SDC V1, Chapter 24: Working

By the time Ana made it to the downstairs bathroom, I was already done brushing my teeth. Like always, I was cupping my hands in front of the kitchen sink, using that freezing cold water to rinse out my mouth and wash the toothpaste off my beard.

The reason why I liked the kitchen sink better than any other in the house was mainly because of the handle. It was a long metal stick, with a rectangular piece on the end. Now, most people would only touch that when they used the sink. Thus, I knew that the edge and bottom of the lever were relatively clean or ‘untouched’. I also washed it off with soap occasionally.

As Ana passed me by, I switched over to her perspective. Even though I could still somewhat sense what Michael was doing, I really was focusing almost entirely on my female body at that moment. I switched over so many times already that day, yet it was still such an odd experience.

I walked into the bathroom and the cabinet was still open. The new toothbrush was already sitting there, on the glass middle right-side shelf. Right next to the old, skinny one. It was laying on the side, but it was able to avoid touching the glass, because of how thick its base was.

Since my original body still needed to piss, he came into the room after me and pulled his dick out. By the time I had put the white minty toothpaste onto the brush, I was starting to let out a steady stream into the toilet and making a lot of noise. The sink was also running though, so it was a cacophony of splashing water.

With the light coming in the window, the room was fairly well-lit. I hit the blue button on the toothbrush and it started humming, while the end was moving around. It had a circular piece that spun around on the end, while the long part moved up and down… Very slightly. It was more like a vibrator than one of those fancy and expensive ones the dentists use.

When I finally finished pissing and wiped my urethra off with the tissue, I looked over at the other me and started to get a boner. Obviously my pussy was also dripping wet, to the extent that I was afraid I pissed myself for a second. Well, I washed my vagina off in the shower a few minutes prior, so even if I hadn’t been horny, it still would have been soaked. My boxers were also damp.

I walked up behind her, with my hard dick still exposed. When I looked down, I could see her ass angling upwards towards me. Well, it was my body too, so I knew what I wanted to do regardless of the visual cues.

Anyway, I reached down and lifted up the right side of her boxers, moving it over to the left. Then I started squeezing her cheeks and spreading her ass apart. While Ana was basically in auto-pilot, simply brushing her teeth.

“I wonder if this makes me a prostitute? Since I’m technically having sex for money…” I slid my relatively dry dick inside pretty forcefully, wincing a bit from the pain on both side. However, it still felt way too good for me to give a damn. After going in and out a few times, I was well lubricated enough to start moving faster.

Then I switched to Ana, washed off the toothbrush and put it away. After that, I turned on the sink again and started washing out my mouth with the freezing water. I then turned the water off, using both hands to hold onto the porcelain counter to avoid letting my shirt touch it.

As I stuck my ass out a bit farther, I murmured “I guess I’m technically more like a clinical trial participant… Though I guess I could also be considered a cam-whore, in the sense that I’m not having sex with anyone but myself… Yet a bunch of people could be watching me.”

The moment I heard someone moving the gate and the cat meowing, I switched back to Michael and yelled “I’m in here!” Then I actually had an orgasm at that moment, causing Ana’s vaginal walls to clamp and spasm tightly on the most sensitive areas around my dick-head. The surprise and pleasure, along with the anxiety of potentially being caught, caused me to ejaculate pretty fucking quickly.

As my minds were clearing, I heard my mother say “I wasn’t comin in there.” As she pushed the door mostly closed and then opened the dryer door. No offense to my mother, but I couldn’t enjoy the sensation of cumming inside my own pussy with her right outside the semi-closed door. Thus, I pulled out, washed Ana’s hands in the sink, then washed my own hands and wiped off my dick, while she did the same to her vagina.

I was getting used to multitasking…

“Are you going to bed already?” When I came out of the bathroom, my mother was standing near the kitchen table, drinking hot tea out of a glass mug.

“Yeah, I’ve been up for a while and I only got like six hours of sleep last night.” I snickered, as I walked towards the sink and washed my hands off again. In order to avoid even more awkwardness, I didn’t have Ana come out of the bathroom yet.

“Hun, I only got three hours of sleep and I’ve been up since four AM. And this is my day off! You need to pull yourself together, especially now that you got a girlfriend to take care of… You need to get a real job.” My mother always looked down on my writing ‘career’, mainly because I didn’t even make enough money to feed myself or pay for other random expenses. Of course, my parents also wouldn’t let me pay for anything regardless of how much I made.

For example, I retorted “I actually did get a job. I’ve made like three hundred dollars so far today. So you should stop working. You’re practically killing yourself. Please Mommy, take care of your health. For fuck’s sake, you’re over sixty years old!”

However, she just scoffed and said “Oh yeah, what do you do? Huh? You haven’t left the house in over two years!”

“Well… I found a job where I can work at home. The point is that I can make enough money to survive on. At the very least, I’ll be making a lot more money than you ever could by doing what you’re doing. Just…” Before I could finish talking, she started laughing at me.

“Michael, we ain’t gonna be around forever. When Daddy and I are gone, you’re gonna need that money to survive on. If you’re really making so much, why don’t you move out with your girlfriend? Huh? That’s what I thought. Michael, you’re one of them… People that can’t leave the house. Can’t think uh the word right now. Don’t worry about us. Talking about moving out, I really wish that we could move outta this shitty house in the fucking city… I hate living here. Anyway, I gotta go water the birds.”

After saying all that, she just left the kitchen and went upstairs. She was the kinda person who would leave the room mid-conversation without letting you really say anything or caring about what you said for that matter.

“Well… Time to get back to work I guess.” By work, I meant sex. It was time for me to test my own limits. Once Ana got out of the bathroom and washed her hands off of course.

After I closed the door behind me and went downstairs, I watched Ana walk over to the office chair and take off her t-shirt. She placed it on the chair, and I did the same for mine. Although I wanted to take my underwear off too, I knew it would get a bit more complicated.

Once I took my underwear off, I would consider it ‘dirty’ and need to get a new pair. Mainly because it would have been impossible for me to take my boxers off without touching my feet on some part of them.

Normally, I would turn my computer off, along with the screen, before even thinking about laying down to go to bed. However, I wanted to see Ana’s body. Even if it was still kinda dark, the light from the blank page of my document on the screen was bright enough to illuminate both of my bodies.

I took a sip from my big red mug with each mouth, before placing it back down and walking over next to the bed. Ana sat down near the middle of the side, but almost slid off onto the floor. Fortunately, I quickly grabbed her by the armpits and lifted her up into the air surprisingly easily.

Since the edge she tried to sit on was too floppy, I had to put her down a bit further onto the bed. At that point, I said “Fuck it. This is way too much work.” Although sucking my own dick was definitely kinky, it was a pain in the ass and I wasn’t even getting paid for it.

Thus, I had Ana stand up in front of the bed and then bend over. She placed her hands onto the firmer part near the middle, while I pulled her boxers down a bit. Not too much. Just enough that I could see her perfect asshole and the cum that was still dripping out of her innie pussy. I feel like I have to keep stating that, since they are kinda rare and most people will probably think of an outie.

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  1. Hey Mike have you heard of interspecies reviewer? It’s an Anime about these guys going around visiting brothels of different fantasy races and having sex with them, putting up reviews of them on the adventurers Guild quest board

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