BCJ, Chapter 34: Actually Leaving

[∞: Your packages have arrived. Please go to dock 3 of the Emerson Wharf. The sooner you disembark, the safer the trip will be… A tropical storm is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, while a Blizzard is likely to hit Maryland later today.]

“Holy shit, it’s only eight… Hope my parents are awake.” I muttered as Ana, while rushing up the stairs as Michael. Without much trouble he opened the two heavy front doors, then the screen door. It was only like ten degrees outside, Fahrenheit, so I was freezing my ass off in only underwear and a t-shirt. I was so afraid that someone might steal my shit, that I forgot to put on any kinda clothing or shoes.

“So I guess this is goodbye for a while, Infinity. Once I pack up my computer, I won’t be able to talk with you for…” Before I could even finish saying that, they already replied.

[∞: Along with your licenses, identifications and passports, we also sent you a cellphone. The device can be utilized anywhere, but will only be able to contact us for now. Features such as internet connection are not available, in order to maintain complete privacy. These can be altered at a later date.]

Although I don’t really like phones, it’s not as if I hated them or couldn’t use them at all. I simply needed to keep them clean. Which was usually a pain in the ass and I was too lazy to do that most of the time…

“Oh fuck, I almost forgot to pack towels!” While Michael went up to the upstairs bathroom with a trash bag and started shoving the relatively clean towels inside, I was focusing on the much more complicated task in the basement.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point, whether I’m clean or dirty. It’s time to go.” I murmured, while shutting down my computer. Then I unplugged everything, including the ‘plugs’. Outlet power strips, I think they’re called? I had at least three of them. One plugged into the desktop tower and I used to use it for console games; it was basically behind my desk and the hardest to get to… At this point of course, I needed to open my wooden thing that blocked my window in order to let some light inside. Or it would be pitch-black.

Next was the one that my monitor and space heater were plugged into. That one was right underneath my metal chair. I moved that outta the way, folded it up and placed it against one of the many stacks of random junk in the basement. The last one was plugged into the wall and basically only acted as an extension cord for the second power strip.

Then I had to disconnect all the wires from the back of my desktop, the most annoying of which, was the monitor cable. It had those two little twisty things on the sides that take forever to unscrew. Eventually, Michael came back downstairs and helped me carry everything up to the living room. Then I needed to get dressed with both my bodies. Essentially, I just put on some jeans, socks, Michael wore the dress shoes, while Ana got the sneakers. Then ‘we’ wore some generic blue button-up long-sleeve shirts.

“Daddy!” I shouted up the stairs, making sure that I was using my original body to talk. I could hear both my parents arguing with each other about something, so I needed to go up there in order for them to pay attention.

“Daddy, Mommy, I need to go now.” When I got upstairs, that was the first thing I said. The two of them were in the bird room, in front of the computer screen and looking at houses. They were trying to decide ‘where’ to move, like what state, so they were looking up prices in different places… Or something like that.

“Go where?” My mother furrowed her brows and asked, “You’re gonna go outside wearing that?! It’s like zero degrees out there!”

“Hun, calm down. Michael is moving to an island with his girlfriend. But do you really need to do that right now? Are you gonna call a cab or what?” My father was wearing a flannel shirt and old jeans, which was his normal indoor attire.

“Uh, fuck no. I need one of you to drive us to Emerson Wharf, down in Fell’s Point. Listen, this ain’t like when Adam and his boyfriend moved out to fucking Buffalo without even having jobs there or a place to live. Ana already owns the house, and we both work extremely well-paying jobs there. And yes, we gotta go now. It’s kind of an emergency, since I don’t wanna die in a shipwreck because I waited a few hours and a storm hit while I’m out at sea. So let’s get going!”

I walked over into the bird room and said, “To show my sincerity… Here, I’ll hug you for the first time in I don’t know how many years…” As I was hugging my father, he seemed shocked and confused, but my mother happily squeezed me as tight as she could. She was one of those ‘huggers’: Weird people that give hugs to pretty much everyone they knew.

I backed away from them and asked, “I love you both, but I gotta move on with my life. So can you drive me to the boat or not?”

My father was the first to say, “I love you too, and yeah, just let me get my coat.”

“I love you too Michael…” My mother was actually crying, though I guess it wasn’t strange. For the first time in probably forty years, the two of them were going to be completely ‘alone’. Before me, I actually had an older half-brother that they raised together. But that’s not important.

The next sequence of events was extremely tedious. Both of my bodies, along with my father, started loading the van outside with well, everything. It was fucking freezing out there, so I didn’t have time to enjoy the sensation of being outside in the sunlight for very long. Eventually I had to go inside and grab some black hoodies from the living room closet, which was very close to the kitchen. 

By that time, my mother was actually dressed and ready to go, so she started helping us out as well. It took an hour or so, and then we all got in the van together. My father was driving, my mother sat in the passenger seat up front, while Ana and I were in the middle row. Normally I’d sit either in the front or the very back, but the whole back was covered with boxes and bags. The space behind the back seats was also full of shit. Hell, my two bodies barely had room to sit in the middle row.

“Ugh, I already feel nauseous.” I grumbled as soon as the doors were closed. I think it was the smell, because we hadn’t even started moving yet. It wasn’t just ‘Michael’ either, even as Ana, I felt like I was really dizzy and my stomach was churning.

“My head…” As Ana, rubbed my temples and tried to ignore the dual discomfort. Eventually the van started jerking around, as my father drove out of the ‘parking place’. It was the city, so the spot was just along the sidewalk, but in between two other cars.

“You two okay back there? I know Michael has issues with motion sickness, but are you feeling sick too Ana?” My mother turned back towards us and asked.

Then my father scolded, “Don’t make them talk. Just let em rest. Deb, the last thing we need is you gettin sick too, so stop…”

“Oh shush. You always do this, it’s like you won’t let me talk.” My mother complained and then the two of them started yelling at each other. Ultimately, it made my headache worse.

Fortunately, Fell’s Point was literally only a few minutes from my house. There was barely any traffic too, so we got lucky…

The Emerson Inn was a massive building near the water, kinda like a skyscraper by Baltimore standards. Fortunately, there was a passage on the left side of the parking lot, for people who just wanna go to their boats. Of course, it was protected by a huge chain-link fence, with barbed wire at the top. There was a huge automatic gate in the middle of the path.

“Michael, do you need to go out and show them your ID or-Oh wow…” Before my mother could finish talking, the gate opened on its own. Then my father casually entered the Wharf area. Inside, there were five piers, so ‘Dock 3’ was obviously the middle one.

What made things more simple, was that there really weren’t many boats docked. On each huge pier, there were only two or three, then in the middle, there was only a single one. Fortunately, it was docked as close to the shore as possible, so moving my stuff into it wasn’t too bad.

The ship was basically a speedboat yacht, about fourteen meters in length and there wasn’t much above deck. When I walked up near the side of the almost entirely white ship to get a closer look, the door to the cabin opened up automatically.

“Holy shit, you weren’t lying… This is like some spy shit.” My father snickered and carried over a few random trash bags of stuff. While my mother was carrying my computer monitor. Then I went over and started moving the unopened boxes, containing the stuff sent by ∞ and those laptops.

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