BCJ, Chapter 44: ∞ Marketplace

I went to sleep at around five PM. But when I woke up, it was still bright out. I opened all four of my eyes simultaneously and then slowly got out of bed. I didn’t bother changing the bed sheets or blanket, since they didn’t feel or smell dirty. 

The first thing I noticed was how refreshed I felt. Like all the soreness in my body from the hard work I did earlier, was suddenly gone. Nothing was out of place, my gun and knife were both still there. But I decided to leave them there and go take a shower unarmed. I walked over near the door and flicked off the fan switch, while Ana unbolted and unlocked the door, before opening it.

“Hmmm, that was a really weird dream. I was… I became a musician. Wrote and recorded a whole album, with my parents and Ana… Then somehow, almost overnight, my account was flooded with over three million dollars from the royalties. Except, for whatever reason, it seemed like I couldn’t actually access that money. So for most of the dream, I was stressing out over the fact that I couldn’t do anything with the millions I made. Ugh, how long was I out? Has it been a few minutes or a whole day? It looks like… Nope, can’t tell.”

As I reached the bathroom, I was mumbling to the microphones that were likely all around me. The bathroom door was open, so I didn’t even have to touch it. Ana was the first in there, and she immediately sat down on the toilet, shitting and pissing at the same time. It was strangely ‘freeing’, not needing to hold in one or the other.

“Holy fuck, what kinda technology is that anyway? Mirrors turning into… Oh wait.” Yep, the giant mirror in the bathroom was also one of those fancy screens. I’m not totally sure how it works, but one second I could see my own reflection, and it was just a white screen the next. Not sure why they needed to go through all the effort?

“Couldn’t you guys have just… I don’t know, spoken to me? Even using text-to-speech would be more efficient than this shit, right? Not to mention, what would you guys do for blind test subjects?”

[∞: Only you can see this text. If someone was looking in that window from a distance, with a telescope or if they simply had excellent vision, all they would see is your reflection in this mirror. Audio is more difficult to hide. Aside from simply listening in to what we are discussing with their ears, there are devices that allow for people to determine what we are saying via the vibrations on a window. Most importantly, you prefer reading over listening to automated voices… You asked about the time. You slept for approximately fourteen hours. It is 7:35 AM.]

“I guess that makes sense, heh…” I snickered and asked, “So what’s on the schedule for today? I mean, first I need to get my computers hooked up and then, wait a second? Where do I hook my PC up to with an ethernet wire?”

[∞: That is unnecessary. The entire house has high-speed wireless internet. The password is “Experiment-77_A&E”. The quotation marks are not part of the password.]

“I’ll try to remember that, but I’ll probably forget in a few seconds…” I sighed and complained, “All I ate yesterday was some food bars and melted chocolate bars, so why the fuck am I shitting so much?”

[∞: Over the course of the day, Anael consumed 3 Crispy-Rice Chocolate Bars, 1 Choco-Almond Bar, 5 Granola and Almond Bars, 8 slices of potato bread and approximately 3 ounces of semen.]

“It was a really stressful day…” I grumbled, “It’s not like I’ll get fat anyway. So like I said before, what do you want me to do today? Also, my throat is really fucking dry, so I can’t keep talking until I drink something. That’s why I haven’t… Said anything yet with my other body. Her throat’s sore as fuck.”

[∞: Are you craving direction, or monetary gain? Regardless, if you wish to be tested, there are plenty of tasks for you to complete. First and foremost, we would like to know the extent of your telepathic abilities. Thus far, we cannot determine whether you can truly see through the eyes of various animals or whether that was a mere delusion. The simplest way to test this is by monitoring your brainwaves while you meditate or sleep.]

“Umm, am I gonna have to wear electrodes or something? ‘Cause I don’t know if I can sleep like that…” I wondered, but was answered immediately.

