SDC V1, Chapter 20: ∞

It was an email. Yeah, there was no gian tentacle monster in my room, unfortunately. If that’s what you thought I was gonna say, then sorry. I sat down in the metal chair, with Ana reading from the screen with her significantly better eyesight.

[Confidentiality Agreement]

That was the title. At first, I figured it was from a company I worked with or something. But it wasn’t from them. In fact, it didn’t say who it was from at all.

“Fuck…” I had a sinking feeling on both of my guts. It felt like my bodies would catch on fire. Just a normal nervous reaction, at least for me it always was. Obviously I opened it, even though it was suspicious as fuck.

[From: ∞. Title: Confidentiality Agreement.]

I guess because it was an alt-code, it didn’t show up until I actually opened the email. Regardless, it was still creepy as fuck.

[Disclaimer: Regardless of whether you have read this document or not, you have already signed a non-disclosure agreement with Infinity International Biotech Corporation. This is merely a reminder of your obligation to perform the agreed upon tasks, issued by Infinity International Biotech Corporation.]

“This is the sketchiest shit I’ve seen in a while, pft…”

I couldn’t help but start laughing, as I scrolled down through the bullshit legal jargon that I can’t even slightly remember. What I do recall however, is that it looked similar to the legal documents that I had seen in the past when signing contracts to allow companies to host my stories on their sites. I even opened up a few of the old documents I had saved on my computer and noticed a lot of similarities between them.

[You will be under surveillance at all times, for a period of up to ten years. The Infinity International Biotech Corporation agrees to ignore any US laws you may or may not break, under the condition that you are not discovered by the relevant authorities due to your own carelessness. Infinity International Biotech Corporation will provide legal representation and pay all necessary legal fees, assuming that you are being detained for crimes committed in accordance with the completion of a task issued by Infinity International Biotech Corporation.]

“Holy shit… Is this real? What the fuck are they gonna make me do? Ugh, I hope I don’t have to leave the house…” I grumbled to myself, as I scrolled down further.

[In order to avoid the leaking or disseminating of information to relatives or friends, it is recommended to move into a more isolated environment. However, this is not mandatory. If you require immediate financial aid in order to purchase a new home, no-interest loans are available. There are also many unoccupied houses owned by Infinity International Biotech Corporation and its subsidiaries, with you may purchase at a low price, or rent for a short time.]

“Fuck, they’re definitely gonna make me leave the house.”

Even though I said that, I was actually really excited. Hell, who wouldn’t wanna go somewhere or do something after being home for a few years? Don’t get me wrong, I could have stayed in the basement for ten more years and been fine with it, but it’s not like I ‘wanted’ to do that. It was just cheaper for me to not go anywhere back then.

I seriously would have deleted the email in a heartbeat if I hadn’t woken up that day with ‘Ana’. But shit happens. And circumstances change.

[Signed: Michael Anthony Cinagra]

It had my signature, but that didn’t really mean anything. For fuck’s sake, it was basically just a cursive font. I didn’t even write cursive that way!

Of course, I already figured that Infinity Biotech was some sketchy organization that could literally kill me and my entire family any time they wanted to, without facing any legal ramifications. I searched the company immediately after reading the contract and found nothing. Just a bunch of other unrelated and random things that had the word infinity in the name.

When I went back to the email… It was gone. I checked the trash, but it wasn’t there either. Before I could think I went crazy, I heard a beeping noise. As I looked down at my desk, there was a motherfucking cockroach standing there.

“Oh god damn it…” I muttered, as Michael handed me a tissue. Then using Ana, I was about to swiftly grab the little bastard, when it felt like my brain was going to explode. As I blinked a few times, I noticed it was gone, but when I was about to try and smash the invisible demon with the tissue in my hand, I received a message.

[From: ∞. Title: Stop!]

So I did. I used the tissue to pick my nose with my thumb and then crumpled it up, placing it over on the far-side of my end-table. I went to click the email, but it was gone already.

“Okay, this shit is starting to piss me off. Magical emailing invisible cockroaches that are possibly lawyers? Ain’t this a little too ridiculous?” I snickered, then shook my head. The instant messenger part of my email popped up at that moment.

[∞: Why would you assume that there needs to be any sort of magical influence? Merely a cybernetic insect. One of many, which are constantly observing you. Please do not intentionally destroy any surveillance devices. They are extremely expensive.]

I typed back: [Mike777ac: Of course… Who the fuck are you people?]

[Mike777ac: Nevermind, I already kinda-sorta know. I meant to say, what the fuck do you want from me? lol]

I have this habit of typing out multiple messages in the form of one or two sentences at a time. Oh, and I type ‘lol’ way too much. I really was laughing though.

[∞: We are Infinity International Biotech Corporation. More specifically, you are Experiment-77 of the Adam and Eve Project.]

“Not a very original name…” I murmured, but it seems like they heard me.

[∞: Originality is irrelevant. Seven years ago, you agreed to join the Adam and Eve Project.]

[Mike777ac: And why don’t I remember this?]

[∞: In order to ensure that you did not reveal any information about the Adam and Eve Project or the Infinity International Biotech Corporation, you agreed to undergo hypnosis.]


Seriously, I have no idea what happened between the time I was 19 to 22. Played loads of video games, watched every movie and TV show I could find, ate lots of pasta and masturbated at least a thousand times. Aside from that, who the fuck knows?

[Mike777ac: Whatever, there’s no point dwelling on the past. Is Ana a clone or some kinda test-tube baby? Or was she a person before this? What exactly happened to make her this way?]

[∞: Experiment-77 was deemed a failure at first. The purpose of the Adam and Eve Project was to create a female, from the body of a male. Similar to the original story. Creating a female clone of a male mammal is certainly no easy task. Yet we achieved that and more.]

“Uh, what? I won’t even bother with how the fuck you can legally clone humans or experiment on them like that, because the simple answer is that you can just not tell anyone about it. But why the fuck? What’s the point? I can’t understand why you’d even bother.”

I sighed, leaning back in my chair and drinking some iced tea. The mug was almost empty, so it made that annoying gurgling noise.

[∞: Compatibility. In the mythos of Adam and Eve, the woman was created from the man’s rib. Though many interpret that as ‘God’, utilizing the DNA from the first human’s body, in order to create the second. Regardless whether the story is true or the speculation correct, we had a greater goal. To create two people, with perfect compatibility.]

“Ah, so you wanted psychics? Like, to create people with telepathy or something?” I snickered with both my bodies at the same time.

[∞: No, Experiment-77 was a failure. In the early stages of the Adam and Eve Project, we attempted to improve upon the original design… The original genetic makeup of the person. For example, a much stronger immune system. Yet when an immune system is unnecessarily powerful, it often malfunctions. Balance is everything. Experiment-77 was almost a success. She was improved drastically from the original, yet we still hadn’t figured out the key by that point… Fertility. Starting with a male was the biggest mistake.]

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