SDC Chapter 8: Urination

The moment of truth. Ana was standing in the bathtub, her shirt still tucked into her boxers. I walked inside the bathroom and used my left heel to slightly close the door, but not all the way. Then I walked forward, over the three layers of towels that were on the floor. The crumpled up transparent shower-curtain almost touched my left elbow, but I deftly avoided it.

Then I walked up to the toilet. It was at the end of the narrow bathroom, with the bathtub to my left. I reached for a piece of toilet paper to my right, then used my left hand to push my underwear aside and pull my dick out. I used the toilet paper to barely touch the edge of the toilet-seat and then pushed up against the back, before throwing the paper in the empty bowl.

Then I made sure not to touch anything with my right hand, because it was ‘dirty’. My dick was a little wet due to the saliva and cum from earlier, but I still aimed it with my left hand and started pissing towards the back of the bowl. It fortunately didn’t sting, burn or hurt, so I figured I didn’t have urethritis or an infection. However, more importantly, Ana didn’t piss herself.

Once I was finished urinating, without getting any on myself I might add, I used my left hand to take a piece of toilet paper and rubbed it on my urethra. Then threw that in the toilet. After that, Ana turned on the faucet and I rinsed my hands off with the water. She did the same shortly afterward.

“How the fuck am I gonna do this?” I whispered to myself as ‘Michael’ left the room and started on his way downstairs. I didn’t wait till my bladders were about to burst, like I usually do, since I was worried something might come up. That way I had plenty of leeway.

Most girls and women would probably just say, “Sit down on the fucking toilet and piss like a normal person!”

Well, there’s no way I could do that. I wasn’t a normal person, even before I spontaneously grew a second body. Maybe if it happened ten years before that, but it didn’t. I had reached the point where I couldn’t suddenly throw my OCD away, just because I was ‘also’ a woman. At least not in a single morning.

I placed one foot on the plastic mat that had holes in it, which was supposed to keep people from slipping in the tub. Then I lifted the right one up and put the ball of my foot against the ‘top’ of the tub, right below the faucet. There was still a bit of water slowly swirling around the hairy and slimy drain.

“Phew~!” Unlike a dick, I couldn’t just whip it out and aim it like a hose. First, I had to move the underwear to the side, so that my pussy was totally revealed. Then I pulled it with my left hand, making the fabric tight against my skin and unable to wiggly around, potentially getting soaked.

The trick was spreading my lips and then finding my urethra. Though, since it was part of my body, it wasn’t that difficult. Honestly, I wasn’t too worried about getting piss on my fingers. Since I could wash them easily enough. As long as I avoided getting urine on my clothes… And the rest of my vagina.

It started out fine. The piss came out in a strong and steady stream, mostly hitting around the drain. As the strength got weaker, some dribbling occurred. Fortunately, it didn’t reach my underwear, because my left hand was in the way. My right index finger and thumb were soaked from the start. It was a learning experience.

‘Michael’ had to come back in the bathroom and help be turn on the water, since I didn’t wanna touch the fucking knobs with piss all over my hands. Also, I couldn’t move my left hand from its position.

I switched to Michael, then reached out and grabbed the blue body wash container. With a bit of that and water, I started seriously cleaning Ana’s right hand, then I got some more soap and water to work on the ‘groin’. Plenty of piss ended up getting on my tiny labia and surrounding pubic hair, so there was that.

As it turned out, having four hands vigorously rubbing my pussy inside and out, really made me horny. Not just my vagina, but my dick was also hard. So, I did the only sensible thing I could think of… I walked over to the door and closed it with my left foot, then went back over to Ana and stood in the bathtub too.

There was nothing I wanted more at that moment, than to shove my dick into my own vagina… But I definitely wasn’t ready to take that kinda risk. There was no argument or even a conversation, except maybe my inner thoughts wrestling with each other. I just had Ana spread her legs a bit and angle her ass a little, then I started rubbing my ‘head’ against her clit from behind. She was holding the underwear to the left still, while her right hand was grabbing her cheek and thigh.

Once there was a decent amount of water and vaginal secretions on my penis, I even added a bit of saliva, then haphazardly shoved it into the only hole available. The one that I was pretty damn sure couldn’t make babies. Although I had done some anal stuff with my own ass and tried to get my ex to well, she was kind of ‘weak’. As long as you use some kinda lube and don’t have hemorrhoids or other injuries, most people can shove dicks up their ass; it’s just a matter of whether they want to or not. The only logistical problem is how ‘clean’ it is at the time, since you typically eat food and then shit it out. Anal takes proper planning.

I spit on my hand again, then coated my penis with the saliva, before making a second attempt at penetration. If you’ve never shoved something up your ass, it doesn’t particularly feel like anything special. At least I never thought it did. Just a lot of pressure and if you don’t use enough lube, kinda painful. Plus, Ana shaved her asshole earlier, so it stung a lot on the outside.

The instinct is to push the thing out of your anus, whether it’s fingers, a toy or a human penis. However, when you can feel your own dick in your ass, your instincts become muddled. As Ana, I was rubbing my clit really hard and fast with my right hand. While as Michael, I reached my left hand around and shoved my fingers inside of her pussy, reaching around for that sweet spot, though I found it within a few seconds.

Every now and then I needed to apply a bit more saliva, but Ana’s asshole was well lubricated at that point. Also, the deeper I went, the better ‘Michael’ felt, so the sphincters loosened up and stopped trying to push me out. It still felt amazing though, especially because I was also fingering my own g-spot and rubbing my clit violently.

Within only a few minutes, my legs were getting weak and both my brains blanked out a bit. Then Ana started to have spasms in her gut, specifically, her vaginal walls and parts of her abdominal muscles. She started having an orgasm first, and I gotta say, it was so intense that I didn’t even switch my focus back to Michael as he was ejaculating deep into her rectum.

If it wasn’t for my extreme OCD, I might have actually fallen down… But well, that wasn’t the end. The jizz acted as a pretty powerful lube, so it was even easier for me to keep thrusting in and out. It was only after the orgasm died down that I finally started to feel the slight pain from my asshole stretching too much. Probably because I had gone in all the way to the base.

“Alright, that’s enough of that… Ugh…” Once the horniness started to wear off, I finally realized how hungry I was.

Unlike in porn, cum doesn’t just immediately shoot out of a girl’s pussy or ass after the guy finishes. At least, so long as the guy goes deep enough inside and the woman doesn’t purposefully or accidentally push it out. Even though there was a bit of saliva and cum around the anus, it wasn’t too difficult to use some soapy water and wash it off, along with my penis.

Then I used the back of Ana’s white t-shirt to dry off her ass and my dick. The great anal experiment was over. Then we both had to piss again…

“Sometimes it feels like my whole life revolves around eating, pissing, shitting and sleeping.” I grumbled as I had to wash off Ana’s pussy ‘again’. A major problem I noticed was that both of my bodies needed to urinate so often. With a penis, the most I needed to worry about was if the water would splash out onto my leg, but I could just wash that spot off pretty easily or use one of those disinfectant wipes.

By fucking myself in the ass, I did discover something interesting. Ana’s bowels were surprisingly clean. I went pretty damn deep inside that butthole and yet, there wasn’t even a single ‘spec’ stuck to my penis. That means she either never ate any food ever, or at the very least, she hadn’t eaten in quite a while and probably used an enema on herself the night before ‘I’ took over. Which really isn’t that strange in the instance that she enjoyed anal play, because a normal hygienic booty-toyer would likely clean herself out on a regular basis.

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