BCJ, Chapter 55: Yoga

Ana was able to do 111 sit-ups in a row, which was a new record… But not enough to make any more money off it. By the way, I did check with Infinity and they said: [Only consecutive repetitions will count towards the current limitations of your bodies. The time limit is 30 seconds between repetitions.]

In other words, I couldn’t cheat and just keep working out throughout the day in order to rack up some crazy high numbers. I also learned the specifications for other exercises.

[∞: All standard isometric exercises will follow the same formula. 50 repetitions = 100 USD. Every 25 more repetitions from that point onward, will grant a 500 USD reward. The limit is 300. Beyond that point, it is inefficient to continue without adding weights or other limitations. For now, there will be no monetary reward. However, there will be a limitation record for single-rep exercises such as deadlift, clean-and-jerk, bench-press, squats and bicep curls. Starting at 100 kilograms, every 25 additional kilograms will earn you 500 USD.]

Aside from Deadlifting, 100 kg is a fuckload. I mean, even at my best, the most I ever benched was 270 pounds, which is like… 122 kilograms? And that was back in my ‘youth’, when I was literally trying to be a body-builder. If it wasn’t for the broken hand, I could’ve definitely done much more, but since then, even my left hand gained problems over time.

The point is that I wasn’t going to push myself for a few hundred bucks. Besides, if I hurt myself, it would be totally counterproductive. My motto has always been: “Do less, procrastinate more.”  Or something like that.

I wore boxers and t-shirts, since I didn’t wanna get sweat or pussy juice all over my equipment. Also, it helped stave off the arousal to a certain extent. That didn’t last long though, because after doing the sit-ups, I decided to try out yoga on the thick padding in the middle of the room. My original body could only do some simple stretches, and even that was a little dangerous.

On the other hand, I helped Ana do splits, back-bends, downward dog, all that random shit that I looked up on the internet. The problem is that I have a ‘minor’ fetish for yoga… Usually only naked yoga, and close-ups of the girl’s pussy or ass would get me hard. However, when the ‘girl’ is not just a stranger in an unchangeable video, there’s a whole new kind of temptation.

Since the woman is also ‘me’, it didn’t take long before she was just as wet as I was hard. Her hands were spread out on the mat as she faced downwards, with both legs slightly spread out and the balls of her feet lifting her ass up fairly high. Without thinking too much, I squatted down behind her and pulled her boxers down, revealing her perfect asshole… Which was already spreading pretty wide from the position.

Of course, while anal is okay, having a cock in my pussy feels much better overall. Plus, I can’t see her butthole if I stick my dick in it, right? Also, there’s a lot more preperation involved in anal sex, assuming you’re not some kinda scat-fiend.

“Hah~, fucking A~… Now I’m so spoiled.” I couldn’t help complaining as I casually thrust in and out, while also pushing my ass back and forward leisurely. Even though it was my first time fucking myself on that mat, well, there was still something missing. It was obviously much better than masturbation, but I still missed that ‘excitement’ of having sex with with another person. The emotional and physical connection… The ‘spark’.

As I was thinking about that and coming close to a dual climax, something strange happened. It was familiar though. For the first time since I was on the boat, I had one of those fancy fucking visions again!

This time, it wasn’t a bird, but a dog… Well, a fairly large wolf. At least from what I could tell. As for where it was exactly, I had no clue, but obviously somewhere in the jungle nearby. It only lasted a few moments before I ejaculated… As the wolf too. Yeah, the damn bastard was screwing a female wolf for those few seconds of ‘connection’ I had with his body.

My experience being and fucking a dog, while simultaneously having down-ward doggy-style sex, gave me a bit of inspiration. At the very least, it didn’t seem like it was a coincidence. As an author, I’ve always had a pretty damn good imagination. I started looking up various yoga positions related to animals next. There are a fuckton of them by the way.

Some are simple, like the ‘Cat Pose’. All I had to do was get on my knees, support my weight with my hands, like I was gonna do pushups… That’s about it. It’s a little similar to actual doggy-style, but a bit more strenuous to hold the position while having sex. I was able to kneel with both bodies, so there was a bit less effort involved. Still, when I was about to ejaculate, I experienced that sensation again!

