BCJ, Chapter 36: Alone Together on a Boat

“I mean, I have tried meditation before, many times. It kinda-sorta worked when I was younger, trying to become stronger. I would work out and then focus all my mental powers on healing faster, so I could get ripped more quickly. On the other hand, I also really tried to meditate hard, in order to heal from sicknesses, including acne. Didn’t work that well, at least not that I noticed.”

As I grumbled to myself in the bedroom, Ana finished her shower and also entered inside… We were both still soaked. Water was dripping down both of my faces, while the carpet was getting drenched. The bed didn’t have a blanket, just a thin white sheet and two fluffy white pillows, without any cases. The bed itself did have a cover on it, but I wasn’t going to try laying down while both of my bodies were wet.

[∞: If you are thirsty, we suggest that you prepare a drink, such as warm tea. Both tea and coffee are kept in the kitchen cabinets, while the tap water is heavily purified. It should meet your particular standards of cleanliness… Tea can help greatly in calming your mind and revitalizing your body. Green tea is generally healthier than black tea, but both can help calm you down.]

“Wait, are you saying you want me to make tea… Without sugar? Ain’t that just like drinking bitter water?” I snickered and complained, but went over to the kitchen with both my bodies regardless. I didn’t really expect this, but in the wooden cabinets above the sink, there were multiple glasses and dishes that seemed to be pretty clean. There was also a porthole between the two, so I could see what was happening outside.

The waves were crashing up against the window often, but I could still see that it was starting to snow. I was already in the Chesapeake Bay, though the water was still greenish-brown. There were some other boats passing by, yet most of them were for industrial purposes. Not many people would take their yachts out when there was going to be a blizzard, unless they were like me and trying to escape the storm.

I grabbed an eight-ounce glass mug off the shelf, then Ana opened up another cabinet and saw multiple types of tea: Green, black, herbal, oolong and white. They were each in sealed packages that hadn’t been opened yet. I checked the expiration date and it said, Feb 2021. Though it was just tea, so it definitely wouldn’t have gone bad in a few years, so long as it remained sealed.

As I washed off the mug, Ana used her sharp nails to rip apart the green tea box’s plastic wrapping. I walked up behind her and grabbed a teabag, but in the process… My dick rubbed up against her ass. Like the asshole, pussy and everything. That was all it took for my injured pensis to become rock hard.

“Ugh… Fuck…” Unfortunately, just because I was horny, didn’t mean my wounds were automatically healed. I groaned, but still shoved my dick inside Ana’s pussy, as she was washing her hands in the sink. I was also skillfully placing the water in the microwave. The teabag was returned to the box it came from, while I waited for the water to boil.

Even though it felt like I was getting the side of my penis sliced open by a serrated knife with every thrust, it also felt pretty damn good. Also, I’ve injured my cock more times than I can remember, so I was used to the pain. On the other hand, my pussy was in perfect health, so sex still felt amazing from the female side.

We were on a boat though. Which was moving faster and faster the farther it got into the bay… So I was starting to seriously worry about the dishes, my computer screens and other breakable items that were making clattering noises. The dishes and glasses in the boat’s cabinet were secured with a piece of plastic, covered in some kinda soft cloth-like material. The point is that they didn’t make any noise or look like they might move at all. On the other hand, the mug in the microwave was rattling around and splashing occasionally.

Instead of trying to fuck while standing in the kitchen, I hurried over to the bedroom again. I tried to make it over there without having to pull my dick out of my pussy, but Ana almost hit her head on the door-frame because she was still bent over. When I finally made it over to the bed, I laid down on my back near the bottom edge. It was still relatively clean, so I didn’t need to worry about anything. I didn’t even care that my bodies were still wet.

With such good lighting, there was something I really wanted to try. Ana crawled over me from the other side of the bed, until her knees were touching my face. The classic ‘69’ position. It was my favorite back in the day. I mean, you get to look at a perfect asshole, while tongue massaging a clit and having your nose pretty much stuck inside a vagina… What’s not to love?

Seriously though, you can actually suffocate if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, when you’re in control of both bodies, the chances of that are pretty slim. Anyway, while I was sucking my own dick as Ana, I tried to maintain my vision only as Michael. I wanted to focus my attention on the beautiful ass, not my wrinkly balls and veiny penis.

*Beep, Beep, Beep!*

Of course, the microwave was also occasionally making noise in the background, but so was the ship’s engine. Personally, I like the sensation of a tongue wriggling around the bottom-side of my dick-head, but the top was sensitive as well. Also, I didn’t try to deepthroat myself, since there wasn’t much benefit to that. I stuck with the method of jerking off the shaft, while sucking on the tip and licking the most sensitive areas. My left elbow was supporting my upper body weight, while that hand was alternating between fondling the balls and fingering the ass. Sometimes I just rubbed the ‘taint’, but honestly, I wasn’t thinking too much about it.

Ana’s perfect pink anus had a few tiny hairs around it, while the pale white skin was naturally a little darker within the ‘crack’. Asses typically vary from person to person, but mine was the generic round kind. There were no special markings and that triangle at the bottom of my spine wasn’t too defined. I definitely wasn’t skinny or overly muscular around my buttocks. Both cheeks were pretty round, but I could pretty much hold one side with each hand.

*Beep, Beep, Beep!*

*Cough, cough!*

“Mmn~!” As the microwave made noise for the third time, I came down Ana’s throat. Well, she was on top of me, so it just kinda smacked the back of her throat and then she spit it out all over my dick. Of course, I malfunctioned a bit because of the intense stimulation from both bodies at the same time.

I didn’t stop jerking myself off, while also sucking and tonguing my clit. Once I stopped choking, I started sucking my dick once again. Honestly, it felt so good that I didn’t even care that I was losing money. In fact, it felt better ‘because’ I wasn’t getting paid for it.

Ultimately though, there’s only so much I can explain in a sex scene. I did eventually stop 69ing and did missionary for a while, before cumming for the second time. That would bring my total wealth up to 11,600. At least as far as pure cash in my bank account was concerned.

Yep, that was the first thing I thought about after giving myself a creampie. Then I remembered how fucking thirsty I was… I had to heat the water back up in the microwave for a minute or two. Then I put the teabag inside and let it steep for a few minutes. I didn’t want to get the bed soaked, so I had both of my wet bodies standing around in the kitchen, waiting for tea to brew.

Cum started dripping down Ana’s left leg and onto the carpet floor, which started to make me horny again but… Well, sucking and fucking didn’t do much good for my penile injury.

As I was looking around, I noticed that my phone screen on the counter a few feet to my left, suddenly lit up. I walked over and looked down, then started snickering.

[∞: We find it intriguing that you are unable to utilize your towels, due to the compulsive need to avoid potential exposure to pathogens… In the event that either of your bodies become ill, we will provide the necessary treatment to ensure your expedient recovery. For that matter, we will compensate you for the data your sickness will provide us. There is no logical reason, aside from psychological conditioning, that you would continue your current behavior.]

“Yeah well, I still haven’t decided whether this is all some absurdly elaborate trap. Either way, I’m not gonna intentionally make myself sick for money. And I can’t just stop having OCD instantly. Assuming my craziness can be reversed, I will actively try to ‘get better’. Though I think it should come naturally, once I’m living in a house alone. Since I’ll be the only one touching anything, and I can remember every single thing that’s dirty or clean…”

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    • It’s nice to know that there are people actually reading lol. I’ve been kinda afraid to post this one for a while now… For the same reason why I was afraid of posting HCOP at first lmao. I’ll try to keep posting a few chapters every day, though I lose track of time a lot, so… I can’t make any promises lol.


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