BCJ, Chapter 21: A Job

“Yeah, well I could’ve told ya that in the first place. But like I said before, why the fuck even do it? I don’t understand what kind of compatibility is so important?” I asked, still primarily using Ana to speak.

[∞: Evolution… To create an unending cycle for humanity to truly become immortal. At our current natural pace, microorganisms will evolve beyond our ability to control. Several supervolcanoes are on the verge of eruption. An extinction event of some kind will happen within a single century. The only way for humanity to survive and persist is by evolving. Boosting the immune system, shortening the time it takes to physically mature, improving muscle growth and density, strengthening digestion, reflex enhancement, neural regeneration, limiting the influence of aging, while removing the dangers of cancer. There were many plans and designs to realistically evolve humanity. Experiment-53 made us realize that there were other possibilities. For several days after she reached adulthood and was awoken, she was telepathically connected to her father.]

“Fuck my life… Now you’re saying that Ana is technically my daughter? Though I guess that kinda makes sense. Still, you make it sound like this Experiment-53 girl was a separate entity from the guy who spawned her?”

To be completely honest, I didn’t really care about incest. Usually it’s wrong because of psychological reasons. Like I definitely wouldn’t wanna fuck either of my parents, or my brother. Maybe if I had a sexy sister and we were both like ‘me’, then that might have happened. But I guess we’ll never know.

[∞: Many of our experiments are run concurrently. Thus, Experiments 71-83 were based off of Experiment-53. We had several successes, but their telepathic abilities were extremely limited. You… Are an anomaly. Not impossible to replicate. However, we have yet to determine whether your specific situation is actually feasible. How long will you survive under your current condition? Can your hivemind last, or will two separate individuals emerge eventually?]

“Oh great… So you’re saying that I’ll probably die or go crazy? And what, you assholes will just watch?” I grumbled, glaring down towards my table, at the invisible insects that may or may not have been there anymore.

[∞: Infinity International Biotech Corporation will not allow you to perish so easily. If you can successfully function in your current condition, then many possibilities will be created for us to experiment with in the future. That however, is not your concern.]

“You’re right!” I smirked, snickering to myself, “I honestly don’t give a flying fuck what you guys do, so long as it doesn’t directly affect me. But what I do wanna know is how much I’ll be getting paid and how ridiculous these ‘tasks’ will be. You probably know this already… But I literally haven’t left my house in years. I need a monetary incentive.”

[∞: We are aware of your particular psychological disorders. In order to avoid disrupting the connection between your two bodies, the tasks you must complete will be rather simple. You will be required to undergo simple tests. Therefore, your compensation will be small.]

“Well that’s fine with me. So what do you want me to do?” Immediately after I asked that, I noticed an email from my online bank account.

[Service@MiscellaneousBank.com: You received 2500.00 USD from an anonymous donor.]

“Holy fucksauce…” I almost couldn’t believe it at first. Of course, it was a lot more realistic than Ana existing, but still. Maybe 2500 dollars ain’t a lot to some people, but it was a shitload of money for me. Writing webnovels wasn’t exactly the most profitable ‘job’ out there.

[∞: The initial payment promised to you in the contract you signed, seven years ago. If you are concerned about the IRS, do not worry. As an employee of Infinity International Biotech Corporation, no government agency on Earth can legally audit you for tax evasion or other similar crimes. However, you may not disclose this information to anyone. Our existence is not something that can become public knowledge.]

“Well thanks, I guess. But seriously, what do you expect me to do?” 

I sighed, both of my throats were getting really dry. Even though I wanted to go upstairs to refill my drink, I was afraid that if I stopped staring at the screen, the messages would disappear like they never existed in the first place.

[∞: Please fill out this form. This is not a test. In order for you to function, you will require a valid driving license and identification cards. Experiment-77 will need a name. Everything else is unimportant. She does not need a fictitious past, since that may lead to unforeseen complications. If anyone attempts to investigate her, or you for that matter, we will know. When you are finished, we will contact you again.]

After that, the messages vanished as I expected they would. However, the form they wanted me to fill out arrived in my email. It was mostly basic shit. Almost all of which was already known by them and had the answers filled in… After debating for a bit, I ended up naming my female avatar: Anael Iris Angelica Healy Cinagra. Yeah, I know, why so many names?

Well I was originally just going to go with Anael Healy, but then I thought: “That doesn’t sound right.” So I changed it to Anael Iris Angelica Healy, which wasn’t too strange. A lot of people have two middle-names after all. But since I was going to be living with her pretty much forever, I decided that we might as well be legally married. It would make things simpler overall. Not that I expected it to happen, but if she was ever hospitalized, I could visit her and stuff like that. Also had to do with taxes and housing.

Anyway, they seemed to have my full medical history, non-existent job history, even a resume of all the stories I’d written. Rather than filling out the form, it was more like I was just checking to make sure it was accurate.

Once I finished with everything, the forms disappeared. Then that messenger popped up again.

[∞: Tomorrow, your ID Cards and Driver Licenses will be delivered via mail.]

“Good, now for that so-called ‘task’. What exactly do you need me to do?” I was pretty curious by that point. Also, I needed to go make a drink and Michael had to piss again. Ana’s bladder was only about halfway full though.

[∞: Very well. Please describe in your own words, how are you feeling? Psychological health is often even more important than physical wellbeing.]

I snickered, then typed out: [Mike777ac: A little weird. After all, this entire situation is strange. However, I’m actually happy. Having some voyeurs is a little weird, but I can understand the urge. Who hasn’t jerked off to some hidden spycam porn? I have a few concerns and questions, yet ultimately, I’m not afraid or depressed.]

[Service@MiscellaneousBank.com: You received 5.00 USD from an anonymous donor.]

“Seriously? I only wrote a few words and that’s worth five dollars?” I often wrote entire books without making any money off them, so it was strange to me.

[∞: You are an employee technically. However, you are not paid hourly. We find that people tend to work harder when they are earning exactly what they deserve for the job they have done. What are your questions? I will answer them to the best of my ability.]

“Okay then…” I snickered, “First of all… How the hell did you manage to get rid of my cystic acne? Is that a permanent thing or will it come back?”

[∞: Cybernetic dust mites. Directly removing the bacteria. You would not be able to see them, put perhaps would feel an itching sensation. However, once their task was complete, we recalled them from your home. In case you were concerned. Whether you will have a recurrence or not, likely depends on how compatible you are with… Anael. She is extraordinarily resistant to bacterial infection. However, we did not stop at simply improving her own resistance and immunity. Otherwise, her partner could end up dying from various diseases, while she would be left alone. The Adam and Eve Project requires a male and a female to continue functioning as intended.]

“In other words, so long as I stay close to Ana and we’re compatible as fuck, my original body shouldn’t get sick. At least not from bacteria.” I smirked, with both faces.

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