BCJ, Chapter 37: Meditation

I did eventually succumb to exhaustion before completely drying off naturally. The green tea basically tasted like warm water, since I didn’t add sugar, honey, cream or anything really. Still, it was much more soothing than tap water, I guess.

Using Ana to hold the trash bag full of relatively clean towels, I reached in and took one out. Then she was able to immediately wash her hands, as I wiped the two of us off. Even though our hair was short, I still focused on that first, since it’s always the hardest to dry. Then our faces, upper bodies, and finally, my pussy and ass. Michael’s lower body was already pretty much dry by then, but Ana’s wetness was getting annoying.

“Guess it’s time to try to meditate, huh?” I snickered as I walked behind Ana and before long, the two of us laid down on the bed. We didn’t get under the sheet, in order to avoid falling asleep. Still, both of my bodies were really tired. So exhausted that I didn’t even get horny, as I cuddled with myself. Hell, my dick was practically pressing against Ana’s asshole, but I didn’t even get a little hard.

Anyway, I closed both of my eyes and synchronized my breathing. Even my hearts sounded like they were beating to the same rhythm. I just kept thinking: “Heal, heal… Heal my dick… Regenerate faster… But don’t shorten my lifespan please… I really wanna be immortal… I hope my parents are okay…” And basically just random shit after that. I’ve never been much good at concentration.

Unfortunately, my penis wasn’t the only thing that hurt. My necks, backs, arms, legs, titties, abs, practically every part of both of my bodies were aching to a certain extent. Sex, plus moving all that shit around all day, must have strained my muscles pretty hard.

“So cold…” I murmured to myself, with both voices at the same time. The temperature within the ship was actually what I would consider warm, 80 degrees Fahrenheit or like, 26 C? I learned to convert F to C a while back, but I still kinda suck at it.


I wanted to say, “What the fuck?” but all that came out of my mouth was a weird bird noise. I looked around and realized that I was floating on the choppy waves, with snow falling down around me. It felt like I couldn’t move on my own accord, as if I was looking through someone else’s eyes. There were a bunch of ducks around me, mostly brown feathered females, with green and grey feathered males. We were swimming along towards the beach, in a long line.

“Woah, that was weird… Then again, maybe not quite as weird as some other things but… I just had a dream-slash-vision through a duck’s eyes. At least I think I was a duck. Well, actually, I wasn’t controlling the bird, but just sharing its senses for a few seconds. Hmm, what the hell?”

As I was talking to myself with Ana’s mouth, I suddenly laid on my back and opened my eyes. The sky was pitch-black, aside from a crescent moon in the sky. At least I think it was crescent? I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying that much attention.

“Ugh, my throat’s so dry… And I gotta piss real bad. How long have I been ‘meditating anyway?” I yawned and sat upright, looking over at the television screen that started displaying words, large enough for me to read clearly.

[∞: You have been unconscious for approximately nine hours. We are quite impressed by your experience, assuming that it was not merely a construct of your imagination. It is entirely possible that your telepathic abilities are capable of more than simply connecting your two bodies. We are unable to predict the possible consequences of your psychic growth… However, we do know that you have the potential to become extremely dangerous. That is why we decided to allow you access to Puerta De La Muerte.]

“Wait a second… *Cough*… Doesn’t that mean the other ‘people’ on the island are your more dangerous experiments?” I snickered, as I got up out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. In there, the mirror above the sink transformed into a screen almost immediately.

[∞: Not necessarily dangerous. Some are simply unsuitable for life among humanity. We are not willing to allow our creations to be persecuted or destroyed, merely for the sake of cutting costs. Even failed experiments like yourself, have great merit and the right to live. This was also part of the contract… However, it is recommended that you prepare to defend yourself. Not all experiments are sentient or capable of being reasoned with… In the bedroom closet, there is a safe. The combination is 34, 28, 10, 4, 17. Consider this as your reward for the meditation attempt.]

After I finished pissing in the shower, I read what Infinity said. Of course, I also washed my pussy off with some almost scalding water. Fortunately, the tiny metal shower-head was movable.

