BCJ, Chapter 26: Cuddling

That fateful day, was finally over… I still needed to piss, with both bodies, so it wasn’t like I could just go straight to sleep. However, that only took a few minutes. The sky was still pretty bright, since it was technically the middle of the day.

When I came back downstairs again, I realized that I forgot to put a shirt on Ana again. My mother was in my brother’s old room, painting or something. While my father was out buying random stuff from the store. 

The problem was that once I lay down in bed, I consider myself dirty. Hence, even if I used my shirt one last time, I wouldn’t be able to use it again in the middle of the night, when I would eventually wake up to piss. Or in the morning, when I would wake up for real, and have to go up and take a shower. Either way, I was gonna end up showing my parents Ana’s non-existent tits again at some point, so I figured “Who gives a damn anyway?”

I tallied up all my savings in my head, including the money I got earlier in the day. A total of about eight thousand dollars. It was more money than I ever had in my entire life, but it was also not much in the grand scheme of things. I was already thinking about what I needed to buy in the coming days: A computer, a new and much larger desk, two new office chairs and well… A decent bed. First, I would start with things that I could order online.

Before any of that though, I needed to go the fuck to sleep. With my hands relatively clean, since I just washed the seconds earlier, I finally shut my computer down. Then I hit the red button on my monitor’s remote, which was sitting right next to the webcam. Of course, most of it was hidden underneath and behind the screen, so only the part that I needed to use was visible.

Meanwhile, Ana was sipping iced tea out of a straw, after turning the fan at the bottom of my bed, on medium. That low humming sound was always so… Relaxing for me. At that moment, for the first time, Ana farted. 

Well, it felt like I had cramps in my back and sides after having sex, but I thought I just pulled a muscle or something. I actually didn’t fart very frequently. Usually only when I was about to take a shit or in the process of shitting, hence why I didn’t mention flatulence every five seconds.

Anyway, it was finally time to try and lay down in bed together. Ana went down onto the bed first, scooting over as far as possible. Then I laid down next to her, almost smacking my forehead against the back of her head. Turned out that my pillow wasn’t big enough for the two of us.

Fortunately, I had two pillows. It’s just that I always needed two of them to be comfortable. So I was faced with the dilemma of either using one pillow for each body, or trying to fit both of my heads on the single stack. 

First, I tried cuddling. Sex is amazing, but having another person wrapping their arms around you, pressing their body against yours… Yeah, it ain’t nearly as comfortable as I expected it to be. I think the main problem was that both my bodies were in decent shape. Unlike fat, muscle can be pretty damn hard and sharp. Of course, there are major benefits to being in shape. But that definitely ain’t one of them. 

Honestly though, my biggest problem was that both bodies were the exact same height. Cuddling is something tall people and short people can do together. When you’re both around the same size, it’s way more difficult. 

Fortunately, both Michael and Ana had super short hair. Otherwise, that would have been yet another difficulty. I remember almost suffocating a few times when I was sleeping behind my ex… Aside from that, you also have to worry about the hairs getting all over everything. With short hair, that usually ain’t a noticeable issue.

Eventually, I just turned away from Ana. With both my bodies facing in opposite directions, there seemed to be a lot more space for my arms and legs. The bed creaked and groaned every time one of ‘us’ turned around to get more comfortable. Hell, in that thirty minutes, I even needed to move both my heads up, in order to flip the pillow over.

The pillow I laid my heads on, was a really thick and firm one. It made a lot of noise whenever I moved around on it. While the one underneath that was soft enough that it didn’t really give much support when I laid on it directly. Both of my bodies had a similar posture, with one arm in between the pillows, while the other was laying on my side. 

For the most part, I kept my legs straight, with one on top of the other… But that was difficult sometimes. It was one of the reasons why I usually turned over a lot before getting comfortable. When you have balls to worry about, you have to be careful when laying on your side like that. But with Ana, she didn’t have much trouble. Her legs also weren’t as heavy and seemed relatively more durable. She was the first to fall asleep.

