BCJ, Chapter 45: Shopping

I spent so long looking through just the [Armory] section, that I actually switched bodies in the process. Ana needed to take a shower, while Michael was done with his. I opened the window for some fresh, jungle air, and continued browsing through the exorbitant amount of gear that was for sale. Speaking of sales, the Infinity Marketplace had those too. And bulk prices were always lower than individual purchases.

For example, a small box of 20 normal .357 caliber magnum revolver bullets was 10 dollars. But a 50 round box from the same brand, Infinity Armaments, was only 20 dollars. Yeah, I know, it’s not a huge difference overall. Still, when you get up to 100 round boxes for 40 dollars, you’re saving 10 dollars or 20%. So if I was buying 1000 dollars worth of bullets, it’d save me 200 hundred. Okay, I’ll stop.

After a few minutes of looking through all the random weapons, ammo, armor and explosives, I eventually just added a bunch of ammo to my cart. Nothing too fancy, just a regular 100 round box for my gun, a 50 round hollow-point box that cost me forty bucks, and a box of 250 full-metal jacket .38 Specials for 75 dollars. 

FMJ rounds are basically just lead cores, with copper jackets covering them. As for .38 Specials… The actual bullet diameter is only .357, so it fits through the barrel just fine. The main difference is that the rounds aren’t magnums, so they won’t have as much of a recoil. But they aren’t as long as magnums, so you have to clean the gun more often to prevent umm ‘fouling’? I clean my gun so often that I’ve never had any problems with carbon build up or whatever. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I don’t fucking care.

In total, it added up to 155 dollars. A fuck and a half. So I guess you could say… I ‘gave’ a fuck? Anyway, the point is that what used to be a shitload of money to me, had become an amount that I was willing to casually pay, for consumable goods that would disappear after using them. 

When I was about to finalize the purchase, I received a message from Infinity.

[∞: You will be able to receive 1 free delivery per day. Thus, we recommend that you wait until after you have finished ordering everything you need, before completing the purchase.]

“Thanks for the heads up.” I snickered and continued shopping. Although I really wanted to get a shotgun or a rifle, I decided to get used to the revolver first. I learned the hard way after buying so many video games on sale: Just because you want it, and it seems like fun, doesn’t mean you’ll have time to actually use it. I was tempted to buy a ‘cheap’ bulletproof suit of armor that was only 600 dollars, but figured I’d probably never wear it in a fucking jungle anyway. It included everything from a helmet, to a vest, arm and even leg gear, though I have no idea how effective it would actually be. Still, I did end up spending 1500 dollars on a big-ass shield. It was basically tall enough to cover most of my body, with a little bulletproof glass visor at the top, so I would be able to see through it without getting shot in the face.

I looked through the [Grocery and Living Supplies] section next, but it was basically exactly what I expected it to be. Mostly just various types of preserved food, canned shit, even frozen stuff. However, the fresh fruits, veggies and meats were all super expensive. I ordered a thirty pack of the cheapest toilet paper for only ten dollars. Since I hate wasting food, I decided against stocking up on things. I really shouldn’t have bothered bringing so much of everything from my parent’s house.

[Electronics] included everything from computer parts to old fashioned radios and cutting-edge ‘gaming’ computers. Nothing that I actually needed or wanted. I did find it interesting that there were physical copies of video games, along with various consoles, new and ancient.

[Hunting, Fishing and Boating] surprisingly massive. Each of the individual parts had to have their own separate pages, which made me wonder why the fuck they didn’t just split it up into three different things in the first place? Regardless, this is where I spent a lot of money. I also spent almost half an hour just agonizing over what I wanted to actually buy.

First of all, I have always wanted a bow, ever since I was a little kid. I never got one, since I moved out of the county before I even turned eighteen, and Baltimore is really goddamn strict when it comes to anything that even ‘looks’ like a weapon. Plus, I never left my house, and there was nowhere to shoot it.

Bows and crossbows were also in the [Armory] section, but they were a lot less fancy looking and much more ornate. Kinda like medieval weapons, or at the very least, things from over a hundred years ago. What I wanted was one of those ‘hunting bows’. They’re called Compound Bows, I guess since there’s so much stuff on them. Like an aimer thingy, two big gears on the ends of the bow, an appearance similar to a recurve bow in the sense that it’s relatively compact and umm… Oh yeah, a really crucial thing that people often don’t think about, is the quiver literally attached to the bow. That way you can easily take the arrows out and shoot them.

