SDC V1 Chapter 27: Dreams

“Gonna… Go back to sleep now. Goodnight…” I murmured to myself, as I crawled over ‘Michael’ and got back under the covers on the other side of him.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the feeling of being under a thick blanket, when it’s fucking freezing in my room and there’s even a fan blowing directly on me? Maybe that’s a pretty normal thing. Probably has something to do with the sensation of wind, a ‘breeze’ passing through… Lets you know that the air is relatively ‘fresh’. Subconsciously, at least.

As I drifted off into sleep, my minds reconnected. Or so it seemed. I mean, when we dream, it’s actually only a very short period of time in comparison to the entire sleep cycle. Sometimes it feels like a moment, though with me, I usually experience days, months… Occasionally years or millennia will pass by, but I only remember tiny bits and pieces.

Before I could even open my eyes again, most of my memories of the next dream had vanished. Replaced by the unstoppable urge that I always experienced when waking up with a penis. Hell, I half-expected to already be fucking Ana when I woke up, but I was actually just humping the bed like usual. It hurt, a lot. Since I wear my boxers inside-out, the button of my fly usually digs into my dick when I lay on my stomach with a boner.

“Hmmm…” I groaned, then struggled to push myself off the bed and lay on my side. The muscles in my arms were unbelievably sore. Still, nothing could keep me from doing what I wanted with the unconscious woman in front of me. She was facing the wall, so I was able to pull open the leg of her boxers and shove my dick inside her tightly closed pussy. It wasn’t too wet or dry, just kinda neutral. My penis though, was extremely dry, so it was a little painful and difficult at first.

“It’s kinda surprising… I’m not even waking up…” I snickered, then yawned and slowly grinded against her back. As I was casually fucking myself, I started telling the next story.

“A Zombie Apocalypse; pretty common. I’ve had so many Apocalypse and zombie dreams that they’re practically the norm… Still, you wanted to know, so I’ll tell ya. Ana wasn’t there. I don’t know if it was because she wasn’t part of the dream or I just wasn’t thinking of her… But Ana didn’t exist in that world. My ex was there though. Or someone that looked identical to her, just in much better shape. I was part of some… Military force. We all were. For whatever reason, I went with my squad out of the safety of the castle-like base’s metal walls… We traveled a bit through a forest, before having to hide out in a concrete bunker. The zombies weren’t rotting that much, and they weren’t that unrealistic. More like people with an illness that turns them into mindless cannibals. I remember stabbing them in the heart or slicing open their necks… Ummm…”

I almost dozed off for a moment there. However, since I was in the process of having sex and my bladder was about to burst, I couldn’t actually fall back asleep regardless of how tired I was.

“This is kinda disturbing though…” I grumbled, my throat hoarse: “The fact that I can just… Sleep through someone fucking me like this, is not a good thing. But maybe, it’s because I subconsciously know that I’m the one doing it? I can’t feel what she’s feeling right now though. It’s really freaking me out. Like maybe she’s an actual person, and I’m raping her right now? What if I’ve been just… Controlling some innocent woman and abusing her body. Fuck, now I’m getting turned off…”

Of course, it wasn’t just a mental thing. I was super thirsty and was actually having trouble breathing. The fan was blowing cold, dusty air along the top of the blanket, before it smacked into my face. However, that wasn’t enough to cool my body down. I was sweating because I was dehydrated and using my body for physical exertion, plus I had Ana’s body heat as well. The inside of that blanket felt like an oven, so I rolled out of bed and quickly stood up. Keep in mind that I didn’t fall onto the floor or anything like that.

I slid my dick back inside my boxers and then started walking over to the staircase. As I got closer, I could hear the radio in the kitchen making random noises. Some commercial about pills that can kill you, but might stop going bald? Like, how the fuck can the FDA even approve something like that? Yet every other drug on the market that treated some inane illness, could cause death.

Regardless, I was so thirsty that the first thing I did when I came into the kitchen, was drink some of that orange stuff… Ignoring my bladder that was on the verge of bursting. After setting the glass down on the table, I washed my hands again and went over to the bathroom. As I was pissing, I continued my story from earlier.

“When we were trapped in the bunker, the zombies eventually managed to break down the screen door… Yeah, why the fuck would a bunker have a screen door? But it’s a dream, so whatever. One of them was a really hot woman, that I remember wanting to capture and fuck… Because, I don’t know why I’m even saying this… I mean, subconsciously, we all want to have sex with everything and anything that’s mildly attractive. But we don’t, for obvious reasons.

“So yeah, at some point, when we were about to get overrun, there was a deep and loud roar in the distance. Followed by thousands of other screams and yells. Then the zombies retreated. Now, the significance is that in the context of the story, the zombies are basically idiots. They had never retreated before then. When we went back to the base, I told my superiors of my concerns, but the dream ended or I just don’t remember what happened after that. One odd thing was that the world was similar to the first dream, in the sense that we were basically on islands surrounded by ocean. There was a long pathway between the islands… Kinda makes me wanna play a game where I can make maps or something. Haven’t fooled around with one of those in a while.”

It wasn’t until after I came out of the bathroom, that I remembered to look at the clock. Exactly 8:30 PM. Then I heard a phone ringing in the living room, so I peeked through the archway as I started refilling the glass I used earlier. This time I picked out a carton of white grape and peace juice. I needed something with more of a ‘kick’.

“Hello?” Then I heard my father start talking to someone. I figured it was probably my brother, mother or maybe ‘his’ brother. However, the conversation immediately took a weird turn.

“Four hundred?! Hell, this place ain’t even worth one-fifty! Wait, you’re serious? Sure, sure, do you want to come by-uh, okay then… Listen man, if you’re really willing to pay four-hundred thousand for this dump, then I’ll call the moving company tomorrow and we’ll be outta here by the end of the week! Sure, I’ll see you Friday then… Bye-bye.”

After that he hung up, my father stood up off the couch and turned towards me. I snickered and asked, “Why did it just sound like you sold the house?”

“Because I did, hahaha~!” My father was smiling as he walked over to the stairs, “My friend Scott Deninger just called, saying he was representing some big client… They want to buy the house for four-hundred thousand dollars… I still can’t believe it. Who the hell would wanna buy this shithole for that much money?!”

I sighed, then put the empty glass back over by the dirty dishes and told him, “Well I need to go the fuck back to sleep. You should go tell Mommy. Goodnight Daddy, I love you.”

“Goodnight Michael, love you too.” Then he went up the stairs and yelled, “Deb! You’ll never believe this!”

“Ah~! What, what… You scared the shit outta me! I got headphones on!” My mother was screaming her head off, while Misty was also releasing horrible screeching noises.

Regardless of all that noise, as soon as I went down into the basement, I couldn’t really hear it anymore. The fan had a nice, pleasant, noise cancellation effect. Anyway, I laid back down behind Ana and hugged her tightly.

“So… What’s your goal with this move? Buying my house to… Separate me from my parents? Would make sense I guess. The only reason I stayed with them this long in the first place, is because it was too expensive to do anything else. I didn’t have a way to make money before, at least, not so easily. But still… You guys must be really fucking rich if you do this kinda shit with all the ‘Experiments’, hehehe… Well, goodnight again.”

I drifted back into a deep sleep rather easily.

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