BCJ, Chapter 33: Different Tastes

“Ugh… Something about dragons. Sorry, I just can’t remember anything else. I might have fucked one of the dragons in the ass? Well, whatever, I’m going back to sleep…”

The first to wake up was Ana, who went up stairs, drank something, pissed in the downstairs bathroom and went back to sleep.

“Giant ghosts. Yep, like normal people ghosts, but the size of skyscrapers… They were… On Mars? But then some people woke up and it turned out that they were just dreaming about the ghosts and Mars. I wasn’t in the dream, which is fucking weird as it is, but my parents were playing music… Oh wait, that’s probably because they were literally practicing today, while I was trying to sleep.”

The second time was Michael, who proceeded to do the same thing as always, before going back to bed.

“Holy fuck, I know how Immortal Soul ends now! Shit, I need to write this down but… So tired… I’ll just say it to you, and hope that you can jot it all down for me somehow…”

Third time was Ana, with crucial information and gibberish about one of my most popular stories back then. Of course, I ended up going in a totally different direction than what I dreamed about, so it was kinda irrelevant.

Last but not least, both my bodies woke up simultaneously… Around 3 AM. Yep, I slept for almost thirteen hours. Which was definitely weird, but not completely abnormal. If you consider all the time in between, where I woke up to piss, drink stuff and tell stories, it was probably closer to twelve hours.

Time flies when you’re doing the same thing you’ve done a thousand times before. Since I didn’t have sex in the shower this time, it wasn’t even worth describing. By 3:15 AM, I was already dressed and ready to get shit done…

And somehow I ended up on Facenovel, watching a cat trying to sit in a tiny cardboard box. However, after I was done with that bullshit, I went to my email and saw the new messages.

[Service@MiscellaneousBank.com: You received 100.00 USD from an anonymous donor.]

[Service@MiscellaneousBank.com: You received 500.00 USD from an anonymous donor.]

[Service@MiscellaneousBank.com: You received 500.00 USD from an anonymous donor.]

“Wow… That’s actually a lot of money.” I mumbled, while looking at my bank account balance: 10555 dollars! Ana was sitting on the office chair, while Michael was upstairs making a drink once more. This time however, the only mug available was the tall and skinny one. The other two red mugs were clean, but I decided to pack them away last night.

“Guess it’s time to get to work… For real.” I murmured, as I stood up and wandered around my room aimlessly for a few minutes. Afraid to touch anything and also barely able to see. I wanted to open my window for light, but it was the middle of the night. Eventually I sat back down and turned on my ‘Favorites’ playlist. Which was filled with all kinds of music, from K-Pop, to Anime Theme Covers, to Broadway, piano covers, metal… Yeah, it was pretty random. Though I did have a ‘Randomness’ playlist that included even weirder things.

The ‘fully furnished’ part of the house included a huge king-sized wooden bed-frame, with a spring mattress. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, but I definitely wasn’t going to bring along either my ancient fluffy mattress or the newer yet shittier little bed that it was laying on. The king-sized bed included sheets, covers and pillows, but I took my two pillows and some extra pillowcases just ‘in case’. I packed them away in a trash bag.

In order to prevent myself from getting bored or distracted, I decided “Why not procrastinate in turns?” While Michael was on the internet, binge reading a few of the webnovel series that I hadn’t caught up with yet, Ana filled trash bags with random shit. In order to avoid washing my hands continuously, I had Michael lift the mug up to my face so that I could take a sip.

After both my bodies needed to piss, I switched roles. With Michael putting away the guitars and taking them upstairs to the living room, along with the amp and a bunch of the filled trash bags. Somehow my father managed to sleep through all that noise. Of course, every time the cat cried, he would wake up immediately to check and make sure the little brat wasn’t about to shit or piss himself.

By the time I finished packing everything except my computer and putting it all in the living room, near the front door, it was already 6:30 AM. Yeah, I know, it was still really fucking early. My shit wouldn’t arrive for another five to eight hours. But I could feel it, a huge turning point in my life.

Honestly, the last time I moved, I wasn’t able to really ‘experience’ it… Since I was recovering from an appendectomy. There was still the looming fear that I might wake up; that everything involving Ana was all part of an elaborate dream.

It’s kinda ironic that my greatest nightmare would be to wake up from a pleasant dream… Also, wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened to me. The worst part was that I usually forget most of the shit that I experienced.

“This toast is really fucking good.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know, I think I like the potato bread better plain.”

As I was thinking about the future and what the island would be like, I was having a ‘meal’ with myself. Ana was enjoying a few pieces of toasted potato bread slices. Nothing else really. While I was just eating the untoasted slices on their own.

“No… The toast is definitely better. It’s so warm and crispy…” Ana murmured, with a smirk on her face.

Then I raised my left eyebrow slightly and moved my ass around on the uncomfortable metal chair, before wondering “How the fuck can I have two completely different opinions about the same thing?”

Ana giggled, “Ain’t this normal? Well, definitely weird, but I’m always like this. Like when I eat chocolate pudding and get sick, but I’ll keep eating it because it tastes good… Until it doesn’t. Maybe Ana and I, er, hmmm… Maybe my two bodies have different taste buds after all? Well whatever… I really wanna eat chocolate pudding now.”

“I’d rather have raisin bread, toasted…” I snickered, shaking my head as I finished off the last piece of yellowish potato bread. Then I went upstairs to prepare some more food for my two bodies.

My appetite was definitely growing. I figured it probably had to do with the fact that I was exercising more frequently, communicating telepathically and having sex a lot. Still, one of the benefits of having two stomachs, was that I could eat twice as much and not get sick. Not that I’m particularly gluttonous, but it’s definitely a nice perk.

“Awn~!” I switched back to Ana and yawned. Then I started looking through the comments on Facenovel, most of them about memes or videos. However, then I noticed that my post about moving had over a hundred comments and a couple dozen likes. Obviously I had to read through every single one and reply to at least half of them. Of course, most of the comments were actually a few people having a conversation in long comment chains. While most of the other comments were just generic “Congrats!” or GIFs that basically said the same thing.

Then I got this weird feeling… I finally had a ‘job’ and a decent amount of money that I could spend on basically whatever I wanted. So I went through my friend’s list, specifically the people I actually talked to the most, mainly Peter, Jane, Rachael and a few others. Facenovel actually had a feature in the messenger where you could send people money, but who the fuck would trust Facenovel with that kinda information?

Instead, I just bought random video game bundles and sent them to Peter, Rachael, my brother Adam and the few other people who I gave a damn about. If you’re wondering who the hell Rachael is, she was just a girl I went to school with and eventually we became internet buddies. For my cousin Jane, I sent her a bundle of Ebooks. 

In total, I spent fifty-five bucks. Yeah, I didn’t do that because of my OCD, okay? Just because I had 10555 dollars, doesn’t mean I would spend exactly 55 in order to even things out a bit. It’s just one of life’s happy coincidences. Did I mention that I don’t believe in coincidences?

Michael came back down the stairs while I doing all that, with toasted cinnamon-swirl raisin bread on a plate in one hand, and a small bowl of chocolate pudding in the other. It was time to stuff my face once again.

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