[∞: The headboard of your bed is where the sensors are located. As long as you are laying with your heads close to the device, we will be able to access the information necessary for the test. Next, we would like to know your physical limits. This is a recurring task. We will test different muscle groups every day. That way your body will be under less strain, and you should heal more quickly.]

“Of course…” I snickered, shaking my head as I went into the shower and closed the glass door behind me. While I was shampooing my hair, I focused my attention on Ana, who was finally finished shitting. In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t forget to put toilet paper on the ‘four’ rolls next to the two toilets.

[∞: We would start with your weakest subject, Long Distance Running, but you put a lot of strain on your legs yesterday. Your arms as well. Abdominal exercises such as sit-ups will be the content of the endurance test today. Simply perform as many incline sit-ups as your bodies can endure, but avoid injuring yourself. We will set the baseline low… 25 sit-ups to start. If you can perform 50, you will receive 100 USD. Beyond that, every time you increase your limit by 25, you will receive 500 USD. The reward may seem low, but you will be able to accomplish similar tasks with other exercises.]

I stood up, with my ass still hanging over the bowl, then started using toilet paper to wipe the sticky brown shit off my butthole. My pussy did dribble a bit, but I waited till I was done wiping my ass, to worry about my other hole. Finally, I stood back and said: “Flush”. It had a plunger that could manually flush it, but I didn’t wanna have to touch it. As I saw the large brown logs and yellow water quickly disappear down the drain, I couldn’t help sighing as I remembered the thousands of times I had to unclog toilets throughout my life.

Although I wanted to get right in the shower, I went over to the sink and washed my hands as I asked: “So about that special island marketplace thingy… How do I access that?”

[∞: Simply ask us.]

At that moment, the mirror changed from a pure white screen, into a black screen, with bright crimson words: [∞ Marketplace].

Then it showed a simple list, though it had pictures to go along with it. From the left to the right, was [Armory], [Grocery and Living Supplies], [Electronics], [Hunting, Fishing and Boating], [Sporting Supplies], [Child Care], [Pharmacy], [Vehicles], [Pets], [Clothing and Jewelry], [Furniture], [Arts, Crafts, Musical Equipment and Home Improvement]… And the last thing was called: [Services]. 

Obviously, like the hardcore OCD person I am, I went through every goddamn thing on the list. And I’ll even explain them to you, because I have nothing better to do. There were pictures and explanations for everything. The seller and creator of the items were both recorded, but it was usually just listed as Infinity Armaments or something like that. One of the obvious and most extreme benefits of buying from the Infinity Marketplace was the shipping time. Almost everything could be delivered in a few hours, or a single day. There were a few things here and there that would take weeks to deliver though.

The ‘Armory’ was even more extensive than I expected. It covered firearms, ammunition, modern body armor and even old-timey suits of armor. There were machetes, swords, axes, knives and spears. Some were made with modern materials, like fiberglass, rubber and metal alloys. While others were smithed the old fashioned way;made out of brass, leather and iron or basic steel. Unsurprisingly, most of the weapons and armor were pretty expensive. Yet, compared to the exorbitant price and time required for Infinity to ship or fly stuff over to the island from the mainland, it was still reasonable. Plus, you gotta keep in mind that a lot of the shit they sold wasn’t even legal, like plastic explosives or dynamite. Hell, they sold everything from muskets to miniguns: Miniguns are those big gatling machine guns that have multiple barrels and fire thousands of rounds per minute.

In case I forgot to mention this, the mirror was some kinda touch-screen, though it was also voice activated. The Infinity Marketplace was also apparently connected to my bank account already, because I could see [Bank Balance: 12800.00] in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It reminded me that all of my money could easily be taken away by the people controlling me, though I did pretty much earn most of that from them anyway, so I wasn’t too concerned. It was actually pretty fucking convenient, since whatever I wanted or needed, could easily be bought and delivered to me via flying drone, automated boat or ‘other’ means that weren’t really elaborated on.

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