BCJ, Chapter 31: Packing

Toiletries, which I think includes body wash and hair soap. I had a few unopened extras of both types in the bathroom upstairs. I needed to pack my toothbrushes, some extra tooth paste and a ‘small’ 8-pack of toilet paper. Just in case they didn’t have anything when I got there, and needed to wait a week or so to get some delivered. Not that I’d need to use eight rolls of toilet paper in a day, but you never know what might happen. Three unopened boxes of tissues. Four alcohol wipe containers, one of which was open already. A black leather wallet with a hundred or so dollars in it.

I had two pairs of brown flip flops, one pair of old almost broken sneakers and a pair of almost unused black formal shoes. The kind you wear with like suits or whatever. There were only about five pairs of socks left in the cubby hole I kept them in, which was weird, because I originally had like twenty.

There were a ton of vitamins, most of which may or may not function anymore, but I packed them in a suitcase all the same. Ibuprofen… I took a few bottles of that, just in case. The real problem was my computer screen. I didn’t have a spare box laying around, so I needed to be really careful when moving it.

Technically, it was a flat-screen television. I also had two spare monitors that were much smaller, but still larger than the 16” screens of my newly purchased laptops. I left my old retainers in that mirror cabinet, because I figured I was far beyond the point where I could ever use them again. In the worst case scenario, I could buy new ones.

I had three decent guitars. My favorite was an electric seven-string, which I kept in the nicest hard case I had. The second best, though I never used it anymore, was a decent electric six string that had a whammy bar. The last, was my first ever guitar… Or at least the first one that wasn’t trash. Also an electric six string, but with no special features aside from being very easy to play and having a relatively low action. Finally, the amp that I primarily used to hold tissues and alcohol wipes.

It was a 150 Watt amp, with one speaker. Nothing too fancy, though it did have settings for distortion and acoustic, so I wouldn’t need a pedal to use with it. Of course, I did have a separate guitar pedal, for use with regular amps.

A few wires for the guitars, some of which probably didn’t work anymore. I took them anyway and didn’t really have the patience to try them out first. Two dumbbells, one was a forty pounder, the other was fifty pounds. Honestly, most of the shit I was packing or preparing to take with me, weren’t necessary at all.

I didn’t bother looking at the old consoles. The newest one was of the last generation. I stuck to PC gaming since then, since it’s generally cheaper and with ‘mods’ to some games, often much more enjoyable. I’m not even talking about nude mods, though they’re also pretty nice if you can get them to work properly. I mean, if you want a truly immersive experience, you should at least be able to take the underwear off a corpse you’re looting…

Moving on… Cell phones. I didn’t buy one. I did decide to take the little piece of shit burner phone with me, which I almost never used, but my father kept charging with more minutes just in case. It was the kind, where you can’t really do much else than call people. If my parents wanted to talk to me, they could call me through that, until it stopped working. Then through emails or video chats.

Yeah, I’m saying this as if I was going through and packing my bags at that very moment, but in reality, shit doesn’t happen so quickly. It was only three AM. I did pick out some decent suitcases and duffle bags from the ‘back of the basement’, but I didn’t start stuffing them quite yet. 

I still needed to make breakfast: A bag of sourdough pretzels which I shared between my two bodies, along with a single orange-vanilla popsicle ice cream thing. I know it’s not the most delicious or nutritious breakfast, but my mind was in other places.

“Phew~, I probably gotta pack some dishes and utensils too. We got plenty of extra pots and pans I could take with me… Obviously gotta bring my mugs, but maybe a few glasses and bowls? Glass might break though… I’ll stick with ceramic bowls and plates. I can’t believe I got so much shit!”

As soon as I set my mind to something, I couldn’t help but stress out over it. The fact that I hadn’t gone anywhere in years wasn’t that big of a deal. But moving to a fucking island in the middle of nowhere all of a sudden, was definitely enough to make it hard for me to think about anything else.

Now that I was somewhat used to it, I was actually able to piss in the first-floor toilet as Ana without much trouble. On the other hand, since I was so distracted, I managed to have piss splash all over Michael’s legs a few minutes later. After cleaning up that mess I decided to start getting to work.

Although I would need to wait until probably noon Friday, for my packages to arrive, this wasn’t the kinda shit I could wait till the last minute to do… My OCD wouldn’t allow it!

“Mao~! Maou~! Rawr~!” Midnight was freaking out as I started to put things inside trash bags: Cans of food in one, dishes and bowls in another. It was obviously making a lot of noise and scaring the little ‘baby’.

“Midnight, go to bed…” My father groaned from the living room, “Go to bed Midnight.” He didn’t want to yell and wake up the birds or my mother upstairs, but his ‘orders’ simply weren’t working on the annoying kitty. Ultimately, he got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen, staring at the two of ‘me’.

“Hey Daddy, Ana and I are just packing… Umm, I know this is sudden, but we’re moving out. I really love you and Mommy… It’s just that time, ya know? The two of you will be fine with the money you’ll get from the house and without having two extra mouths to feed, you can live wherever you want.”

His eyes were practically still closed, as he said “Michael… You can do whatever the hell you want. You’re a grown-ass man… But unless your girlfriend is rich, I can’t see how you can afford to do that…”

“Not rich exactly.” I suddenly switched to Ana, who was carefully putting ceramic plates into a trash bag. Then I turned to my father who was walking past me, towards the crying cat who was over by the back door. I snickered and explained, “I own a house and an acre of land on an island off the coast of Florida… It’s near the HQ of the company Michael and I work for, so it’ll make things more convenient if we get promoted in the future. Right now we’re each making about a thousand a day, so it’s not the kinda opportunity we can pass up… Ya know?”

“A thousand a day?!” The moment he let the cat outside, he turned around towards us and asked “What the hell are you guys doing that you’re making that much?! Selling drugs? Are you assassins? Hahahaha~…”

I switched back to Michael and sighed, “Well… We kinda do sell drugs, in the sense that we’re working for a big pharmaceutical company. But we can’t talk about what we do exactly, or tell you which company it is… Sorry Daddy, but you know how NDA’s work, right? We can’t afford to lose this kinda job, I mean, would you take any chances if you were making that much?”

“Hell no! Hahaha, don’t worry, I’ll talk to your mother. But do you have to leave today?” He looked at our trash bags and asked, “We got plenty uh duffle bags and suitcases downstairs, so why the hell ain’t you using them?”

“We are, just not for this shit. I still need to pack clothing, though I’ll use trash bags for that too. I have a computer, monitors and some other stuff… By the way, you and Mommy will be moving too, so you might need some of those bags as well.”

My father scoffed, “We’ll just all a damn moving company. Ain’t no way in Hell we’re gonna try to move all this shit on our own!”


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