Solo Dual Cultivation Name Change: Bloodline Cultivation Journal

SDC, I’ve wanted to change this story’s name for a long time now. Literally years since I came up with that tentative name lol. Anyway, I thought about like 50 different possible names, a lot of which gave major spoilers for things that get revealed or explained later in the series.

Right now I’m writing chapter 301… Yeah, 301 holy hell! I started writing this story like 2 years ago and stopped around chapter 40? Then I picked it up again last year and stopped around chapter 80… But when I started writing seriously again, around June, I just kicked it into overdrive and began pumping out chapters like crazy!

Although the story does have ‘volumes’ every 40 chapters exactly, I don’t do it like a normal volume. More like a regular Webnovel. Kinda like I did for HCOP and HCL back in the day.

Now for the content of the story… Not gonna lie, there’s a lot of sex. It’s basically an erotic novel. There is cultivation, but the main characters basically have no fucking idea what they’re doing, so it’s not your typical generic: “Ah! I broke through to level-3 of the Mortal Realm! Now I can break steel beams in half with my bare hands! Now let me meditate in a cave for a few seconds, only to be randomly attacked for no apparent reason by some generic bad guy so that I can show off to some random strangers that will be there for no particular reason!”

It’s more like: “Ah, I worked out really hard and steadily improved my muscle strength for a few months and now I can bench press a lot of weight, yay. Now let’s have kinky lesbian bondage sex.” Or something like that?

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