BCJ, Chapter 25: Acceptance

It only took me a few seconds of staring into that beautiful asshole to get a boner again. Thinking about shoving my cock into the slippery hole beneath it, was also turning me on a lot. Not to mention the kinkiness of pushing down on Ana’s left shoulder and thrusting into her, while being on the other side of that as well. The idea of getting ravaged by myself, definitely made me wet.

The moment I slid my dick inside Ana’s cum-drenched pussy, I had a hard time choosing between the two bodies. It almost felt like my mind was being ripped in half. It just felt way too good from both perspectives, though my vagina was a lot more sensitive than my dick…

After ending up as Ana, I looked around the painted white wooden-wall. I couldn’t see anything, but knew that I was being watched from somewhere. So I started talking.

“I’m not sure… If you’re listening, or if you care but… Although I’m controlling both bodies at the same time, I’ve noticed that I usually focus more on one than the other. This changes depending on hmm~, which body requires the most control or is experiencing, ah~, stronger sensations… I thought maybe this information would be worth something. Fuck…”

Then I switched back to Michael, as I continued speaking while thrusting in and out. Sex is really simple for the most part. There’s only so much you can do from certain positions after all.

“So yeah, while Ana obviously is feeling the most physically, there’s always the mental aspect. Who the fuck is Ana anyway? She’s no one. No past. No persona. No ego at all really… But me, I’m Michael Cinagra. A Re-Virgin who hadn’t had sex for almost ten years, before today. I basically forgot what it even felt like. Sure, I’ve played with silicone toys, but nothing beats your meat, better than writhing flesh. Aside from that, the fact that Ana is actually ‘me’, also turns me on even more. Because inside my head, is some scary shit. Or maybe not? Maybe everyone jerks off to guro hentai? Obviously I’m not going to intentionally or willingly injure Ana, or ‘Michael’. Well… Not permanently at least… Hehehe~!”

At that moment, Ana completely started laying on the bed. Her face was pressed up against the rolled up sheet and blanket, almost hitting her head on the wall. Then I ‘jumped’ onto the bed, not really. More like I very carefully climbed up behind Ana, placing my knees on the bed, while my feet were dangling off the edge. It felt like the bed would have caved inward, if Ana wasn’t basically forcing it to stay relatively flat.

Anyway, I looked down at her muscular back, pressing my thumbs in… Right below her ribs, and moving them downwards. Then I also applied some pressure around her shoulder blades. Yep, I was basically just giving myself a massage. It felt amazing. Not as good as sex, though it was a different kind of feeling. Still, I was wet and hard, so my hands eventually moved back down to her ass.

The light from the computer monitor was coming in from an angle, so I could still spread her ass cheeks and see everything pretty well. The inflammation from earlier was pretty much all gone. I was surprised at how fast she healed. Those bumps and tiny cuts were gone, while little hairs were starting to grow again. I ran my thumb against them, feeling that familiar ‘five o’ clock shadow’ effect. It was also pretty moist. A combination of sweat, vaginal juices and semen.

Then I suddenly got the urge to do something totally asinine. I reached down and grabbed Ana by the hips, then lifted her lower body up to my face. The bed creaked and sounded like it might break from the sudden pressure my knees were giving it. Her hands were pushing off the other end of the bed, so it was somewhat balanced.

For a germaphobe, I have to admit that I did some weird shit sometimes. I stuck my tongue in her asshole. Yep, I tossed my own salad. Well, to be fair, I still hadn’t shat with her body yet. So I kinda felt like it might be my only chance to try something like that.

It tickled a bit, but didn’t really have the magical sensation of a tongue against a clit, or that sweet-spot on a dick. Still, it was more the thought that counted in that case. Both Ana and Michael were extremely horny after that little experiment.

Instead of shoving my dick in her ass though, I let her down and continued on with pretty normal, vaginal penetration. It felt a hell of a lot better for Ana, while feeling about the same for ‘me’. Of course, the main reason was that I was only about ten seconds of grinding passed, before I started ejaculating. I was laying on her back, with my head on her shoulder, using my right hand fingers to rub her clitoris. The left hand was just wrapped around hers; our fingers were entwined. It kinda hurt my knuckles, but I figured it probably looked decent for the spectators.

