SDC, V1, Chapter 13: Dreams

“So yeah, I had a creepy dream about being experimented on. Doesn’t really prove much… But if I was the seventy-seventh person, there might be lots of other people out there who suddenly woke up with a complete stranger in their bed. Maybe I can find one of them that was stupid enough to make a forum post somewhere and talk about their experiences so far?”

As I talked to myself, I was in the process of using an exorbitant amount of toilet paper to wipe my ass… At least ten times. What can I say? Shit can be messy. Looked like a pile of green mulch, with hundreds of pieces of corn floating around… Okay, I’m gonna stop here with the in depth description of feces.

The problem was what came afterwards. I pressed down on the silver lever on the top left side of the toilet-thing? There’s like a big uh, tower thing behind toilets generally. Maybe it’s called a toilet tank? Anyway, I pressed down on the thing and held it there for about ten seconds. Praying as usual: “Please God, don’t clog… Don’t clog… Just flush…”

Whether I had telekinetic powers or divine intervention, the shit and toilet paper did eventually swirl down the drain. Though there was a bit of, ugh, green left over. Nothing I could really do about that though, so I finally got into the back of the bathtub. Then Ana started turning the knobs, as I pulled the shower curtain from the front to the back.

“I’m gonna need more soap…”

Even though I had about three extra body wash and two of the shampoo/conditioner, my consumption basically doubled. Hell, I probably used even more than that, considering how I was much more ‘serious’ about my showers. I mean, there are just so many more things you can do with two bodies.

For example, most people can’t thoroughly scrub their backs off with soap. Although, like always, the first thing I washed was my hands. All four of them. I obviously did the two pairs individually, rather than combining them all together.

Then I’d normally start coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose or almost throwing up as I spat the phlegm from the back of my throat. None of that happened though. I didn’t do that when I woke up either. There were a lot of other, more ridiculous things happening that morning, so I wasn’t too concerned about not suffering from post-nasal drip or a sinus infection. Even though I couldn’t breathe out of my nose completely clearly and I did sniffle a bit with both bodies, that wasn’t nearly as noticeable as the loss of acne.

My theory was that the aliens who dropped Ana in my bed that night, happened to casually remove my cysts before fucking off somewhere. Either that, or it was just an alternate universe and possible a dream. But those were just my normal shower thoughts.

I switched places with Ana, so that I could more easily access the soap and get enough water directly on my body for the difficult task ahead. First I started with the normal procedure, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner to brisky wash my hair. I just had it cut the other day, hence why the process was so quick. Then I used antibacterial and antimicrobial body-wash on my face, behind my ears, on my throat, clavicle, back of my neck…

Ana came in handy here, since she could easily use the soap in her hands to clean my upper and lower back, while I was focusing on my armpits. Then I got to the most crucial undertaking: My ass and thighs. Honestly, I’m usually more concerned about cleaning off my legs and cheeks that touched the toilet seat, rather than my anus. Still, I didn’t spare my own asshole in the swift, yet violent cleaning.

“Agh~! Fuck… Why are my nails so long?!”

And I managed to cut my asshole with the middle fingernail of my right hand! Wasn’t the first time though. I guess vaginas are much more durable and scratch-resistant, because I barely even noticed it when I was fingering Ana earlier.

Regardless of my anal pain, I switched places with Ana so that she could wash off as well. All the procedures were about the same, except I had to be a bit more careful with my pussy. Soap was generally much harsher on vaginas than penises and testicles, though it wasn’t too bad overall. I remember switching to that particular brand of body wash back when I started dating my ex girlfriend, mainly because the old kind used to burn her coochie and generally irritate her skin.

Speaking of which, since I was worried about cutting Ana’s perfect asshole with my fingernails, I decided to use my dick instead. However, this time I wasn’t going to give myself a creampie. Not that it didn’t feel amazing from both sides, but the aftermath was brutal.

In fact, as enjoyable as sex was, I didn’t want to waste water. That drain didn’t work so well, because just in those five minutes I spent in the shower, the water was already up to my ankles. Aside from that, I also didn’t like just standing in that bathtub alone. Michael was about a hundred and eighty pounds, while Ana was one-thirty. I don’t like taking chances.

