BCJ, Chapter 52: Sleep

[Bank Balance: 12,175]

Even though they told me I wouldn’t get paid for creampies until my dick healed, my balance still went up by a hundred dollars for each time I casually fucked myself over the next two days. Yeah, I got super into a few stories, to the point that I did nothing other than binge read for hours at a time. As for sleeping… I couldn’t.

No, not that I couldn’t. My brain just didn’t feel ‘tired’. And since I was resting my eyes on and off, my major binge-reading limitation was greatly reduced. During the day, the top floor got a little hot with the windows open… But by night time, it cooled down a lot. With the ocean breeze blowing through, plus the cold air from the vents that were connected to the mysterious basement room, I was even a little chilly. Of course, it was nothing compared to the hellish winter that I endured in Baltimore. At least I was still comfortable for the most part.

The sounds of the forest were also pretty nice. I was getting used to the occasional ‘roaring’, while the wolf-like howls were less frequent and irritating than the fucking dog that used to live next door… So I lost myself in the stories. Or well, one story, since it was like 300 chapters long.

Even with my enhanced reading speed, it still took me two days of almost non-stop reading to get caught up with the current chapter… And then the vast emptiness hit me, along with the exhaustion.

“I need to go the fuck to sleep.” I murmured to myself; both bodies speaking simultaneously. Maybe it was due to pushing my mind and bodies too far that day, but I was… ‘Adjusting’, very quickly.

Did I mention that I was awake for almost 48 hours? For me, anything after 24 hours and I usually start hallucinating. And that was when I was only Michael. Imagine what it’s like when both your brains are seeing and hearing things that aren’t there…

Flashes of green or purple for no particular reason. A woman’s voice I didn’t recognize whispered: “Dozen strawberries… Five carrots… Why have so much cornbread?”

My father asked, “Are you awake?” But when I looked around with both heads, obviously nobody was there.

It’s similar to the state I can put myself in when I’m trying to go to sleep quickly. You just kinda… Lay down, close your eyes… Pull yourself back from reality. Let the voices in… Look at the strange images of random bullshit flashing around you… Listen more closely and focus on the noises and voices that you know are definitely just in your imagination or pulled from your memories.

By the way, I decided at that point to just call it a ‘day’ and go the fuck to sleep. For real. I was going to do it so many times, but I just kept putting it off, since the story was so damn enthralling. After it was over though, I felt too empty and unmotivated to do much of anything.

Once I pissed about four times, counting both bodies, I finally laid down on my impossibly comfortable bed. With all the windows closed, the house cooled down pretty dramatically, so it was much more pleasant to snuggle ‘together’ under the blanket. Even though Ana’s ass was directly pressed up against my groin, I was too tired to even get horny at that point.

My heads were resting on the same pillow and only a few inches apart. And then ‘we’ lost consciousness simultaneously. It might not seem significant at first glance, but until that moment, I had never gotten so ‘insync’ with myself. I came close when I… Well, came… That’s different though.

“Hmmm…” Soon enough, I drifted off into sleep. And then what felt like a few minutes or an hour later, both my stiff bodies shot up out of bed at the same time.

“Ugh…” I could only groan since my throats were so fucking dry. My eyes could barely open. It felt like I was trying to command two mummies for a moment there. When I hobbled into the bathroom, I immediately got into the giant shower.

When Ana and I began pissing, it looked so brown it was almost black. It was at that moment that I realized I had been unconscious for a lot longer than an hour. Probably due to dehydration, and previous overexhaustion, I still felt super tired even after I finished taking a shower.

It was a little better once I drank a few glasses of cold iced tea, mixed with lemonade. At that point, I finally looked at the clock and felt something was wrong. It was obviously nighttime outside, which looked about the same as before I went to sleep. The air was super cold, since the windows were all closed.

“Could’ve sworn I went to sleep around two… Now it’s one?” I murmured to myself, before guzzling some more lemonade-tea.

Then Ana screamed, “Holy shitballs, I was sleeping for twenty-three hours straight!”

I didn’t even have dreams or anything. I was just sleeping deeply the whole fucking time. The funny thing was… I felt great. Dehydrated at first, but after drinking a lot of tea and lemonade, both my bodies were in good condition. In case you forgot, I did a ton of exercise by my standards, not even including all the sex and other random shit.

“Maybe I have super regeneration abilities?” Of course, that was probably exaggerated. I always healed a little faster than average, while Ana was supposed to have some borderline superhuman qualities.

Most importantly, my penis was recovered. Sure, it had a lot of nasty scars and it was a little sore, but there were no more open wounds or serious injuries. Ana’s neck was a little stiff actually… However, massaging myself was one of the biggest perks of having two bodies.

“Okay, now I’m starving.” Ana muttered, as I got to work. I already washed all the dishes before going to sleep, including the pots, so I decided to make some linguini. For the sauce, I used some garden vegetable sauce, mixed in diced garlic, italian seasonings, dried onions and a bit of olive oil. After putting a small ceramic plate on that blue, glass bowl, I left it on the counter.

While ‘Michael’ was cooking in the kitchen, I focused on Ana. She went upstairs and turned both of the computers on. Since it took time for them to start-up, I headed over to the window and was about to open it. Now to be specific, this window faces the East. It’s a pretty big one, in between the two computer desks.

In the middle of the night, the fucking jungle outside didn’t really look like much. The moon wasn’t bright enough to illuminate it. Plus it was cloudy. In the distance though, I could see another house with their lights on. Ana has really good vision, but that was telescope distance. So I thought: “Maybe I should buy some binoculars or a telescope?”

Because peeping on your neighbors on a creepy island is pretty much what everyone would do, right? Then I rushed over and turned the lights out immediately, before taking cover outside their possible line of sight. Why would I care if people see Ana’s tiny titties? Well, my concern was that they might have a goddamn sniper rifle with a decent scope!

Maybe I was paranoid? On the other hand, I knew almost nothing about the island so far. The things I did know were mostly horrifying once I really thought about it. They literally give you a gun before dropping you off here. There are sentient or perhaps robotic predatory animals all over the place. Insects that act as spy-cams, hypodermic needles and probably assassins. We could leave, supposedly, but I hadn’t seen any ships coming or going. Robotic delivery services. They can fucking clone people, and the island might be some kinda weird deathmatch arena platform.

Considering that it was dangerous to even leave the house, I was technically in a luxury prison! Fortunately, my life in Baltimore was kinda the same way, except I lived in a basement… And most of the house was filthy. I also didn’t have a fancy personal gym, a gun, a bullet-proof shield or any kind of self-defense methods. Even if I could defend myself in Baltimore, I’d probably still get arrested or sued because of the fucked up laws in that shithole.

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