I’m Back?

First of all, I would like to say… Why does WordPress feel harder and harder to use lately? Like it was so simple and clean back then. Anyone could just use it without much trouble and it required almost no effort to figure out.

Now? It’s a nightmare lol. Ugh, whatever…

Moving on, I’ve been writing a story called Bloodline Cultivation Journal lately. And I mean, like, that’s all I’ve been writing. Since June when I picked it back up(The story had about 77 chapters at that point.) I’ve written over 400 chapters. Now I’m currently writing like chapter 485.

I haven’t been posting it yet, because well, I keep putting it off, saying “Maybe I should wait a little longer?” And so it’s been like 6-7 months and I have almost 500 chapters that haven’t been released lmao.

I think I might just post the rest of Immortal Soul Volume 6 first. Get that out of the way. I don’t really have many readers for any of my stories lately. Probably why I’m not under any pressure and able to write BCJ so easily.

Of course, another reason why I’ve been hesitant to post Bloodline Cultivation Journal is that it’s just so… Well, sexual? It’s literally a story where the MC is writing a Journal, where he/she talks about… Stuff. There are a ‘lot’ of sex scenes. Like way more than any other story I’ve ever written lol.

There are also some fighting scenes too, along with a lot of slice of life stuff. It’s a pretty complex story. In the original idea for the story, the MC would be ‘two’ people. Or at least have two bodies and then cultivate at some point. Eventually though, the name Solo Dual Cultivation didn’t fit anymore for various reasons, so I changed it a while back.

I’ve been thinking about whether to post this story on my wordpress or maybe on a different site. But like I said, the base form just has so much sex and in such great detail, that I’m afraid I might have to censor things even if I put it on one of those ‘erotic novel’ sites lol.

I’m also not sure about what the rules on Patreon are like…

By the way, for people who aren’t aware, one of the reasons I kinda lost interest in Tapas… Like a year ago, so before they eventually got rid of me. Was because they started censoring things like crazy.

For example, I described a giant tentacle monster thing as having various assorted genitalia on it. It wasn’t even that graphic or a sex scene! It was just the description of genitalia which was no longer allowed!

I personally hate censorship. Like all forms of censorship, no matter what convoluted reasons people might make up. It’s just disgusting to me.

Anyway, while there is a lot of sex in the story, it’s not the only thing the story is about. Hell, sometimes I go like a hundred chapters without a sex scene! And vice versa, sometimes there are like dozens of chapters with sex scenes in a row lol.

I guess that’s about it for now. By the time I start posting this story, it’ll probably be 1000 chapters lmfao.

9 thoughts on “I’m Back?

  1. Man, I can’t believe you’re still at it in 2021. You’re a freaking legend.

    I remember like 6 years ago I found OP-ness and stopped reading to let chapters build up, in the meantime I forgot about you until I started trying to remember “that novel where the MC keeps dying and he can store away his dead bodies”.

    Anyways man, you’re a boss. Maybe consider putting just 1 of your novels on scribblehub or something to get your name out there more. I can’t believe I forgot about you, now there’s so much on this site it’ll take me awhile to sift through it lol.

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    • Thanks lmao. Yeah, I’ve thought about ‘coming back’ by putting one of my stories somewhere a lot lately. The past year I’ve been writing a story called Bloodline Cultivation Journal and I’m on like… Chapter 644, but I haven’t posted much yet. I think like 2-3 years ago when I first started writing it(Only 40 chapters and stopped after a month) I did post 20 chapters, but since then I’ve put it off and then last year I started writing from chapter 80 until where I’m at now… I’ve literally never written a story this long before, but at the same time, I feel like I still have way too much left to write lmao. I don’t really care if it becomes popular or not, I’m just worried that I might have to censor it to a certain extent, hence why I haven’t posted it yet.

      There is a lot of sex… At least in the first few hundred chapters lmao. Later on though, it kinda dies off, because well… It’s called Bloodline Cultivation Journal for a reason lmao. Not like one of those stories where the MC just casually uses a system or injects themselves with random Bloodlines from powerful creatures. The MC cultivates those Bloodlines the ‘Old Fashioned Way’…

      Making babies. The old fashioned way is sex lmao. The MC basically gets pregnant, or gets other characters pregnant, then babies are made and the MC is a lot of those babies. I mean, this might be a spoiler, but by the time I start posting the story again, nobody is gonna read or remember this anyway lmfao.

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  2. Belated welcome back, I too am trying my hand at it again. Still mainly poetry, I have written many a draft in my days since you had inspired me back when. But to no avail. I won’t give up. Plus poetry is just as beautiful.

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    • Yeah, I came back and posted some stuff and then disappeared again for a few months lmao. I’ve been writing a story for the past year that I haven’t really posted yet… At chapter 621 lmfao. I figure, I’ll write it first and then post it after I finish? Or at least wait until my pace slows down and I get writer’s block lol.

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