Anyway, I had no idea about anything regarding bows, so I just picked a not-so-expensive one. Some might argue that 350 dollars isn’t fucking cheap, but some of those compound bows were well over a thousand dollars. It’s black, has an adjustable draw weight of 5 to 90 pounds, and weighs about four pounds. It’s about three feet from top to bottom, which is kinda normal I guess. It would probably be a lot smaller to a person that wasn’t as short as me, but from my perspective, it’s kinda big-ish.

The carbon-composite arrows I bought for the bow though… Holy shit, can you believe they’re like ten dollars a piece? That doesn’t even include the heads though. They were black, with neon green stripes, and similarly colored fletching. I only bought ten of the arrows, since I figured they would be reusable. I also picked a set of ten carbon-steel arrowheads that just looked like pointy black ‘bullets’. They were called ‘Hunting Broadhead Arrowheads for Target Shooting’ or some such bullshit. I got ten of them for a dollar a piece.

After that, I was about to buy some fishing gear, but I remembered how horrifying the beach was, so I decided against it. To be honest, I wasn’t even planning to go outside to practice shooting targets, since the basement was pretty huge and had concrete walls. 

I bought five straw targets for thirty dollars a piece. The reason they were so expensive was because they came with metal stands. I wasn’t paying attention. My original intention was to just hang them on the walls or weight equipment, which was a terrible idea, but fortunately, I unintentionally prevented myself from doing something unbearably stupid.

[Sporting Supplies] was basically just what it sounded like. It included basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, all the generic sport-related balls that people used to do things or whatever. Plus weight-lifting equipment, like the barbells and other free-weight stuff that didn’t come included with my ‘free’ house. There wasn’t anything interesting there for me though, so I swiftly moved passed it in a few seconds.

[Child Care]… Didn’t even bother looking at that one, but it was mainly diapers, baby food, kid toys and video games geared towards children. As for condoms and birth-control, they were in the [Pharmacy] section. Neither of which were things that I cared about. I did wanna buy some vitamins, ibuprofen and an enema packet, but said “Fuck it.” And moved onto the next thing.

[Vehicles] were cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, regular bikes and other land-transportation devices. It also had all the random shit you needed to keep them working properly. 

[Pets] were literally just stupid domestic animals you raise, along with the food and supplies… Just kidding. How the fuck could it be that simple? They had all kinds of weird shit on there. Mentally handicapped lions and limbless tigers. Cows with two heads, and horses that had robotic legs. The strangest thing was that all the animals were basically up for adoption. In fact, Infinity Pets would pay you to raise most of them. The pet supplies weren’t free though.

As cute as the disabled giant cats were, I eventually got bored, since there was no way I was going to commit to something like that. Not to mention, I was practically a danger to any other living thing in close proximity to me. What if I psychically killed my pets or something like that? I was mostly just too lazy and irresponsible to take care of anyone or anything but myself.

I didn’t bother looking at [Clothing and Jewelry]. I also ignored [Furniture], along with [Arts, Crafts, Musical Equipment and Home Improvement]. I was getting really hungry, thirsty and horny. For fuck’s sake, I even had to piss once with each body, as I was shopping. I did come up with a great ‘use’ for the second toilet though. Since I didn’t want to piss while standing all day, every day as Ana, I just dedicated both the upstairs and downstairs ‘right’ toilets as her own personal, pissing seats. I would need to clean them eventually, but for the most part, I figured I could just use the left ones for shitting and the right ones for ‘her’ urination. Michael would basically use the left one for everything.

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  2. In retrospect, the first 2 volumes are kinda like a prologue lol. I wrote the first 40 chapters, volume 1, in 2018. The second 30-something chapters in 2019, most of volume 2. Then around chapter 70-something, I started writing around this time last year: June 2020. That’s when the ‘story’ kinda started imo. Currently writing chapter 703: At about 1,050,000 words total. Definitely the longest story I’ve written thus far. I just hope people actually enjoy it lol.


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