BCJ, Chapter 39: ‘Working’

One day, I ejaculated forty-seven times on a super-virgin porn binge. Technically, I was awake for thirty hours that day, so I guess it’s not really a single day. Still, the point is that I have been known to go a little overboard when it comes to sexual bullshit.

The day I lost my virginity, I had sex for several hours. That was just intercourse though. I also sixty-nined, was jerked off, masturbated and generally was in a state of arousal for that entire day. Eight hours after I started that sexual encounter, I finally ejaculated. It was a massive amount of jizz, which erupted with so much force that it splashed onto a cardboard box that was five or six feet away. Then the bed broke, but that’s not really important.

That boat ride was a mixture of the two. Although that meditation or well, deep sleep, definitely did allow my dick to heal… By the time I was done abusing the poor bastard, he was injured even worse than before.

I ate simple things like granola and almond bars, while Ana preferred chocolate, coconut and almond. Regardless, I pushed both of my bodies to the limit that day. It sounds cooler if I said that I fucked every hole, but the truth is that I didn’t even bother with anal. Maybe some light fingering… I just didn’t wanna take any chances.

It was mostly just jerking my dick with Ana’s hands, then quickly cumming in her pussy. Or sucking my dick until I was about to ejaculate, and finishing inside my cunt. There were a few mishaps here and there, where I came too soon, but I still shoved the jizz into my vagina one way or another.

[∞: Technically, it does not matter whether you ejaculate inside or outside of your vagina. So long as the semen is deposited within a short period of time, it will be counted as an internal ejaculation.]

Considering that tip into the equation, I managed to earn seventeen-hundred dollars in those eight hours. Yeah, I know, it’s not that impressive. It’s not like I came quickly every time though. By number ten or twelve though, I was getting tired and starting to regret my decision.

But then something changed. It was around the time the sun started rising on the horizon. It was like my second-wind, or maybe it was because I kept switching between my bodies. When Michael got tired, he’d lay on his back or side, while I would do all the work as Ana. On the other hand, Ana probably got the most rest, since I was more familiar with my original body and fucking inanimate objects: Sex toys, not corpses for fuck’s sake.

Anyway, the sun helped. It revitalized me. Don’t get me wrong, I did stop to drink tea or piss every other ejaculation. And I was getting somewhat dehydrated, considering how much I was sweating. I’m not sure how, but the roof and portholes that were tinted before, had become completely transparent overnight. I didn’t notice it until it started getting bright out though.

Once the ship got closer to the island, the ocean started to become absurdly clear. I could see all kinds of fish, hell, there was even a group of dolphins that swam next to the boat for a while. I noticed that the ship was going slower as well, probably to avoid hitting any reefs or sandbars.

“Ugh, I really need to take a shower.” I grumbled as I got up off the bed as Ana. Michael wasn’t the person that got creampied seventeen times. Well, most of that cum just fell onto the bed or floor, but still. It was all over my stomach, neck, legs, ass, obviously my groin was plastered with it. Although I trimmed my pubes a day or two earlier, there was still hair there. When you get jizz in your pubes, it acts like hair gel. Definitely unpleasant.

At that moment, the giant television screen started showing some words again.

[∞: Unfortunately, you have already emptied the fresh water tank of this vessel. There might be enough left to make a drink, or use the toilet one last time. However, a shower would be impossible.]

“You gotta be fuckin kidding me… Goddamn it…” I grumbled and sat back down on the edge of the soggy bed. My dick and pussy were both so sore that I couldn’t get horny just by watching that slimy ass anymore.

[∞: If you look out the starboard side porthole, you will begin to see the island in the distance. You are currently passing through the secret route through the coral reef and sandbar barriers.]

“I literally have no fucking clue which side is… Oh, the left side.” I snickered as I walked over to the bedroom porthole with both of my bodies. Michael could only see a blurry silhouette in the distance. On the other hand, through Ana, I was able to witness the shoreline coming into view. The boat was traveling Southeast, so through the starboard side of the ship, I was able to see the island slowly getting closer.

Unsurprisingly, it was mostly just palm trees, rocks, sand and other types of miscellaneous foliage. The seagulls and other birds flying above the treeline, all looked too tiny to recognize as anything more than little specs. Winding green mountains were the most easily visible thing from so far away.

As the ship got closer, I murmured to myself: “Huh… I guess the island ain’t as unpopulated as I expected?” Every now and then, there were a few houses here and there. None of them were close together and I didn’t see any people, but there were some sailboats, speed boats, yachts and other vessels docked on short and long piers. The houses were all different colors. Of course, I also saw some that looked ruined or abandoned. Piers that were torn apart or ships washed up on the shore. Some of those houses looked like they were burned down or blown apart, while others just seemed like they were overgrown by plants and inhabited by animals.

It was kinda misty around the mountains, but near the shoreline, it was totally clear. After a while, the yacht started getting close enough to almost touch the piers, so my view was also blocked. The portholes were almost underwater after all. It was impressive that I could see as much as I did from that angle.


“What the fuck?!” I could hear what sounded like a tiger in the distance. It was low and loud enough that it was probably a few miles from the beach. Still, I couldn’t help but ask: “Is that what the gun is for?” Ana was still looking out the window, but I had Michael head over to the front of the TV screen in order to communicate with Infinity.

[∞: There are various large feline species on the island, along with bears and other typically dangerous mammals. However, you should be more concerned with snakes and poisonous lizards. Insects on the island are not going to be a problem for you, since there are safeguards around your property. We have made great progress in controlling bees, ants, mosquitos and other dangerous insects. Arachnids… Well, if you are envenomed by any kind of creatures on the island, we will send over an antivenom immediately. You should also be wary of colorful plants and amphibians. Keep your phone on your person when leaving your house; that way we can warn you of potential threats, before it is too late.]

“Oh great…” I snickered again, as I usually do in every situation. Then I asked, “Are there any rules about killing endangered species? Because no matter how cute tigers are, I’m not gonna risk my life or take any chances if they come after me…”

[∞: The Noah’s Ark Initiative has made it so that animals that are extinct or extremely rare, can be indefinitely cloned when necessary. There are some test subjects or experiments that are in fact, unique or very valuable… However, if they invade your territory, then it is perfectly legal for you to defend yourself. For that matter, you must be careful when exploring the island. The beach is significantly safer than the depths of the jungle. Of course, it is not legal to break into other people’s homes, vandalize their property or harm their pets. Just like your situation, they are also being monitored at all times. Thus, you do not need to worry about crime as much as hostile wildlife.]

“Yeah, I’m not much of an adventurer. Honestly, just leaving the house would be an adventure. Not to mention a sixteen hour voyage through… Ugh, choppy waters. Honestly, I just can’t wait to get off this boat and settle down in my new home.”

Just when I finished saying that, I switched back to Ana and saw the boat slowing down at the end of a long, t-shaped brown pier. It was made of wood and unpainted. Still, there were hundreds of white spots all over it. If you’ve never lived on the water before, you might not understand what it’s like to have a pier.

“Goddamnit…” I grumbled, “Now this shitshow brings back memories.”

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