“Holy shit, that was fucking weird…” I murmured, though I didn’t know if the ‘observers’ could hear me over the fan. So I spoke a little louder, “When Ana lost consciousness, it was like… A part of ‘me’ faded away. You gotta figure that since a lot of what we think and feel is physical, based entirely on our brain… Well, maybe that’s why I feel so much smaller now. Empty… Maybe Ana’s brain chemistry is more umm, I don’t know, emotional? Or maybe it’s just because I had two, entire brains working together, but with only one… Makes me wonder how I lived like this until now? There are so many… Mnmmm…”

Yeah, I fell asleep mid-sentence. To be fair though, I did that a lot. The difference was that I didn’t think anyone was listening before. So it didn’t really matter.

When I wearily opened my eyes again, I felt a splitting headache. Then I yawned and tried to push myself up off the bed, but fell back down into its squeaky embrace. My bladder felt like it would explode, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t wake up as Michael.

“I guess… Yesterday wasn’t a dream after all, huh?” I mumbled, as I tried to roll over my other body. It felt like the bed might flip over if I wasn’t careful, so I quickly stood up the moment I bypassed the half-naked man. It was also weird that he didn’t have a boner, at least I thought it was strange at the time.

“Ah~woo~…” I make weird noises when I yawn by the way. I cracked my neck a bit, then stretched my arms out and started trudging towards the illuminated staircase. As I was walking up it, I whispered “I’m not sure if you can hear me right now… But if you can, I’ll tell you about my dream, before I forget.”

As I made it into the kitchen, I looked around carefully and peeked into the living room, noticing that no one was there. I was topless, so I was afraid that my parents might see me again. Fortunately, they both seemed to be upstairs discussing something loudly. I couldn’t clearly hear what they were saying, but my mother was laughing a lot, and my father was chuckling occasionally. Maybe they were watching a cat video on my mother’s computer? Who knows?

I glanced at the microwave, squinting so that I could see the time: About seven PM or so. It was really fucking dark outside, but the kitchen light, like always, was still on. It wasn’t until I walked into the bathroom and pulled my boxers to the side that I remembered, “Fucking cuntballs, I have a vagina…”

Did I just pull my underwear down and sit on the toilet like a normal girl? Hell no! I just copied what I did in the bathtub, but was twice as cautious. I was practically squatting over the relatively short toilet bowl, then started pissing in a very ‘light’ stream, in order to avoid spraying it everywhere or dealing with splashing issues.

“If you’re listening… I’ll start now. It was… A cultivation story. Like one of them Chinese or Korean ones. Probably cause I’ve been reading so many of them lately. Anyway, it started out with Ana and I… My two bodies, being I don’t know, teleported? To some random world… There were lots of mountains, surrounded by an endless ocean. I got stronger the more I had sex. I could feel it in my gut, like where I guess my uterus would be… Like there was another organ there. A ‘dantian’, though I did literally write a story about this kinda shit called ‘The Dao of Eros’, and the main character also had a type of ‘dual cultivation technique’. His was a lot more destructive though. While the one I remember using in the dream was more… Pleasant. The Tantric Scripture of… Something Mountain, can’t remember the name… You know how dreams are, right?”

I snickered, as I finally finished pissing. Then I used a few pieces of toilet paper to wipe my pussy off. I wasn’t satisfied with that though, so I then walked over to the sink and started using soap and water to wash myself off properly. Afterwards, I dried myself off with some more toilet paper. Of course, I still washed my hands in the kitchen sink, took out a glass from the cabinet and then rinsed that off as well.

In between my several-hour long sleeping sessions, I always had to drink something or my throat would be way too dry. Not only that, but I also had to blow my nose most of the times or at least pick it. With Ana though, she didn’t seem to have the same sinus issues. She was still really thirsty however, so I had to make a drink.

Usually, I would get my fix from a carton of peach orchard punch. But there was a pitcher of orangeade in there, and it was much easier to pour. I only needed a few ounces… It only took a moment to drink it all and quench my thirst. Then I put the glass over by the other dirty dishes and washed my hands off one last time, before heading back downstairs.

The door was open and the gate was leaning over on the side of the bookshelves, in the living room, so I knew that the cat wasn’t in the house. Thus, I didn’t need to worry about closing the door behind me.

“Cultivation… Like growing crops, but with magic… And the crops are people.”

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