SDC V1, Chapter 7: Duality

Aside from being a little astringent and bitter from the soap, there was also a tinge of sweat. As long as a clit is relatively clean, it shouldn’t taste like fish or whatever other bullshit virgins tend to believe. The inside of the vagina though, especially around the urethra, will probably taste like piss. If the girl squirts, most of that liquid is sometimes urine. It’s kind of watered down by the normal pussy-juice though, so it might not smell like piss.

Of course, it might not always be piss, because there’s this thing called a female prostate and it makes juices that ‘squirt’ out the urethra just like jizz. It’s really hard to tell, but most people probably don’t give a damn anyway. I’ve seen plenty of women and men drinking urine and eating literal shit, still wouldn’t recommend doing either though.

Hell, before my OCD hit me so hard, I was kinda normal to be honest. I went outside and did things. I could have sex in my bed and then sit in my office chair immediately after. For fuck’s sake, I could even sixty-nine with her… Ugh, just thinking about the fact that our feet occasionally touched our pillows and the top of the bed, oh God. That’s a real nightmare.

Now with Ana and Michael together, I had the combined OCD of two entire people. With a hive-mind that was even worse. Yet, there were definitely things that I was willing to do, that most people wouldn’t.

My bodies switched seats, since the metal chair was super uncomfortable. Actually, Ana was just sitting in the office chair, while the other one was standing up. She unbuttoned his fly and reached inside, pulling out the dick with one hand and the balls with the other. I’m not gonna lie and say I had a giant monster dick or that it was perfectly immaculate. It was slightly larger than average, but average ain’t very impressive.

There were more than a few scars and birthmarks. The worst scar was obviously where I was circumcised. Compared to my pale body, my whole junk was really weirdly tanned. Maybe it became that way from jerking off three times a day for almost my entire life? Who knows? There were other marks, like the one on my dick-head from that time my ex accidentally cut it with her teeth. Or the one from using sex toys too much. Still, even with all those past injuries, the fucker still worked fine. Was still damp from the shower in certain spots, but I wrapped my left hand under the balls, putting a bit of pressure on the perineum. Then using my dominant right hand, I started fondling the little bastard pretty roughly.

At some point, I evolved my technique from simply jerking, to the backhand grip. Where the palm rubs the top of the head, while the fingers and fingertips trace along that urethral ‘line’ along the bottom side of the penis. The urethral opening itself never gets touched, unless you’re trying to give yourself urethritis? That shirt hurts and burns like hell.

Fortunately, my focus switched to Michael for the next step, so I didn’t have to fully experience the sensations of having a dick in my mouth. Still, since I was in control of both bodies, I was able to avoid accidentally injuring myself. I also knew exactly what to do… Basically just keep rubbing that sweet spot right underneath the bottom side of my dick-head, with my tongue, while keeping my head pretty much still. It was simple enough that I didn’t need to think too much about it.

Ana was still jerking the bottom half and putting pressure under my balls, while I moved my own waist forward and backwards. It was so much better than using a pocket-pussy with a mouth on one end. While ‘my’ technique was much more effective and efficient than my ex, when she first started out at least… But there was still that sense of ‘knowing’. When you’re with another person, you don’t really know what they’ll do exactly. Usually, they make mistakes, hurt you by accident, yet you don’t know exactly what they’re going to do, so there’s an extra sense of pleasure from the unexpected.

Ultimately though, I was more comfortable with myself. There was no nervousness or anxiety involved. I didn’t need to worry about making Ana unhappy, because she was me. She didn’t even seem to have any individual memories, since everything she experienced was directly shared with my other body. There was no need to cum quickly or slowly, and I didn’t have to worry about her getting tired halfway through. She was in pretty much the exact same shape that I was at the time. Whether it was ten minutes or an hour, I could keep jerking without rest and still be fine. Of course, when I masturbate shortly after waking up, it usually doesn’t last very long at all.

*Cough Cough*

“Fuckin A, ugh…” I couldn’t really enjoy that blanked out moment of orgasm for long, because I came down my own throat. It shot out with way more force than usual, but I was somewhat prepared. I sat down on the metal chair, as I switched over to Ana to prevent my other self from choking to death.

