dry at least the outside of my genitals off before leaving the bathroom. Unconscious ‘Me’ had a boner, which was pretty normal, but it also made the other me horny. No, I didn’t see my dick. That’s not what I meant.

I sighed and then shivered from the ridiculously cold temperature of the basement. It was almost warm in the kitchen, but downstairs it felt like water could actually freeze. I walked into the back of the basement again and picked out one of the thicker white t-shirts. Then I pressed it against my face and sniffed a few times, before putting it on. There wasn’t any weird smell that I could discern. Otherwise it would have bothered me the whole time I was wearing it.

“Now it’s time to jerk off… I mean, finger myself?”


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