BCJ, Chapter 9: Family

“Heh, hahaa~!” I couldn’t help laughing as I heard Ana’s stomach rumbling. Even though I was technically ‘alone’, it still felt a lot less lonely with the two of me. She also giggled. It was weird, but that’s why it was so funny.

Ana’s ass was a little sore, so walking was a little weird. She had to grab ‘my’ shoulder for support, as I opened the bathroom door and flicked the lightswitch off. Gotta say, having four hands is a lot more convenient than only two.

There were so many things that I wanted to do, aside from the sexual stuff. I was actually happy and excited. Maybe things would have been dramatically different if ‘Ana’ wasn’t as healthy, since that only would have added more troubles to my life. But that girl was first of all, beautiful by my standards at least, and secondly… She didn’t seem to have any serious issues.

A few things were easily visible from just the outside of her body though. No obvious scars. That was a big issue, one that wasn’t entirely a good thing. I used to have some scars from a laparoscopic surgery to remove my appendix, though they had pretty much vanished over time. There was a big scar on my right wrist, some of my left-hand knuckles, I broke both my pinkies in different places and they never quite healed properly. Little things like that, which you usually would think was great.

How the fuck does a person survive for twenty-odd years and never receive a single scar? Hell, I got circumcised shortly after being born and that could be seen by some as a major disfiguration. Ana was definitely strange. Aside from her bellybutton, which was technically a scar, she was almost immaculate. That meant it was possible she was ‘grown’ in a lab or some shit. Maybe designed to be a specific age or grew up in an environment devoid of any dangers… Or that she had a remarkable ability to heal herself.

Not trying to brag or anything, but I used to think I had superhuman regeneration when I was younger. If I fell down and it seemed like I should have broken my leg, I would recover and feel fine within a few minutes. Yet when I suffered minor injuries like cutting open my thumb with a steak knife that one time, I would have to deal with that shit for a week or so before it healed properly. Most of my scars disappear over time, but many of them stayed.

“It really doesn’t matter.” I shook my heads and tried to stop thinking about that shit as I made it downstairs. Ana took her hand off my shoulder and the two of us looked over towards the kitchen, where my father was taking a full trash-bag out the door, while my mother was leaning over and petting the purring black cat.

I breathed out two sighs simultaneously, because I hate lying. Especially to my parents. Then again, it was normal to avoid talking about some things: “What were the two of you doing up there for so long? I didn’t hear the shower running…” That was the first thing my mother asked, as I moved the gate out of the way.

“You really don’t wanna know, hehe~.” I snickered and let Ana walk into the kitchen, before putting the little plastic gate back up behind me. Then I immediately went over to the sink and started vigorously washing my hands with yellow soap.

“Did the two of you piss yourselves?” My mother unfortunately noticed that both of our shirts and boxers had plenty of wet spots on them. And of course, she continued “Were the two of you fooling around in the bathroom upstairs or what?”

“We had anal sex! Are you happy now, Mommy? For fuck’s sake…” I grumbled, while Ana snickered. Then I said, “We’re both starving, so I was thinking about making Spaghetti or some other kinda noodle. If you and Daddy want some, I can make two pounds instead of one…”

Yeah, I still called my parents Mommy and Daddy. It’s probably an Italian thing. Or maybe it was just because that’s how they raised me. Either way, the things we used to be embarrassed about as teenagers, we tend to appreciate more as adults. Especially when we get older.

Anyway my mother took a few seconds looking between both of my faces, before asking “Like… Where you put your thing in her butt? Doesn’t that hurt? What if you get AIDS?”

“What the fuck?” I couldn’t help but complain, “You can’t get HIV from someone that doesn’t have it, no matter what you do with the person. Besides that, as long as there’s nothing wrong with your ass and you use enough lube, it really shouldn’t hurt at all…”

“Hun, will you please stop embarrassing them?!” My father hadn’t gone out back with the trash yet, so he was able to somewhat distract my mother from continuing to ask ridiculous questions in front of ‘Ana’. Then he opened the door and went outside. He was wearing two black jackets and a similarly colored hoodie, but it was like five-below outside, so he was probably still freezing out there.

“Raou~! Raou~!” Midnight was making weird and adorable noises as usual, rubbing up against my mother’s jeans. Yeah, at some point, she changed into jeans, a white tank-top and a red-white checkered button-up shirt. 

“I’ll go downstairs while Michael makes the food…” Ana smiled and used her foot to open the door, then closed it using the handle on the other side. It was kind of hard to keep from saying something ‘weird’ without her there. What I mean by that, is if I accidentally called my mother ‘Mommy’ while pretending to be my girlfriend? It was pretty confusing overall. Aside from that, I didn’t want to pick my nose or use a tissue to wipe the cum that was leaking out of my asshole in front of my mother, so I needed to go downstairs fast.

After washing her hands with soap, since she pet the relatively ‘stray’ cat, my mother whispered: “You only met this girl today and you’re already acting like this? How well do you actually know her? And why does she look so similar to you? Same eye color, almost the same ‘exact’ hair… Michael, what aren’t you telling me? Is she some kinda witch or something? Did she put a spell on you?”

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you the truth.” I snickered and shook my head.

She glared at me and asked “What does that even mean? You better not say she’s a hooker or porn star… I thought I raised you better than that?”

“She’s me.” I smirked, “Ana Healy is actually just the name of a character in my stories… When I woke up this morning, I was her, and then I realized that rather than becoming a woman… I just kinda magically grew a second body outta nowhere?”

“Pft~, hahahah~! Hahahaha~!” My mother burst out in laughter, almost spitting on me in the process, so I dodge backwards… Almost touched the back of my head on the decorative spoons that were hanging on a rack on the wall near my door. She smiled at me and said, “That’s a funny joke, but seriously Michael, how did you manage to hook up with such a beautiful girl when you never leave the basement? Oh, by the way, Daddy wanted me to tell you that your shirts are in the dryer and your underwear are in the warsh.”

Then she walked past me, moved the gate and was near the stairs when I asked “Did you want any spaghetti?”

“Ah, no Hun, I can’t eat spaghetti so early in the day. I’ll just have a food bar.” She didn’t even stop walking up the stairs as she responded to me. Shortly after that, I heard the back door opening loudly and turned around to see my father coming inside.

“It’s fuckin freezing out there!” His nose was a bit red, but it was hard to tell since his skin was always pretty ‘tan’. Unlike my mother, he didn’t interrogate me or even seem to care about Ana. All he said was, “Do you need me to buy you some condoms?”

“No, trust me, I won’t be doing anything that requires ‘protection’.” I sighed, then walked past him as he entered into the kitchen and started taking his jackets off. The stove and dryer were on the left side of that little square room, while the bathroom was to the left.

“Oh, I almost forgot… Your shirts in the dryer should be done… The warsh just started, so that’ll be a while. I’m gonna go back to sleep. Goodnight, love you.” My father took his jackets and went over to the living room, while the cat started crying over by the little fence that he could easily climb over. Eventually, Midnight calmed down and went back under the table to nap.

“Goodnight, I love you too.” I guess I inherited the habit from my parents, and their parents, but we were a family that always said ‘I love you’ at the end of every conversation. You never know what’ll happen in life, so it’s best to tell the people you care about that you love them… While you still can.

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