SDC V1, Chapter 28: Bathroom

When I opened my eyes again, it was simultaneous. Both of my bodies sat upright and we anxiously looked around, before glaring at each other in the dim light of the stairs. It was so dark that I could barely see my own faces, but that intense rage swiftly died down.

“I… Ugh…” I tried to speak first as Michael, but his throat was too sore to talk.

Thus, I had Ana whisper “This was a long and weird one. Started with well, I woke up in bed like this. Then I went on with my life like usual, until one day, my consciousness was ripped in half. Ana inherited all my more psychotic and insane mental qualities, while Michael was more passive and lazy. This crazy bitch went on a murder spree, eventually ending with the two of us fighting to the death in an arena made of bones for some reason. I mean, it was a dream, so not a lot of it made that much sense. Anyway, it does bring up some ideas though… If the two of us were to fight for real, I wonder who would win?”

“Obviously neither one, since we’re basically the same person…” Michael grumbled, then coughed a few times, before getting out of bed. I wasn’t even horny, oddly enough.

Then Ana rolled out after ‘him’. I was still a little groggy, so I wasn’t really focusing on either body. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I hesitated for a second. Michael walked up first, while the female me went back and grabbed my shirts off the office chair. I put one on, then was about to walk up the stairs too, when I remembered something.

“Oh yeah… In the dream… Anael learned how to control other people telepathically. At first it was small things, minor manipulations, but then… Well, she basically became a puppet master of sorts. Michael on the other hand… The lazy fuck learned how to telekinetically move shit. That way, he didn’t even need to touch anything anymore. Helped with the OCD of course… Or maybe it made it much worse.”

I snickered, then walked over and used the spare t-shirt to pick up the myriad of towels on the floor. There were at least six or seven of them, so it was kinda heavy and hard to carry while not touching them with anything but the t-shirt. I immediately went upstairs and threw the towels down in front of the washing machine, for the cat to sleep on later. The shirt went in the hamper.

Michael was already drinking some white grape peach fruit juice, when I walked over and took a few sips from his glass. It didn’t take long for the two of us to finish up in the kitchen and start going up the carpeted stairs in the living room.

When I was halfway up the stairs, I heard my parents arguing in the bedroom. Most of it was muffled, since the door was closed, but I remember that they were deciding whether to take Midnight with them or not. After all, he was an alley cat. Even though he practically lived in our house, and our backyard was his domain, the little bastard would never get into a cat carrier or a vehicle of any kind. At least, not without a fight.

It was two AM, so I was a little weird that my parents were still awake. But considering the circumstances, it wasn’t surprising. Both of them were probably super excited.

“I can’t believe we’re finally leaving this shithole!” My mother shouted.

Then my father said, “I can’t believe some idiot is gonna buy the place for almost half a million dollars!”

Michael was the first into the bathroom, and all he needed to do was drop his boxers to the floor and head straight to the shower. On the other hand, I focused mainly on Ana because, well… It was finally time.

As I bent over, my gut was making horrible gurgling noises. I dropped my underwear to the floor and then took my t-shirt off, doing the same thing as I closed the door behind me with my left foot. The bathroom lights were already on, so I didn’t need to worry about the light switch, or washing my hands.

I went straight for the toilet and sat down as usual, obviously put a massive amount of toilet paper down first. However, I noticed that even with a vagina, I wouldn’t be able to piss while sitting that way. I even tried scooting my ass back a bit further, but that didn’t work. I guess I was just too big for those tiny oval toilet seats. Maybe if it was the kind where there’s an extension on the front, and the seat is more like a ‘U’? Regardless, my gut was telling me that I needed to shit a lot more drastically than piss.

That initial fart sounded like a bomb going off and as the shit came out, I had to struggle not to piss myself. Not really sure why I’m even bothering including this part, but there you go. By the time, I was done shitting, Michael was halfway through his shower.

After wiping my ass with a ton of toilet paper, I was amazed that it actually was flushed down easily. It was one of those shits, where it’s just one single, really long brown turd. Comes out real fast, but leaves you empty inside. Tricks you into thinking that you still need to keep going. Fortunately, I learned my lesson plenty of times before. I didn’t want Ana’s asshole to suffer like Michael’s did…

When Ana got in the shower behind Michael, she closed the plastic curtain and proceeded to wash her hands with the blue body wash thoroughly. The two of them switched places and Michael washed her hair, while she used her own hands to use body soap on her ass. Of course, she also started pissing into the drain.

Oddly enough, the water in the tub still wasn’t very high. I suspected my father probably dumped some drain cleaner down there or maybe, Infinity was doing something… Somehow.

Although the bathroom obviously smelled like shit, it wasn’t that bad in the shower. Something about the steam and scalding hot water. Speaking of which, my shower basically only had two settings: Freezing cold and boiling. If you’re really careful, it’s possible to keep it in the medium range, though it took some trial and error.

Anyway, once both of my bodies were sufficiently clean, I started getting horny again. Something about washing out my asshole and pussy was just too much stimulation to ignore. Especially after just waking up.

I turned around towards Michael, bent over and started sucking him off, with the shower water spraying against the back of my head. In order to enjoy the situation to the fullest, I went back to my original body’s perspective. I could only really see the top of her head, and it was impossible for me to reach her ass, but visual stimuli wasn’t always that important. Also, since I didn’t have some kinda cock-sucking fetish, getting a blowjob was much more pleasant than giving one.

As Ana rotated her tongue around my most sensitive areas, and used her right hand to jerk me off really quickly, she also reached back and shoved her left middle finger up my ass. It wasn’t that awkward though, since I now had plenty of experience with actual anal, a little butthole fingering was kinda normal. It didn’t really feel like much however. I got more of a sensation out of Ana’s hand to be honest, thinking about the times that I fingered her… And the times I did similar stuff with my Ex. It’s funny how my mind often drifts to past experiences, rather than simply enjoying the sexual stuff I’m doing at that moment.

There’s a reason why oral is called foreplay though. Normally I would be totally satisfied with just sixty-nining and things like that, but since I was getting paid for each creampie… There was no need to hold back. Both my bodies desired the same thing: Good ole fashioned intercourse.

Ana bent over and put her hands on the wall, a foot or so below the showerhead. Then I casually thrust inside her from behind; it was basically the easiest way to fuck in the shower. At least for me.

When you’re having sex with another person, I’d suggest making it last as long as possible. One way or another. But if you’re just fucking a female version of yourself, then who really cares if you ejaculate within two minutes? Besides, I didn’t want the tub to overflow and it felt like I was going to starve to death.

Thus, I finished quickly, washed out my pussy a bit more, then turned the water off. I remembered to wrap a big towel around Ana’s titties, while I just picked a scraggly little one for my waist. Hell, it barely covered my whole ass. There was even a slit down the right side, because it was so damn tiny.

When we left the bathroom, my parent’s bedroom door was open, but no one was inside. Ana went downstairs first, when my mother called out to me from the ‘bird room’.

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    • I’m writing chapter 101 atm lol. I’m posting Old Immortal Soul chapters at the moment. I mean, i could post SDC too, but then when I go back to do the table of contents ect. It’ll be all jumbled up and more complicated. I wish I could just post things and then have them immediately be put up on a table of contents thingy like a lot of websites have lmao.


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