BCJ, Chapter 3: Examination

“Fuck, no wonder I’m still asleep…”

I sighed as I looked at the ‘4:39 AM’ at the bottom right of my screen. I only slept for about six hours at that point, so I probably wouldn’t be able to comfortably wake up until a few hours later. Unless I needed to piss or shit. Then well, shit happens.

As I leaned back in my black, worn-out fake-leather office chair, I heard it creaking like usual. However, it didn’t feel like it was going to break. My ‘new’ female body was obviously a lot lighter than the male one.

My most pressing concern, aside from wanting to masturbate, was worrying about whether I wouldn’t be able to have both bodies awake at the same time. It might be fine in the short-term, but what if there was an emergency? Also, would I have to go to sleep in one body, every time the other simply needed to piss or drink something? That would be ridiculous.

“Nothin I can really do ‘bout it.” I snickered, then giggled at my high-pitched voice. As I clicked the little internet icon, the most recent story I was working on popped up on the screen: “OP-ness Returns: Noobageddon”.

“Hehe~…” I snickered softly, as I smiled and suddenly looked down at the webcam. It was right in front of the left side of my screen, next to the remote that controlled the monitor. The little circular silver and black webcam was short enough that it didn’t actually reach up to the ‘screen’ part of the monitor, so it wasn’t distracting.

I used to have a four to five foot tall mirror to my left, but I eventually moved it. Not that I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror from time to time… Unfortunately, every time I turned my head to sneeze, a bunch of snot would splatter all over it. The moral of the story is that at least it wasn’t as easy to see all the nasty shit stuck to the white wooden wall.

Anyway, I looked around on my desktop for a bit. Eventually finding a simple ‘Movie Making’ program, which allowed me to freely take videos from my webcam. I was finally able to see my face somewhat clearly. My basement was dark as fuck, so if I didn’t have a white background on my screen, I could barely even see myself.

“Hmm…” I had short hair, I knew that from the start. It didn’t look bad at all from my perspective. My face was surprisingly feminine. Definitely Italian and whatever the fuck else I am, but super pale. Maybe I’m half-vampire? Round face, similar to my original one… Just slightly different features. First of all, I almost always have facial hair, so I typically look a lot more masculine. I remember in my teenage years when I used to shave, hell, I shaved back in my grade-school years too. Without facial hair, my face is way more feminine and I could definitely see a resemblance.

“Could totally pass as a sister I guess. Really hot sister. Maybe a fraternal twin?”

She didn’t seem younger, though I didn’t look much different from ten years ago, so she was possibly about the same age as me. I was definitely healthy though. Probably a lot healthier than my original body. Mainly because of the lack of acne and well, my teeth were almost white. Much more aligned and straightened too, as if they were fake.

My eyebrows… Needed some work. I guess they were similar to my normal ones, so I definitely needed to do some tweezing. Still, I was satisfied with my face. Then I went to the next step: My body. There were things I could look at right away, and things that required me to make a video first.

I lifted up my shirt and snickered at my tiny tits. Honestly though, I was happy. Breasts might be a popular favorite for a lot of men, even women, but the truth is that they’re dangerous. They require way too much maintenance for my tastes. My chest was pale white and I could see the green veins webbing through everywhere, yet there were no scars or any hair for that matter.

On the other hand, I looked at my armpits and yeah, no surprise there. They were hairy as hell. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though. At least in the winter, it’s better to have a little extra fluff. It’s fine to shave or trim them in the summer too, who gives a shit? The important thing was that there were no skin-tags, scars or moles.

Now, like everyone, I had quite a few moles, birthmarks and beauty marks or whatever they’re called. Nothing too noticeable, but it would have stood out more if I didn’t have any at all. There were none on my face, a mole on my left wrist and a few on my legs in random spots.

I had an innie belly button. Which indicated that my new body was in fact ‘born’ somehow. Then I pulled down my boxers a bit, just enough to show my unevenly trimmed pubic hair. I snickered at how ridiculous it looked, but eventually did the most important thing. I turned around and pulled down my boxers slightly, then spread my cheeks in order to let the camera record the thing I was most curious about: My asshole.

Sure, most people wouldn’t really give a fuck. But assholes are often more important than vaginas to me. At least in the sense that it’s much more common to have visible anal issues, than vaginal ones. Fortunately, it was just a nice, simple and cute pink ring. Almost looked like it had never been used before.

There were almost no wrinkles and from what I could tell, it was about an inch or so away from the bottom of my vagina. Dicks are usually different. I didn’t even have to measure to know that if I pulled my balls away, there were at least three inches that separated the bottom of my scrotum, from the beginning of my anus.

The interesting thing was that I was basically the same exact height. My boxers that were reasonably tight, were a little loose, but that was because my waist was much smaller. The boxers still didn’t reach down to my knees when I stood up though.

Once I was done watching the videos of my body and smiling deviously, I finally got down to business. I leaned back in my chair and reached my right hand into the side of my boxers, then I started rubbing as I stared into my own asshole. There were a few red bumps from where I shaved, but overall, it was amazing.

“Fuck… This ain’t enough. I need something with fur and hooves…”

Yeah, no matter how perfect my anus seemed, it wasn’t enough to get me off. I had to go scrounge through hentai and western comic porn. Eventually ending up an hour later, feeling like my brain was shorting out. My throat was sore, my mouth was dry and the edge of my chair was soaked with pussy-juice.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?”

In the end, I found myself deeply disturbed by a video of a Japanese woman who had a hot-sauce bottle shoved up her ass and a raw fish sticking out of her other hole. No matter whether I’m a guy, girl or both, I’m always gonna be weird.

“Pussies are so goddamn messy.”

Sure, they’re way more sensitive and the orgasms feel amazing, but I needed to use like three tissues to clean up the aftermath that was on my chair. Not to mention that I had to dry off my vagina itself. You can’t even effectively ‘dry’ the inside either, unless you had a tampon or something.

“Oh shit. Fuck, I need to buy tampons now? They’re so fucking expensive…”

Whether it was tampons or pads, both were money sinks. I could only hope that I was sterile or didn’t have periods. Aside from the pain and agony, I was more concerned about the cost.

“It’s worth it though. I’ll make it worth it. Hehehe~…” I started grinning as I thought about how I would utilize my new body to the fullest. Even though I already came, I was starting to get horny again. If I wasn’t so thirsty, I would have kept rubbing myself until I was injured.

Of course, I was also borderline starving. There were biological needs that needed to be fulfilled, but… Well, I’m a master procrastinator. First I opened up a new tab, then clicked my email. When I noticed a new comment on one of my stories, I snickered.

[Waveholder: Why haven’t you posted any new chapters yet you lazy fuck]

Obviously I had to go onto my site and respond, [Learn to use punctuation, you stupid cunt. But yeah lol, I’ll probably edit and post some new stuff in a few hours. Also, since when do you actually give a shit about my stories?]

Then I exited that tab completely, clicking on MeToub and looking for some interesting new videos on the front page. The first one I noticed and right-clicked, to move it to another tab. Then I found a new cover of a song I like and clicked on that.

The sound wasn’t very loud, but unfortunately, my ears are absurdly sensitive. It was only a matter of time before I heard, “What the hell? Ugh~!”

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