Like I was leaving my body for a moment, then losing all control of my actions. And watching as I bit down onto the neck of a squealing brown-furred wild board. It took a lot longer this time. I was able to taste the ‘delicious’ blood in my mouth, and feel the excitement of finally catching prey. Then I watched as I brought back the still twitching carcass to a den somewhere, with a bunch of cute little black and brown jaguar cubs. They weren’t purely black like their mother, but seemed to be a bit mixed? Some had brown fur and black spots, others were really dark and the brown was barely noticeable. They were all super cute though.

When I finally came-to, get it? Anyway, I ejaculated and creamed myself a bit, then the connection was lost. And I started to get a migraine. So I decided that before I start spewing blood from my eyes and ears or something, I should take a break. Also, I wasn’t particularly horny anymore after the second creampie. I needed to stop before my juices got all over the place and I had to piss really badly.

Once I took a long double-shower, I decided to call it a day as far as working out was concerned. I don’t know about other people, but I generally only do one muscle group per day. That way if I hurt myself, at least I won’t be completely useless afterwards. A single muscle cramp or strain is fine, but when your legs, arms, back, neck and chest are all fucked up, it’s really dangerous. Especially considering the dubious nature of my environment.

Speaking of which, there were other things I could do aside from pure exercise. For example, I still hadn’t shot my bow yet. Not one single time. It was still in the fucking packaging. Just sitting around in the corner off the first floor, near those targets I haphazardly set up.

Hell, I hadn’t even opened my sex toy boxes yet! I kinda-sorta forgot they even existed at that point. Anyway, let’s ignore that for now and get back to the point.

When I dried my bodies off with a single towel, I got some clean clothes out of my bedroom and then went down into the wide-open, tiled first floor. The strings and shit weren’t already attached, so I had to read the fucking instruction manual to figure out how to put the thing together. There were a few attachments and stuff, like a little sight, a simple quiver that’s attached to the side for easy access, a piece that holds two parts of the string near the middle, and another thing that… Hold on, I’ll look up an actual description instead of wasting my brain cells on something I could just copy-paste.

A ‘Rizer’ is the middle part of the bow, where most of the accessories are attached. Wait no, it’s spelled ‘Riser’. Whatever, it’s the part with the grip, the sight, et cetera. You get the point.

Just like regular bows, the compound bow has ‘limbs’ that do the shooty thing. They’re attached to the top and bottom of the riser and come in a bunch of different sizes, lengths, and shapes. The bow I picked is shaped more like a regular bow, in the sense that they aren’t ‘parallel’ like a lot of the fancier and more expensive kinds. There’s one sticking up and one sticking down, but when you put on the strings, it makes a bow-shape.

Those disk-shaped gear things are called ‘Cams’. Umm, there’s a lot of shit about them, but I’ll just put it this way: They make it much easier to pull back the string. Specifically, the further you pull back, the easier it gets, relatively speaking. Whereas, a regular bow would be harder to pull, the farther you drew back.

The cables aren’t part of the bowstring, but kinda look like they are at first. They’re attached to and move the cams when you pull back the string. Or something like that. There’s a rod called a cable guard, which keeps the cables away from the center of the bow and out of the way when you’re aiming. A cable slide is the little thing on the rod that holds the wires together.

An arrow rest makes shooting a lot easier, since you literally put the arrow into this little ring-shaped thing and it gets held in place. From what I’ve read, it’s meant for beginners, and that’s me, so I don’t mind making things easier.

On the string itself, there’s a thing called a ‘peep sight’, which helps you focus on the actual sight that’s attached to the riser. And finally, a vibration arrester, which looks like another tube or pole, which has a wider plastic piece on the end. Umm, it basically reduces the sound that the bow makes, since most people use them for hunting after all.

That’s about it. There are other things like a mechanical release, but I didn’t buy that shit! What fun would that be anyway? I mean sure, it would hurt my fingers a lot less in the beginning… However, just like playing the guitar, the pain reminds you to learn more quickly!

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