BCJ, Chapter 54: Binge Reading

Okay, I really need to stop doing that. I was just about to go downstairs and work out, but my muscles felt a little sore… So I procrastinated like always. Instead, I just kinda-sorta fucked myself a few times and then started reading a new webnovel. It only had 298 chapters… But it took me 30 hours to read it all!

I was hallucinating and shit once again. Seeing things out the corners of my eyes, flashes of light, tiny black creatures darting around, I thought it was mice or something. According to Infinity though: [There are no rodents, flies, mosquitoes or other macro-organisms currently within your home.]

Then I slept for 13 hours… So yeah, it’s been two days again. Fortunately though, these four days allowed my penis, and probably my muscles, to recover completely. When I’m binge reading that intensely, I only come once per 12 hours. Which might seem relatively normal to some people I guess? But with my sex drive, it’s pretty strange… Drives, plural because of both bodies. 

Like always, now that I’ve reached the end of the current chapters… I feel so empty. I want to read more stories that are similar, but none of them have more than a hundred chapters. So I just started writing today. Binge writing a dozen chapters of this autobiography.

And now I’ve even caught up with that too. Okay, I’m gonna stop procrastinating and get serious. When I decide to do something, I can be kinda scary after all. As I mentioned before, when I do something, I usually overdo it.

Guess I’ll stop writing this shit for a while… I’ll add some stars to make it more obvious that time has passed.


Welp… Time has most motherfucking definitely passed. But I’ll start back where I left off. April something? Doesn’t really matter what the exact date was, because nothing particularly interesting happened for months.

I basically just did what I said I was gonna do: Train. In order to concentrate, I was going to cut myself off from the internet and remove the temptation in the quickest and most efficent way. But instead, I just decided to binge read every goddamn story in my fucking reading list!

I also played every motherfucking game I hadn’t played yet, but only the ones in my library. Honestly, even the games that got me interested, I didn’t actually finish. Some of them I did finish, but they had ‘replay’ modes, where you do the same exact story, but on a harder difficulty and usually for better loot. I had too much other shit to do, so I kinda ignored the games once I finished the story mode or campaign.

The Gates of Sidhe was interesting at first, but I quickly got bored of it. Even though it was fun to level up both my characters at once, I was ultimately just one person. The reason that game was fun, was entirely due to the socialization and comradery you’d experience with other players. Without that, it couldn’t hold my interest. Plus I didn’t feel obligated to play it anymore, even though I paid for a few months of subscription fee. That tiny bit of money didn’t concern me at that point.

I made at least 300 dollars a day, just from creampies alone. While my expenses were extremely low. Although Infinity would occasionally suggest that I get pregnant for ‘testing’ purposes, it was supposedly based on my own mentality or some shit. And I didn’t want to be a mother or father just yet, so nothing happened. No wait, something did happen.

In the middle of April, exactly on the 15th, I had my first period. It was… Unremarkable. Menstruation varies greatly from person to person, and although birth control can somewhat regulate it, there are other factors as well. Ultimately, it can be the worst thing ever, or not a big deal. For me, it was just a minor inconvenience.

Why? How could I get so lucky? Well, Ana was a fucking science project and not a naturally born human being. One of her many advantages is that she can control the ‘intensity’ and duration of the actual process to a certain extent. Originally, I thought I was having a fucking miscairage or something.

It was the middle of a hardcore binge-reading session, and I was mildly delirious. All I remember was sitting down on the toilet, thinking: “I feel so gassy but why can’t I shit?” I farted a little, and then blood started pouring out my fucking coochie like busted fire hydrant! Scared the hell outta me, and for a moment, it felt like my cervix was being ripped open and someone was scraping my uterus with a grapefruit spoon…

Then it was over. There was a fuck ton of blood and nastiness in the toilet bowl, but that was the end of it. I almost passed out immediately when the physical exhaustion and blood loss hit me. Even Michael was seriously drained and listless.

Fortunately, my OCD instincts kicked in, and it was like I was given a second wind. I wiped off my pussy and ass with some tissues, flushed the toilet, then went straight to the shower. After spending twenty or thirty minutes vigorously cleansing myself, I felt pretty refreshed. At that time, Michael finished making a huge bowl of ‘chili’. It was a combination of a can of chili with beans, a can of kidney beans, a can of sweet corn, and a fuckload of hot sauce.

Figured I needed the iron or something. Either way, it was a fairly short and unpleasant experience. There were a few cramps before and afterwards, but no more blood. Anyway, the moral of the story is that while annoying, menstruation isn’t meaningless.

After that, I went back to reading a cultivation webnovel about some demigod from the ‘Immortal World’, who returned to his human body on Earth and decided to become a farmer. It was fun, and like seven hundred chapters, but ultimately… I got caught up within a few days and felt the dread of reaching the ‘end’ of yet another story. Well, technically, I could read another 200 chapters ahead of the free stuff, but I’d have to pay up to 100 dollars in a ‘donation’. A single fuck. I couldn’t give a single fuck to read those last 200 chapters.

Speaking of which, in the month of April, I had sex… I don’t remember how many times, but I made 10,000 more dollars from just creampies alone. There were some days when I went a little crazy, while others where I barely had sex at all, or just didn’t cum inside my own pussy.

[Bank Balance: 22,175]

That’s how much money I had at the start of May. It wasn’t a fortune, but at the very least, it was huge sum of cash for someone who spent most of their life pretty frugally and made almost no money. However, things changed dramatically in May, because I literally ran out of things to read. My binge powers were so damn impressive that I ran out of spiritual ‘food’ to devour.

Now, it was time for me to finally stop procrastinating and get the fuck to work! Infinity stopped giving a shit about my dreams, so they also stopped paying me. Which meant that at any time, my main source of income could be cut off! Hah~! Income… Because I make money by cumming in… Nevermind, the point is that I needed to stop being lazy.

On the first or second day of May, that’s when I started to change dramatically. It was hot and rainy outside, but in the basement, it was dry and a little chilly. I brought my laptop downstairs with me, because I needed some workout music to keep from losing motivation. Rather than using the tiny speakers on the laptop itself, I actually found a way to wirelessly hook it up to the sound system in the gym.

My playlist was a mix of metal, rock and well, random shit. About a hundred or two-hundred songs that would get my blood pumping. But I had to make sure that I didn’t pick ones that I knew too well, or I’d end up trying to sing while lifting and hurt myself idiotically.

“Okay, let’s do this shit!” Michael spoke as ‘he’ walked over to the incline situp bench and well, did some sit ups. I was totally fine until I reached forty. Then it felt like I might pull something if I kept going, so I stopped. Yeah, not a great start, I know. To be fair, I weighed around 180 or so at that point. And hadn’t done much abdominal exercises since I was a fucking teenager.

It wasn’t about making money for me though. I legitimately wanted to get in crazy-good shape. I used to put it off and procrastinate for reasons like, not having equipment or just not being willing to hurt myself for a minor appearance change that wouldn’t really help me in any way. If the goal was to get healthy, then hurting yourself in the process is counterproductive.

What I was craving was something much more than that. I wanted to push myself to the limits like never before. And that’s a pretty high bar to overcome, since I was a total lunatic back when I first started exercising as a kid…

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