“The problem with having a vagina, is that even though I definitely had an orgasm or two, it’s just never enough. I thought my sex drive as a dude was bad, but this… Having that cum inside me, just makes me want more. Like it’ll never be enough. I’m just glad I don’t need to worry about getting pregnant.” 

I started talking as Ana, while my two bodies were changing positions. We started trying to lay down in the bed next to each other, but it was a tight fit. Although it was bigger than a twin, it was still smaller than the queen sized mattress I used to sleep with my ex on… Back in the olden days.

“Guess I should try out missionary this time. The nice thing about missionary and cowgirl, is that you can grab hold of the girl’s ass pretty easily. I guess it goes both ways. Guys like having their ass squeezed too…”

With Ana on her back, I got on top of her and thrust inside unceremoniously. I was still hard, and while my body was getting really tired, my mind was definitely still horny as hell. I had to pull her boxers back up, then pushed one side of the leg hole open-farther. Otherwise I would have needed to take her underwear off, and like I explained earlier, I wasn’t gonna do that.

Ana had her feet together, with her legs spread apart. It was a posture I often used when I woke up with a boner and tried to jerk off. However, there was a reason why I could never get off like that.

“There’s just something so fucking liberating about not needing to worry about getting pregnant, making a mess or hurting the person you’re having sex with… I could totally keep having sex without orgasming or ejaculating for hours at a time, but why should I? You have no idea how exhausting it can be… Well maybe you do? When you have to worry about hurting your partner’s body or even just their delicate little feelings! Half the time you don’t even know what’s wrong with them! They either lie or don’t talk about it, to try and goad sympathy outta you… If you got a problem, then just tell them for fuck’s sake! Otherwise you’re just manipulating their emotions in order to make them feel as bad as you do! That ain’t something you do to someone you truly love. You should be able to tell them anything, and the two of you can work shit out together! Damn, I’m getting so angry that I’m about to cum already!”

Ana and I were grabbing each other’s asses pretty hard, with our nails sinking into our flesh. We weren’t bleeding, but it sure felt like it. Still, that only turned me on more. My face was basically pressed against the yellow pillow, which was way darker than it should have been, since it hadn’t been washed in a while. It smelled like ‘me’. I’m not sure about other people, but I never really found my own scent to smell bad. Especially now that I’m both a guy and a girl at the same time, it makes things a little more complicated. It wasn’t like with my ex though, I didn’t get turned on just by smelling my own scent. Maybe it had to do with my own pheromones not affecting me?

Her legs were wrapped around mine, and even after I came, I didn’t stop. I was sore, and in a decent amount of pain. But honestly, I didn’t care. Even after hitting my cervix a few times, I didn’t start crying or force myself to stop. My balls kept clapping against Ana’s asshole, so obviously they were in quite a bit of agony as well. The skin on my dick was practically rubbed raw, while jizz was all over Ana’s asshole and my testicles… It was kinda gross to be honest, but I didn’t care.

All I could think about was how amazing it felt, oh, and how much money I was gonna make. To be fair though, I was also trying to remember whether I actually posted those chapters or just edited them?

After a few more minutes, I finally separated from Ana. I groaned, then got up off the bed and walked over to the amp. As I pulled out a few tissues, the box almost fell off the side. My hand was shaking, no, both of them were. It was normal, for me at least.

I let out a sigh, as I started to wipe off my dick, which was still hard and sticking out the right side of my boxers. Jizz and pussy juice were both very viscous and sticky. If you don’t clean it off before it hardens, it kinda solidifies into a crusty layer on your skin and… Yeah, it’s gross. And in the winter, it’ll dry you the fuck out.

“I’m not sure if you’re still paying attention, but I just ejaculated three times. Including the bathroom earlier, that’s four. Just making sure you’re keeping track…” 

I was talking while cleaning off the wet spot on the bed, and Ana’s whole groin region. Had to use like ten tissues to get the job done. As I walked over to put them on the table, I noticed a ‘1 new message’ notification on the email tab. Before I could do anything, the computer just switched over to the email tab on its own. Well, obviously it was those mysterious Infinity people who were doing that shit. The email also opened up without me having to do anything.

[Service@MiscellaneousBank.com: You received 400.00 USD from an anonymous donor.]

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