“Hmmm, I totally forgot the combination…” By the time I made it into the bedroom and find the closet, I couldn’t remember a single number. To be fair, the closet was kind of hidden. It was on the wall to the left of the entrance, behind a body-length mirror. There was a small latch on the top that unlocked it and allowed the mirror to slide over a bit. The only thing ‘in’ the closet, was a five foot tall black locker. It was totally sealed from the outside, unlike the school lockers I remembered, that had a bunch of slits in them for whatever reason.

[∞: 34, 28, 10, 4, 17. Everything within the locker belongs to you now.]

“Wow, now I’m kinda getting excited…” I snickered and turned the thick knob five times. Like most combination locks with knobs like that, I had to turn it right, then left, and back again for the mechanism to work. I just figure that there might not be old fashioned locks like that in the future, so I might as well write about their functionality a bit.

It popped open without much noise, so I pulled the door a bit and looked inside. Honestly, I was half-expecting some kinda magical sci-fi device or whatever.

“Hmmm… Okay? I see a, umm, first aid kit?” That was the first thing I noticed. It was a white box, with a red cross on the front that literally said ‘First Aid Kit’ underneath. I flipped the two little latches near the handle and opened it up, still expecting some sort of weird drugs or alien medicines.

“Huh, this just looks like normal stuff.” I sighed, casually looking through the items inside: Gause, scissors, needles, some rubbing alcohol, antiseptic wipes, some syringes, a couple bottles of acetaminophen and adhesive bandages. That was about it. They were all stored pretty neatly inside though, so it didn’t look like anyone ever used it before me.

In the locker, there were four shelves. The first aid kit was on the top shelf, hence why I noticed it first. The second to top shelf had a large, black, foot-long, wide and thick… Knife, it was a ‘Bowie’ hunting knife. The blade was about a foot long, with a handle that was at least five more inches. Overall, it could barely fit on the locker shelf diagonally. It came in a black felt sheath, which could fit on a belt, assuming I had one. One side of the knife was a blade, while the other had a bunch of rectangular blood grooves. The most interesting thing was how light it felt, compared to its size.

“Not gonna lie, this is pretty badass, hehehe~…” I eventually slid the knife back into the sheath and placed it on top of the first aid kit, which was on the carpet floor. My hands were what I would consider ‘dirty’, so I made sure not to touch any other part of my body. Yep, even as I opened my ‘gifts’, I couldn’t turn off my OCD.

The next item on the shelf was, umm, not quite as interesting. It was a heavy-duty black metal flashlight, which came with a box of about ten ‘D’ batteries. I actually had one very similar somewhere in my basement, but that one stopped working a few years before 2019. Anyway, a flashlight might seem lame, yet it’d also be more dangerous to be in the jungle at night, without any kinda light source. Hard to fight what you can’t see after all.

“Sweet!” On the bottom shelf was a simple black case. It was about a foot wide and eight inches long. There was no handle, just two small metal latches in the side that it opened from. I flipped them without much effort, then looked inside.

“This looks like…” I murmured to myself as I reached inside the box and pulled out the shiny silver item inside. Yeah, it was a gun. More specifically, a revolver pistol. The barrel was seven inches and looked pretty thick. The grip was the second thing I examined, since obviously, it was what I held in my right hand. Made out of some kinda black rubbery substance. It felt similar to the knife in a sense. It was heavier though. Almost three pounds…

“Is this a single-action revolver?” I wondered, but I didn’t pull back the hammer to check. The first thing I did was press the cylinder release latch with my right thumb, then push it through from the left side with my left hand middle and index fingers. There were six holes, since the caliber was relatively average. But the cylinder itself was longer than I expected. Indicating that it was probably meant for magnum rounds.

Of course, I didn’t just figure all that out by looking at it for a few seconds. There was something else in the gun case: A box of .357 Magnum rounds. They weren’t hollow points or anything special. Just your typical lead bullets, partially-coated in copper, with brass casings.

When I put the cylinder back in place and pulled the trigger, nothing happened. I snickered and wondered, “Who the hell makes single-action three-fifty-seven magnum revolvers now days?” 

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