SDC, V1, Chapter 12: X

Ana pushed down on the lid with her right hand, closing it with a popping noise, before running over to the sink and washing her hands again. Then she walked over to the kitchen table and picked up that big red mug by its black handle, before drinking a bit from the straw.

I walked over and took a sip as well, while being careful to not let my shirts touch anything. We left the basement door open, but the cat hadn’t tried to sneak down there yet. Maybe he was too afraid of us? He usually tries to escape from the house when ‘strangers’ came over. It was just too fucking cold and even snowing a bit, or he would have been at the door crying for freedom.

Anyway, Ana went over and put the mug down on the sticky ceramic plate, while I slowly started shoving the shirts into the left-side cubby-hole. There were already a few shirts in there, so it was a tight fit. However, with a bit of extra force, I managed to pack it all inside.

Then we went back upstairs. Ana closed the door behind us, then moved over the gate before waiting there. While I walked over to the dryer again. I couldn’t leave the basket of clean clothes on the floor, since the cat might jump inside. I also had to close the dryer door so that he couldn’t go inside of their either. There was an empty spot on the corner of the kitchen table; that’s where I set down the basket.

Soon enough, the two of us were back in the upstairs bathroom again. This time though, after closing the door behind us, we both took off our clothes. Ana stood in the tub with one foot on the ledge, while I was outside of the bathtub, with a foot inside behind her… Why didn’t I just piss in the toilet? Well first of all, the seat was down and I was lazy. Secondly, I wanted to try and make an ‘X’.

Yeah, it didn’t work out. I couldn’t find a good position and I didn’t want to piss on either one of my bodies. Even though I’d just be taking a shower shortly afterwards anyway, it was still a little weird. By the time Ana finished, I was able to start going. Something unforeseen was that our combined bladders held enough urine to cause the drain to ‘clog’ for a while. What I mean by that, is the piss just kinda loitered around the drain in a big puddle instead of getting sucked straight down. It was clear-ish by the way, with only a tinge of yellow, in case you were wondering.

I wiped a bit of wetness off my urethra with a tiny piece of toilet paper, then threw it in the bowl and began a very important task. I took decent sized strips of toilet paper and coated the center of the bowl with them, so that there was a thin paper ‘bed’ right where my shit would land. That was the key to not having water splash on your asshole and ruin your day.

As I sat down and cupped my balls in my right hand to prevent them from touching the toilet seat, it felt like my guts were being clawed out and pulled into the toilet bowl in a violent explosion. Regardless of which nose I was smelling it with, I definitely didn’t enjoy the scent of my own shit.

I’m not sure if my ass was just too big or the toilet seat was too small, but there was barely any space that my flesh didn’t cover. Either way, it was a good thing, since I couldn’t see what was happening down there. Honestly though, it was just a normal defecation experience for me. Maybe hurt a little more than usual, but I’ve experienced far worse. For example, those few times I had to shit shortly after getting my appendix removed… Or basically any time I had hemorrhoids, though they were two different kinds of agony.

Although Ana didn’t need to shit, she did have a bit of cum left in her ass. It kinda felt somewhere between diarrhea and a fart, so my instinct was to not do that in the bathtub. However, I firmed my resolve and squeezed it out while squatting over the drain. I was afraid to push too hard, in case I would hurt myself, but nature took its course.

Regardless of how many asses I was defecating from at the same time, my mind was still wandering. Thinking about random and stupid things mostly.

“Immortal… I’m Mortal… I really need to write the ending to Immortal Soul one of these days, ugh… I still have a month or two before I run out of episodes for them to post… Sarah Carelia could really use a catch phrase. Like, she’s about to chop someone’s head off and they scream ‘Please don’t kill me! Why are you doing this?!’ Then she says ‘That’s none uh yer fuckin business!’ or something like that?”

Eventually, I started thinking about reality.

“What the fuck happened? Where did she come from? Judging by the way my parents didn’t seem to recognize ‘Ana’, this probably ain’t an alternate reality of some sort…”

At first I was speaking with Michael’s mouth, but then I started rambling as the squatting woman.

“Hmmm, how could she have no memories of her own? Now that I think of it, since the moment I woke up with this extra body, everything I’ve felt or thought was combined between the two. But if she can’t remember anything before today, it’s probably because her original memories were erased or she was created in some alien lab. Hmmm… Why the fuck did I think it was a good idea to cum in my own ass?”

I stopped talking to myself and started thinking back on my original body’s past. Searching for wear events and clues to go on. There was this one time, when I was fifteen or sixteen… I lived at my mother’s mother’s house, which was down in Pasadena and a waterfront property. It was old and had loads of problems, but it was the place I grew up and spent most of my childhood/teenage years. Anyway, I lived in the basement there too.

Every night, I would lock both of my doors and have a fan blowing on me from the direction of the door I used most. It was a pretty big fan, not quite the industrial size, but the frame was around two and a half feet on each side, while it was five or six inches thick. Anyway, that thing would always be blowing pretty much directly on me from what was my left, while the right and behind my head was a wall. I slept with the lights completely off, so it was almost always pitch-dark, except I could usually see light coming from underneath the door.

One night, I ‘woke up’ and found myself completely paralyzed. I don’t think I could even breath. It was sleep paralysis, something I had experienced more than once. However, that time was definitely memorable… Because the door that could only be unlocked from the inside, suddenly opened.

I was laying on my back, but my head was facing the left, so I could see that shadowy figure. It had no glowy eyes or anything, though that would have made it a lot more dramatic. Still, it was somewhat terrifying to be completely helpless, while a ghostly apparition was hovering over to me.

It passed straight through the fan, which turned off immediately. Then it just stood there, while I was suffocating. Eventually, it reached out and touched my chest, before getting sucked up into my sternum and disappearing. At that moment I could finally take a deep breath and even sat upright.

Then I opened my eyes and the door was closed again. I was laying on my side, but the fan wasn’t blowing on me. Yeah, the fucking fan that I always kept on while I was unconscious, was actually off outside of my nightmare. I quickly got up and walked over to the door, realizing that it was also unlocked.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that weird shit happens to everyone eventually… But I never woke up with a second body before!

“Maybe… I should do some investigation?”

By that I meant just looking stuff up online. Obviously that was a little difficult when I was sitting on the toilet. There was something I could do however.

“What did I dream about last night? Ugh…”

The first dream that I could remember, was a pretty standard one. My parents won like a billion dollars in the lottery and that was after taxes. They have me a hundred million to do with whatever the fuck I wanted, then went off somewhere by themselves. After that, I bought nice house out in the middle of nowhere. A place that was simultaneously by a river, surrounded by farmland and still had decent internet speeds. I collected guns, stockpiled ammo and food, then the world ended. Pretty standard Zombie Apocalypse scenario. Even though I survived for years, it was incredibly lonely. I remember wanting to find a girlfriend or something, but everyone in a fifty mile radius was already dead and traveling any further was impossible.

“Wait a second… Experiment-77?”

The second dream, which could have been first chronologically, I just remember it as the second one I thought about. I was laying on an operating table in a hospital or something. My eyes were somewhat open, but really blurry. I could move and there was an oxygen mask on my face.

Then I heard a feminine voice murmuring, “Experiment-77… Unfortunate. Vital signs positive yet… Mental faculties…” I couldn’t hear everything she said, much less remember it all perfectly.

“Return Experiment-77 to… Begin the incubation process for Experiment-78 immediately. Time is running out.”

There was a robotic male voice that answered, “As you command.”

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