I turned my chair and reached over to my right, grabbing the handle of my mug. Then started slurping from the straw. I coughed and choked some more, before drinking a bit. The whole experience made me lose my ‘lady-boner’, while my actual dick got soft as well. Then I carefully held the mug over with my left hand and let ‘Michael’ drink from it for a bit, as ‘he’ shoved his junk back inside his boxers and buttoned it. The underwear were on inside out, so he needed his hands inside his boxers to make it work.

As long as there’s no piss involved, jizz shouldn’t have a taste. At least I could never taste my own cum before. My new female body seemed to have the same taste buds, because for ‘her’ it was just slimy and sticky. Trying to swallow it was difficult, but I’m the type of person that used to take a shitload of vitamins. I also ate gelatin a lot, so I guess I was used to it.

“Oh shit, I need to piss.”

“God damn it, I gotta piss.”

Both of my bodies spoke at the same time, while looking at each other. What’s the big deal? Well, even though I pissed before with both bodies, the difference was that only one of them had to urinate at a time. What if Ana pissed herself in the basement, while I was trying to make ‘only’ Michael use the toilet? It meant that I needed to use both bodies to travel up to preferably different bathrooms simultaneously… Or, there was another option.

The two of ‘us’ stood up and I carefully pushed the office chair backwards with Ana, trying not to let it touch the edge of my bed. Then we both attempted to walk at the same time. It was… Way easier than I expected it to be. Probably because with Ana in the front and Michael following directly behind, ‘we’ both walked with the same gait and pace. Our heights were identical and hell, babies can walk. It wasn’t really strange for me to be able to walk twice at the same time.

Even when I made it to the stairs, then ‘ran’ up them relatively quickly, both bodies were perfectly fine. Michael almost fell backwards to his death at the very end, but aside from that, it was totally easy.

The weirdest part was that even though I was controlling both of them, it kind of felt like they were on autopilot and I was simply observing the actions back and forth, to make sure there weren’t any tragic mistakes. Like when Ana touched her left elbow on the door frame as she walked into the kitchen… I needed to take full control over her to walk over to the sink, then rinse off the arm properly. While I also switched to Michael, in order to prevent her shirt from touching the edge of the counter. I tucked the front of the dangly white t-shirt, into her boxers.

“Heheh…” I snickered with both bodies, then turned both heads towards the left when I heard the sound of a door creaking. All four of my eyes were staring at the short woman that was closing the bathroom door. My mother looked at us for a moment, before smiling brightly at Ana.

“Hello~!” My mother spoke in an unnecessarily high-pitched and excited voice, “I’m sorry that the house is such a mess… Michael told me that your name is Ana? It’s nice to meet you Ana, I’m Michael’s Mom, Debra, but you can call me Debbie. When did you come over? Where are you from? Ah, I’m sorry if I’m being too nosy, but Michael never told me he had a girlfriend and now you’re suddenly here…”

“Ah, umm, hi.” I was a little nervous, since my mother was treating me like a complete stranger and asking questions that didn’t have answers. However, first and foremost, I’m an author. And I decided to use my powers of creativity to say, “I’m Anael Iris Angelica Healy… But you can just call me Ana. I… To be honest, Mike and I have been dating on the internet for a few months now. I wanted him to come visit me, but well, you know how he is… I lost my job recently, then got evicted from my apartment, Mike offered to give me a place to stay for the time being. Since we’re dating anyway, I figured why not move in? So here I am… Sorry for intruding on you guys, but I really didn’t wanna be homeless.”

“Aww, I’m so sorry! That’s terrible… What about your family?” My mother asked an even more annoying question.

“Ugh, I really don’t wanna talk about ‘them’.” I sighed, then turned towards the other me and said “I’d love to stay and chat, but Mike and I gotta use the bathroom.” Then we both rushed away from the kitchen, heading through the living room, before reaching the stairs.

As Ana was already halfway up the stairs, I noticed my mother glaring at me from the kitchen. She was making weird hand signs and whispering really loudly, though I still couldn’t hear anything over the washer, drier and the screaming bird upstairs.

I shrugged at her and continued on my way.

5 thoughts on “SDC V1, Chapter 7: Duality

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about lol. If you’re sexually attracted to the opposite sex, you’re straight. Though, I guess since he has both sexes, his male body would be straight, while his female body would be gay? Having sex with yourself would be considered masturbation, regardless of what you do lol. Do you want the protagonist to be gay? I really can’t recall making a gay male protagonist in any of my stories, mainly because I’m not gay, so it’d be significantly harder to write. I can write lesbians pretty easily though, especially a certain psychotic serial killer…


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