SDC V1, Chapter 6: Multitasking

“Wow… I can’t believe I just wrote two whole chapters in ten minutes.”

Normally, when I’m taking a shower or lying in bed, my brain goes full-throttle on the creative juices. But obviously I can’t do shit about it, except try to remember as much as possible and then write it all down later. However, since ‘Michael’ was in the shower and ‘Ana’ was sitting at my computer, things worked pretty efficiently.

For the story I was writing, a chapter was only about fifteen-hundred words. But it usually took me a whole day to get around to writing two of them. Some stories I could only write a thousand words a day. It’s not about the physical speed of typing, just whether I had enough inspiration and interest to write everything down properly.

I reached over and picked the heavy mug of lemonade-tea up with my right hand, then took a sip from the straw, before setting it back down onto the sticky ceramic plate. At that moment, I ‘blanked out’. As I gazed at the white screen, my vision became unfocused.

Then I refocused on my body upstairs, because ‘Michael’ would need to have my full attention. As I walked out of the door, my left shoulder almost touched it and I was pretty nervous. Fortunately, I managed to fit through pretty easily while holding the pair of brown boxers in my left hand. Right when I was about to reach in and turn the light off, my mother yelled “Leave the light on!”

“Okay~, love you and good morning.” As I said that, I carefully started walking down the carpeted stairs. Each step was dangerous, and I had to use my right index finger to touch the white railing for a moment, or I would have slipped. I was walking on the balls of my feet after all.

When I finally reached the bottom of the stairs, I let out a sigh of relief. Then saw my father sleeping on the couch again. It had only been a few minutes, but he drank coffee and then passed out… Well, that’s just how he lived his life. Ain’t my place to judge. In fact, I was happy that he wasn’t awake to ask me any questions about ‘Ana’.

As I reached the kitchen, I did the same thing as before. Threw my boxers in the hamper and then thoroughly washed my hands with soap. My heart-rate was a bit faster than normal, because I was obviously excited. It was kind of like the feeling when you get a new sex toy in the mail and you’ve just been jerking off with your hand for months. Except, you know, a thousand times more extreme than something so mundane.

I was still exceedingly careful as I walked down the stairs, then placed down my green raggedy towel on top of the other one. With the side that was touching me, facing upwards. However, that beautiful woman was standing in front of me already, holding out a pair of loose black boxers in her hands.

No, she didn’t suddenly act on her own. When I noticed my father wasn’t awake, I started controlling both bodies at the same time. It wasn’t too difficult to find a pair of boxers and walk down some stairs simultaneously.

“This is so weird…”


As I spoke, ‘Ana’ laughed. It was so eerie. And super confusing, because I could hear from two pairs of ears at the same time. I was also looking at myself twice. Still, I stepped on the towel and then took the boxers. As our hands touched, it sent a chill across my old body, while the new one felt a tingling sensation. It made both of ‘us’ shiver.

Unlike a generic Hentai Manga, I didn’t immediately start hardcore fucking myself without any sort of protection or even a moment of hesitation. What if Ana was actually a real person? Maybe some people would just fuck some mind-controlled stranger without a second thought, but that ain’t me.

I put on my boxers very carefully, trying not to let my nervousness cause any mistakes to happen. Once the underwear were on, I walked over to the closet in the back of the basement and grabbed a white t-shirt. Compared to the one I picked earlier, this shit was extremely thin and relatively tight, with a few holes in it.

And then came the moment of truth: Where the fuck was I gonna sit?! I couldn’t sit on the bed, because it was dirty and there was no ‘edge’ of the bed that I could sit on anyway. Fortunately, laying up against a pile of boxes and other random junk, was a metal folding chair. Sure, I could have just taken turns standing up and sitting down in the office chair, but the metal chair had other uses too.

First though, I needed to control both of my bodies to use disinfectant wipes to completely ‘clean’ the metal chair. At the very least, most of the chair was clean enough for me to touch without having to wash my hands afterwards.

There was just enough room to place the metal chair to the left of the office chair, then move that one over towards the right… I also had to move the end-table a bit to the right. However, the important thing was that I could fit both chairs in a way that both my bodies could function. While in the office chair, it was possible to type, and the metal chair would allow the other person to at least see the screen.

Then I realized something.

“Why the fuck do I need to see the screen twice?”

Ana murmured, while Michael said “Whatever… This is really fucking weird.”

I turned my heads towards each other, then brought my faces closer. Ana was sitting in the metal chair, while Michael was on the other one. Even though ‘we’ were both so close, I didn’t notice much of a difference in scent. We both used the same soups but still, I even went so far as to sniff her armpit and use her to sniff mine.

Our noses seemed about the same. It shouldn’t have been possible, yet it was a lot more likely than a female version of myself popping up out of nowhere. So I just kinda ignored the probabilities and thought it was probably for the best.

Ana leaned back and I bend down. When my face was almost pressed against her groin, she spread her legs. Instead of pulling down her boxers, I simply moved the left leg hole to the side a bit. Even though I’m saying it like she was a totally different person, I was still controlling both bodies. It was just that I was mainly focusing on my ‘original’ form. The one I was most familiar with.

Unsurprisingly, it was pink. But there was definitely a big difference between looking at it from a distance with my shitty webcam, and putting my face right between her legs. There was no noticeable scent.

With my first and only ‘real’ girlfriend, she always had this irresistible ‘aura’ and pheromones. Sometimes I felt like we were telepaths. It was a lot different though. Less supernatural and more instinctual.

Although staring straight into a tiny pink innie pussy definitely got me hard, I didn’t have that uncontrollable urge to start fucking it. Then I pressed my lips around that little bead at the top. At that moment, I couldn’t keep focusing on ‘Michael’, because the sensation was way too intense.

“Holy shit…” I muttered in a high-pitched voice, as the tongue started pressing against my clit. It’s funny really. I’ve experienced both a penis and a vagina, yet I still can’t give a proper explanation to make someone else understand how either feels. My best analogy would be that ridiculously sensitive time after a guy ejaculates while jerking off, but then keeps going while using the cum as lube. Most men would just stop, because it’s just too intense. For girls though… That’s only the beginning.

“Nmm~, fuck…” I moaned a bit. Oddly enough, the sound of my own ‘female’ voice turned me on a bit. Not that I wasn’t already hard and wet, but there’s more to arousal than just the physical stuff.

My ex always told me it felt like ‘electricity’, running through her body, causing her to spasm like crazy. I on the other hand, thought it just felt really good. After that initial shock was gone, I got used to the sensation to a certain extent. Also, my necks were both pretty uncomfortable. Along with other things. It really wasn’t the best positioning for a long oral session.


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