Most importantly, both of my assholes were sore and I had a lot of ‘work’ to do… Also, jizz gets really sticky and gross when you run water on it. Didn’t want to deal with any of that nonsense.

Ana turned off the hot water, then the shower-knob, so that only cold water was pouring out of the bottom faucet. Then she washed her hands off in it and I passed her a big orange towel. Fortunately, my mother or father managed to restock the towels or we’d both have to go downstairs, cold, wet and naked.

After wiping off her face and hair, she moved onto the armpits, tits, then between her legs. It only took a second or two though, since I had done pretty much the same thing so many times already. She wrapped the towel around her waist, but at the last moment, remembered that she was a woman.

While that was happening, I started using a smaller brown towel that was real ragged and had holes all over it to dry myself off. We were performing similar actions, so it wasn’t very hard to do it simultaneously. Then my four eyes met and I couldn’t help but stare at myself, as if I was looking in a mirror.

“Holy shit… I’m… Actually kinda good looking.”

I was never really a ‘vain’ person, in the sense that I thought I was really attractive. Mainly because there were always plenty of ‘defects’, that I could pick out and complain about. For example, until I was seventeen, I never smiled with my teeth showing. Before then, I had braces, and before that, my teeth were crooked enough for me to hate the way they looked. For most of my teenage years, and up until that night, my main problem was cystic acne. Not little pimples, but big fucking boils and cysts that aside from looking horrendous, also caused me endless agony. Sometimes I would get headaches, entirely due to a single lump on my temple, neck or forehead. There were times when I couldn’t breathe out of my nose because I was breaking out there.

Even though the pimples were gone, I still had the scars on my chest, shoulders and back. However, my face was clear. My facial hair was trimmed, poorly, but that didn’t matter to me that much. The main thing was that my features were pretty good. My face was a little round, though I think I have high cheekbones? I’ve never really understood how that was determined, but there was a very mild indication that my cheeks did have bones inside of them…

Anyway, aside from that, when I wasn’t trying to see something more than five feet away, my eyes were opened pretty wide. I guess that’s a good quality? My nose was ‘normal’. Like if you went into a character creation of a game and went through all the weird shaped, gigantic or tiny noses, mine would be the only normal one hidden in there somewhere.

I didn’t have ‘Resting Bitch Face’… I was just kinda neutral. Of course, I did laugh, smirk and snicker a lot on a daily basis. So it’s not like I was super serious. I had to pluck the middle part between my eyebrows to keep from getting a unibrow, but I think most people with medium to thick eyebrows are like that. Especially when you have pitch-black hair.

The more I stared at Ana and my face at the same time, the more I realized how similar ‘we’ were. My first thought at that moment was, “I could totally use this to make incest porn…” But then I immediately shot that down. It was just too dangerous. As long as a picture of Ana’s face appeared anywhere, the government might track us down in one way or another. Even if it wasn’t so shady, there was the serious threat of my second body being considered an illegal immigrant. Baltimore was a ‘Sanctuary City’, but who the fuck wants to stay in Baltimore for their entire life?

“I wanna go somewhere that I never need to worry about freezing to death…”

Maybe not Florida, since they had to worry about hurricanes and alligators all the time. For that matter, South Carolina actually got hit by a fucking hurricane half a year before then, so even that far ‘north’ was still kind of dangerous.

In the Midwest you have to worry about tornadoes and the eventuality of the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupting. But aside from that, it wasn’t so bad. The whole West Coast was a nightmare though. Half the time California was literally on fire, while they also have earthquakes. Let’s not even get into the political bullshit, since everywhere I could go at the time, there would be all sorts of problems in that regard.

The biggest issue with moving, aside from the cost, was that I’d have to physically go somewhere. Like, in a vehicle. Have I ever mentioned how bad my motion sickness was? If I just drove down to the end of the block, I’d feel nauseous. Ten minutes and I’d feel like throwing up. It’s a mystery though, whether it was actually the movement that bothered me, or the toxic fumes. Probably a mixture of both.

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