BCJ, Chapter 32: ‘Married’

Once I was done obsessively packing away dishes, forks, knives, spoons, bowls, pots, pans, cans and other things into those trash bags, I brought them down stairs. Along with plenty of empty trash bags for later use. Then I washed my hands, obviously.

“Pft~, hahaha~!”


Both of my bodies were sitting in front of the computer screen. I was mainly controlling Michael and sitting on the office chair, while Ana was giggling next to me. We were watching a video of a cat, making weird faces at another cat behind their back. So just normal Facenovel stuff.

There was a reason why I went on there, aside from compulsively ‘liking and sharing’ random videos. I also had to say “Happy Birthday!” to the fucking five people on my list of Friends who were born that day? March 7th… 

Anyway, I went on Facenovel because I wanted to change my relationship status from ‘Forever Alone’ to ‘Married’. I also took a shitty webcam picture of Ana and I ‘smiling’ into the camera, though she was the only one with her teeth showing, and I looked kinda uncomfortable. 

Either way, I posted the picture while writing: [Oh hey, did I mention that I got married to this beautiful girl that happens to be as crazy as me? Well, now you know. Anael, like the angel name, not Anal lol… But yeah, we’re gonna be moving out of the basement and off to a tropical island. What could possibly go wrong? She already owns the house though, so it’s not like we’re buying it or anything. Ah, and it’s relatively close to Florida, so I might be able to come see you sometime @Jane… Aside from that, I might not be on Facenovel for a while, because I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to get the internet up and running after moving. I guess that’s it, lmao. Hasta luego… Why does this kinda sound like a suicide note? Well, whatever.]

Within a few seconds, ‘Peter’ commented: [By crazy, you mean Autistic?]

I replied: [OCD ain’t Autism lol. If you wanna play Gun God, I’m not busy atm…]

[It’s like 9AM on a Thursday, I gtg to work lol. Congrats on getting married? I’ll talk to you later.]

“Pft, haha~… Ah~, hmm… Hey Infinity, you there? Aside from having sex and dreaming, is there anything else you want me to do right now?” 

I went over to my email, since that seemed to be the main method that they contacted me with. And sure enough, they immediately answered my question: [∞: We are always monitoring you. If you wish to complete a task… Very well. We have already established that your reproductive instinct is unnecessarily powerful. Thus, we would like to test your mental and physical limits. If you can spend the next 8 hours without orgasming with either of your bodies, you will receive 1000 USD.]

“Um… Okay, but couldn’t I just give myself ten creampies real fast for the same amount of money? Seems like it would be a lot more enjoyable too…” I obviously started grumbling, in an attempt to raise the price a bit.

]∞: Indeed… After the eight hours are over, you will receive 200 USD per internal ejaculation afterwards, for up to four hours.]

“That’s fine by me. Holding in my lust might be hard, but for two thousand dollars, I could definitely last eight hours.” I was already planning to have sex at least five times in those four hours.

[∞: Do as you wish.]

With that, the conversation ended. The messages disappeared as if they never existed, and I was left wondering what the fuck I was gonna do for the next eight hours…

Reading and writing, would both lead to me getting horny. That’s just how my minds works. However, video-games, especially ones about building and stuff, would keep me distracted for hours. For example, Gun God Online. So the first thing I did, was start up a new character in single-player mode.

At the very beginning of the game, new characters are completely naked. If I went with a female, I’d definitely get a boner fast. Making a dude, who somewhat looked like me, took fifteen minutes. Add in all the extra settings and shit I needed to fill out before that, a half-hour had already passed before I even started.

I picked one of the harshest environments, the desert. A few minutes of wandering around picking up random rocks and animal shit, I eventually made it to an oasis. Where I instantly died, because I got surrounded by at least ten almost-naked guys who wielded clubs and sharpened sticks.

Fortunately death wasn’t a big deal in the early game. The only problem was that I respawned at a random spot, next to a river, then got eaten by crocodiles. Yeah, I eventually got pissed off and gave up.

“I should just plate Gates…” The Gates of Sidhe, pronounced ‘shee’, was my go-to time killing game. Since a few new races and a new class came out recently, I decided to try them out. Of the races, the only one I unlocked was the Spectral Elves who were basically ghosts. They had the benefit of being able to fly around and hover, while also taking less damage from physical sources, but they took more magic damage. At least in the beginning. Their Racial Trait Tree included ways to lessen the negative effects and boost the positive ones.

The class was the ‘Bard’. Which I know is actually pretty common in some tabletop games, but very few video games like The Gates of Sidhe had them. Possibly because their abilities would sound too annoying? Either way, I started a new character and began my journey.

Ten hours later…

“Ugh, my necks…” I groaned and complained, while leaning back on my office chair. Then I sighed, “Finally made it to level sixty. Phew, how much time until… Holy fuck!”

Yep, I overshot the eight hours by two, so I only had two hours left if I wanted to make extra cash. However, I was tired as fuck. Throughout the day, I did my normal stuff. Pissed a total of about 30 times, counting both bodies, and actually ran out of iced tea. At some point I made my own, while also boiling some spaghetti noodles. Speaking of which, I remembered to pack away practically all the pasta we had.

Michael had explosive diarrhea immediately after eating the spaghetti, while I just continued power-leveling as Ana. Due to the fact that Spectral Elves can basically fly from the start, albeit with slower movement speed than running, I was able to get through the early game leveling in only a few minutes. At level 15 the flying speed was about the same as running on foot, but then form 30 onward it just got more extreme. At level 60, I was able to move at the same speed as the fastest flying mount, but I didn’t need to ‘cast’ the mounting spell. I could just click the Spectral Flight button and take off.

Anyway, although I had two hours left to fuck my brains out, I was way too exhausted to do anything too extreme. I simply went to the bed as Michael, then switched to Ana and had her ride on top of him. Basic cowgirl style… Nothing too fancy.

I’m not going into much detail, because I don’t really remember it all that well. I came once with Ana on top of me, while she had an orgasm or two… Then, with her laying on her side, I fucked her from behind and creampied her again. That was it though.

We brushed our teeth afterwards and went to sleep. I was too tired to even think about doing it again. Not to mention that I was excited for ‘tomorrow’. Unfortunately, since I went to sleep around 2 PM, it was gonna be a really long day.

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